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Thursday, May 30, 2013

don't say your life is over !

Assalamualaikum to all the dearest !

heyy there whatsuppp ? how ure doin' ?wahaha,best dapat tulis belog balik..senononoknyaaaa :.) *senyum ada taik lalat kat pipi * all is over ,UPU results just came out few weeks ago ,games i played yesterday also said over,they said ,everybody said,world said , my life is OVERRRRererrere. :'(

 *please lah tak yah nak show off sangat keterukkan yang kau alami *but foftunately, there's still have the new videos from matlutfi at le youtube .'sebelah sayap' .

penat aku ulang tayang video tersebut cuz my lappy was quite crazy .maximum sound was like the sound of  a little ant speak to you.i've try to do something and nothing can change it.so i just depends on the languange translation under the video .bahase omputih and tak clear .wahhh ,teruk lah macam ni ,tak best tgok video kalau camni ,*but it's better than takde lappy dan internet kat rumah,istighhffarr banyak2*said mama .

''Astagfirullah Haladziimm..''

i remind you ,do not say your life is over becauseee ,yelahh mana boleh cakap your life is over *tu maksudnya uolls kata kat iolls ,uolls kena kata 'my life' .haha.okay2 sori joke okay. the truth is don't you ever try to say 'my life is over' because your life is NOT over until Izrael angels came to take your life.NOT.and hopefully belum lagi .in sya Allah ameenn .kalau pasal doa panjang umur laju aje kau berdoa.ihiks.

you study,you do homework,you read,you memorize,you workhard on the night before exam,you have exam,you failed,...the same thing goes on me.no one never feels fail .the question is what are you going to do after you fail? you don't want to get up from failure,or you want to get up and continue your effort to reach your ambition ?comee on,jangan kerana gagal sekali kau nak terus stay kat situ ,



mat :mak,cek malaih la.
mak :malaih apa?
mat :malaih semua ,malaih makan,malaih minum,malaih belajaq,malaih nak hidup ..bla bla
mak :aku pon malaih nak cakap dengan hang .:p

that's the 'malaih story'from mat.#

and i learn a lesson from that videos.indeed many challenges in life ,and there is still more challenges we need to face ,tomorrow,after that,one day,who knows ?He prepared everything for us.semakin banyak Dia menguji hambanya, semakin sayang Dia pada hambanya. even my mother hate when i said 'malaih' ,semua malaih ,makan malaih (bukan iolls) ,tidur malaih(bukan jugak) ,study malaih (maybe ya ).last last kena tempuh failure yang semua takutkan,jadi malaih jugak .then how?tell me how,if you just said malaih ,when will you go for your life?when you will able to reach your ambition ?how you wanna change yourself ?think .

''aku takut ,aku takut, aku takut gagal lagi ..,''

pernah kata kata ni terkeluar kat mulut,dalam hati anda ?me too. .

but pleaseee...

:'( tell in yourself,do not scare anymore,do not be afraid to the word names 'failure' if you had not tried . try to get up from the past failure .'TRY'.dalam hati selalu ada feels macam ni ,then how to handle it? PLEASE ,tell to yourself ... 'saya pernah gagal,saya tak takut gagal lagi sebab saya dah merasa kegagalan' the taste is bitter ,so i want to add some sugar in that failure.it won't tastes too sweet ,but at least it can reduces the extreme bitter tastes. isn't it ?

that's usaha.

usahakan agar rasa pahit tu hilang  sampai habis.if you think you can,you can do it !i wish  all the best for you.me too,pray ,study,try,and tawakkal .the next post will coming soon :)

Assalamualaikum. :)

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