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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome Ya Ramadhan !

Assalamualaikum dearest :)


how was your day ? me ,Alhamdulillah coz nothing bad happen since last week ,I just have some problem with the new subjects in form6 ,well ,I am in form 6 now. :) I need , I must ,I do have to concentrate and focus in my studying right now,coz STPM is not easy as PMR and SPM ,but I think I can go with the muet and world history rather than chemistry and biology  :p hehe.

everybody,I mean my closed friends,have go to the univercity to further their study.I have some chat with them in facebook,twitter,and they sounds happy studying there ,I am happy to hear that.Besides,I have my old friends with me in form 6,It will be great :D we started our lesson in form 6 on the early June.the first week was quite boring and ... what to sayyy ,still blur and blank ,I think.but in the second week,I become more interesting since the muet teacher teaching with all his heart! Sir 'H' just not like the others teacher,
he always makes jokes while we were learning english with him .so in that case ,we will not be bored ,

well ,remember what my school's past principals said ...,

'' english is easy ,everyone can speak if you're willing to work hard,be PATIENT and be POSITIVE towards learning english '' 

note: he always said that sentence in his speech during the assembly.
motip ?saje nak bagi tahu :p

I know... ,I've been away from title ,hiks hiks :p

okay okay , talking about Ramadhan ,it just tomorrow ! to-mor-row ! pronounce it well babe .hehe :D
yela ,I was busy happy with the 'to-mor-row' ramadan until my mom said ' jom pi terawih malam ni '.wahh bestnyaaa .. 'tunggu sat lagi'' .we never n do not know whether we will meet ramadan again in the next year ,so puasa betul betul ,do not miss even 'one day' except you have the munasabah reason to do that . hihi.

and hope our fasting in this noble ramadan will be blessed ,aamiinnn :)
...Ya Allah ,semoga ibadah pusaku diberkatiMU ,Aaminn...

:') kan ...bagus .

meaning :sahaja aku berpuasa esok hari bagi menunaikan fardhu ramadhan ,bagi tahun ini kerana Allah Taala..

and do read this 'niat ' for tomorrow yeah !
Oh ya ,some people ask '' kalau lupa baca niat batal tak puasa ?''
and the ustaz said ''tak batal sebab niat tu dalam hati ,tak perlu sebut,janji kita berniat'' .

for me ,if you  always forgot  to 'niat' whether dalam hati atau mulut ,what if 'on the first' ramadan ,you do this niat .

this is 'niat' for one month you fasting . :)

so to all the dearest,happy Ramadhan and may Allah bless you .Assalamualaikuumm w.b.t.

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