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Monday, October 14, 2013

Aidil Adha 's post ~

Assalamualaikum and good morning ..

err..still morning kann ? harppp!jangan ingat i baru bangun,dah lama okay !

anywayss,salam Aidil Adha to all of you readers ..

yesterday,when i was in school ,discussed  something with my friends and classmates, and ada discuss jugak about 'korban' ,ya know ,part sembelihan ,how and who is goin' to make 'korban', it was like you and ur friends refreshing back what you had learn in the past (bab sembelihan and ibadah haji,korban- in form 5). hehehe..

and dahhh ,ibadah korban sempena Eiduladha is also written in our muslim's book which is Quran !do read that ! surah Al-an a'm and surah Al-baqarah , i guest ,kalau ada lagi boleh carik kan =) there are many things inside there which explained and answered everything ! once you read  it ,and scrutinize all the meanings ,then you will understand how can it could be like this ..and like that... *such a beautiful creature from Him*

oh yaa,talking about quran,i wanna tell you somethin' ,I have seen a medium size of quran tafsir(quran which have translation and meanings) in UTC in Alor Setar,kedah. there is one bookstore in that UTC named kedai Buku 1Malaysia ,and there are many books sold such as novels ,biography books guestbooks,comics,stationery,historical books and etc. etc. (but not too much choices like in popular)
and the price also very cheaappppyy ! ok back to the real intention,about the quran tafsir,i brought a quran tafsir which is only at rm31.50  ,heyyy i have seen it before in popular with rm70.++ okay .

my mom really wanted quran tafsir so much,but it is so hard to find it suitable for her,i mean 'tulisan kene besau besau sikit,kalau kecik tak nampak ' but as you can see nowadays,the bigger the quran tafsir,the higher the price isn't it ? ker aku sorang jer perasan -_-

example that i can see isss ,my sister's hantaran from the man's side,it is the small quran tafsir,(which my mother cannot read it,cause the meanings was too small),and it costs very pricey ya know! (yelahh nama pon hantaran ,logiklah)

but this quran tafsir is very clear! mama takyah nak kecilkan mata kenyutkan dahi lagi~


ohh yaa,here are some photos for the eiduladha ! the very delicious ketupat ,rendang and laksa =)

ketupat which i make it myself ,ok tipu :p

 acctually ,chicken rendang is the best dishes ever ! coz since last night,i likes to ratah ratah it dengan nasik putih ! meheheheh

but the other dishes are perfecto too ,it it because my mom cooked it with love =)

slurpppp slurpppp !

oh dah zuhur ok bye bye . =) selamat menjamu selera and happy Eiduladha !peace yaww!

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