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Sunday, September 15, 2013

i wonder when i can sleep .

Assalamualaikum ..and good night :)

I can't sleep now ,and it's almost twelve ,midnight. It's kindda usual for me to sleep late at night,sometimes I likes to draw,read novel,comic or etc etc,and online .and today is kindda weird for me because  this time,i am typing in my blog. *awkward* haha.

just now,I am doing some homework,ya know,school task ,not to say 'so busy' but adelaaa,hah,kau tunggu sampai sem 3 baru taw :D

I am in semester 1 now,further study at my old school.. talking about 'old school',i still remembered when i was in form 1,that was my first time in the form school,looking at myself being different from last year.I wore a different colour of kain..haha *laught* -apelah minah ni ,yang tu pon nak cerita ke ?-intro je ,uolls kene paham :)haha.
but intro for what?satu habuk pon tkda untuk title ?

then,when I was in form three,bla bla bla,and in form four,bla bla bla..,*malas gila nak cerita*go sleep lah wei ,tak yah tulis belog =_____=

but wait !

the night still young, still early,and tomorrow we have holiday..hihi..horrayyyy!what im doing just now is blogwalking,there are many blog's post which I think very useful  and beneficial for me ,and i did visit maria and FL's blog.wahhh ,she shared some story about her trip in India.can't wait to read her next post.India is the country that i would love to visit one day,and reading the post about India make me feel like 'ughhhhhhh' i wanna go there ,''ni kes tengok 3 idiot yg nakpi ni '',

in the 3 idiots movie,there are many interesting places shown,i wish i could be there one day.there bangalore,bombai,and andddd chimlaaa,remember when one of 3 idiots character named Chatur told something to Raju and Farhan? ''he is in chimla''.... pastu,terus i search in google the word ''chimla'' ,and its acctually ''shimla'' .=_= (if you don't understand what i am talking about,maybe you never watch that movie,sorry) .

i really admire hindustan's movie and film.since i was 5 years old .HAHA.

i had watch so many hindustan's movies and film in my entire life,but this '3 idiots' movie make me learn many lesson rather than the others movie.it is the lesson about friendship,being honest,understand people's ,braveness,how to respect peoples,how to practice science in real life ..aitt ?

until....it comes to the song.''takyah cerita nanti kena nyanyi'' :pppp 

nahhh,hilang stress ker tambah stress tengok ni :pppppp
Salammmm <3

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