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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why Big Bang!?


hye uolls!how are you?Alhamdulillah,fine  here,soday sai swant sto stalk sto syooou,eh why im talking lidatttt????!sorry lidah hari ni macam ada 's' pronounsation sikit,haha:))))okay back to the tittle,'Why Big Bangggggg?ewwww,when i was in form 4 ,almost fifty percent of my school friends really interest with k-pop,emm I think not fiffty kalau including chinese student in my class,they were like big fanatic to k-pop tambahan lagi men's group yang dancing like lizard on stages..anddd I was wondering why they are sooooooo crazy about that!?!Why?why?why? Imagine what,dahla buat hair style rambut senget semua ,eyes nampak satu je(pesyen apa tu) thenn,,wearing a lot of color,looks so vulnerable,so weak.what more?oh pastu pants depa muat-muat jaaaa.and the most I hate when look at their dance,lol,puluunnnn gila tuuuu.....their song pon macam mengarut kalau in english .hehe,angry??

no wait,don't angry yet,know what, even I was k-pop hater(dulu laa,tapi sekarang ada sikit lagi meluat tuu)
now I admit physically I am yet know about kpop,my friend know more.I know that's my fault,i cannot judge  
kpop by it physical looks ----haha,but still negative when we looks at their physical!eh,aku ni nak cakap kpop bagus ke sebaliknya?motip?no,actually Iolls just wanna tell uolls ,even weolls very fanatic to/with something/someone,don't be too much okay,sampai peoples surrounding feel 'aneh' ,sick,or boring friends with you,as examples..when I wanna talk or like having chat with my friends,and I always talk about Harry Potter ..the reason is I was really big fan of Harry Potter,''hoyahhhh!I love Hp so much guysss,I've watch all Hp movies from the started sampai laaaaaa ending dia..then uolls,I have all Hp collections,full dalam bilik,then then then,,,I wanna marry Hp coz he was soo amazing ,handsome,n whatever..bla bla..bla.

kalau I its okay,I memang Hp fan,we can chat together-gether.but if Im not interesting with Hp,you can't make me lidaaattttt!!I will slap you twice babe.hehehe*joking*.....okay,fullstop about Hp,we move on to 'Why big bang!!!' actually tittle ni exist in my mind after reading FL's blog baru-baru ni.....'kenapa harus bagi peluang pada kpop?hmmm,then I was thinking sejenak,and suddenly my awesome cute finger laju je taip kat search google ,what else searching for k-pop lah=.=,,hmm,dulu my closed friend have tell me about big bang ,boys over flower(group ke?),Ft island,etc etc....(banyak lagi tapi tak ingat coz u know,Im not interest at all)
that night try search 'big bang' (dulu penah dengar tapi tak menghayati) their song>.<hahaha,

hebat lah I niiii,never know about them,this time crazy to know about them ,ngekkkk!I love you baby Im not a monster,tararaa...lalallalala...*petikan lyrics Im not a monster*big bang*at the first,ewww bad english bad hair styles (ada yang terpacak,macam kipas cina)whyyyy???why big bang yg korang uolls minattt?byyyyyy theee wayyyyyyy,apa info message that we can get of watching their dance,hearing their song?bawak mati ke?oh ,I dunno why.....last week,when I was relax at home,mulut tiba2 nyanyi lagu big -banggggg,gedebanggggggggg,abangggggggg,saranggggggheyooo....

kan aku dh kata hair style diorang cam haprak=.=

and until now,minat kat big bang.group yg penuh dgn weird hairstyles,mata sepet,seluar ketat,...oh whyyy!!
*entah laaaa...lu pikir la sendiri ya,.thanks for reding this entry yah....sampai sini saja...

Assalamualaikuuummmm lah ye=)

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