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Monday, December 3, 2012

Garnier Foam & Johnson's uv lotion


hye again ,,school holiday still prolonged and I didn't know what to do=.= so sad of me...I'm not going anywhere because lately my father was so busy on his electrical work,and I officially at home,grrrr....
nothing to do,no trips,no events,no work,no activities(only facebook online and sleep and eat)=.=hahahaha*

teringin nak prgi trip somewhere,but I can't do that as I'm seventeen,*who cares my age is seventeen?Iwanna go for trip!!
and mama said,*I cares!.....huhuhuhu,so fullstop,I'm not going anywhere in this month,,christmas at home^^
Oh,by the way.mention about christmas celebration in this coming 25th Dicember,I have got my present from eBay.com..hehehe,it's a kneet harry potter scarf!!!and it represent gryffindor house.....although i'm belong to hufflepuff,,*I still wanna wear it proudly plus I'm not using my own money to buy it.my sister did(thank a lot to her).that was beautiful present ever since I never get any harry potter stuff from someone from my entire life,but she did..sob sob sob..*cries*hopefully she did not read this emotional post-.-

Ehem,balik pada title asal..
have you ever heard about Garnier Pure Active ?Multi -action!in television bebeh,there yang ada girls gediks-gediks tuuu?haha,last saturday I've buy that,i don't know what's in my mind, i just thinking to buy it and pay at the counter ...*macam kena rasuk suruh beli....hahaha,so sejurus pulang I'm so excited to use it and sambil buat gaya macam dalam iklan tu..you know what?,,after gently massage on my face,I can feel the refreshness!but..ada little bit gatal2 maybe because of purifying salicylic acid and herba repair...it repair our skin,give refreshness and reduce pimples effectively..

and maybe its Multi-action,so that it works twice on our faces.keberkesanannya juga dua kali ganda bebeh:)
i've tried it,what if you try?
#advantage using Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action:
visibly fights 6 signs of acne!!*oily skin*pimples*whiteheads*dirt*enlarged pores*irregular texture*

that's it~

Emm,secondly I also tried Johnson's uv lotion.actually dah banyak kali keluar iklan Johnson's but rarely buy Johnson's product,just use their powder..but now terdetik di hati nak beli ,hehe
buy buy,smell smell,emm I think i have smell it before,but where?at whom?oh yaaaaa!my friend,she always smell like this!she used this!kantoi,=.=then who it could be?definately HER..


still new.I'm not expected the small sized bottle of this uv lotion was just $6.90..(bukan dulu mahal lagi kah?)
this lotion used to protect the naturally white skin and healthy pink glow you are born with,tak kira lah our skin chocolate colour ke,white ke,even putih kemerahan have to use this as it protecs from uv light.the SPF8 contained in this lotion also helps to deflect harmful sunrays and prevent darkening.(so nilah yg dikatakan mengekalkan wajah).....anddd guys,this lotion contain vitamin c and milk extract to help LIGHTEN and NOURISH skin...

easy used,only apply to your body,mana mana part yg exposed to sunlight must be covered using this lotion ,so mari uji keberkesanan,I've used this two days ago and I can feel the differences,hoyahh bebeh

maybe I can use this as protection to my skin when I get a job,,*sambil pikir pasal future 
so that's all for today,hopes you enjoy reading this and this post useful:)
 so,let's sing together..

Sing your way home,till the set of the day,
Sing your way home,drive the sorrow away,
Smile every miles,in whatever you do,
It will lighten your heart,It will brighten your path,
If you sing your way home.....(motif?)


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