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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kedai 100Yen .

Assalamualaikum .

hey,whatsaaap guyss .yesterday i just went to 100Yen Shop ! have you ever heard about that name before? the shop was not in korea or Japan but in Malaysia okay .haha .(ok stop ,i bet you all know this shop more than i am right? ) like before ,im left behind :')

when i heard the name '100Yen' im thinking this shop maybe sell something like pencil box,sandal,toiletry stuff,kitchen stuff .but they sell more thing than i expected !as example they sell things from Japan ,like chopstick comel ,kain tirai bercorak ala2 Japan, even Foods and snacks .

and the best is ,the price was only at RM4.90-RM5.90 aje ...

hahhh ,that's it ~

for le Hello Kitty fan ,please come here! banyak gila hello kitty brand aku cakap .they have hello kitty mug,keychain,purse,handbag,sandal,games,sticker and etc etc.

(google image)

but sad of me ,there's no Harry Potter stuff there .if they did,mmemang dah lama aku banggakan kedai ni .ahahahahakk.

banyak lagi barang yang dijual kat '100yen shop' neaaa.you all seethasss! CLICK HERE!

when i go there yesterday,le location was at kepong ,shah alam.but don't worry cause this 100yen shop was EVERYWHERE in Malaysia babe and dude,aunty,uncle! CLICK HERE! to see their location .

Assalamualaikum and thanks for reading!

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