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Monday, October 14, 2013

post motivasi diri - esok raya !

Assalamualaikum  deariest !

“….bawa aku pergi ,pacu laju laju kita lari dari realiti….”

 that song is playing around in my head,since finished reading a novel from eve ~
I had finish my trial exam ,and yeahh , starting this week ,on Tuesday we are  holidayyy ! *please exclude the non-school student*  cuz they need to go back earlier  (eh betul ke?)..well ,I have 5 days school’s  holiday ,from tomorrow until this Saturday ..so,syukran I can use all that time to study hard before semester one examination ,  and do more exercises , (sounds like aku tak penah study hardje selama ni haha)

Indeed,it was like what they said before,it was as hard as my teachers said when I asked for their opinion..., ’about the form six’(before I get into form 6) ,the first semester  tought me how the REAL life is ,*itu belum lagi semester 3* .but I am trying to think positive , ‘no success without effort’ ,we should hardwork  then get what we sacrificed !  there are no things easily to get /to do in this world , and no one can be success without doing anything ! ,like one story which I wanna share with you, I’ve read that story in a magazine which I bought it at., … err ...adelah kat satu kedai ni . owner kedai is an indian uncle ,look,I still remember =)

Forget the past :p lets start the future.okeyh,the story is about two boys, both of them still schooling, in form school .one boy always get the highest mark in every subject,which makes him become number one in his class ,whereas the another boy always get a bad results in exam,but he never give up to try it ,again! Even nobody give supports to him (never know if his parents did) ,he ever said ,..I loves learning,I like to learn and gain new things in my life to increase my knowledge,but if it still make me fail in exam,I should accept it and try it again,as my future depends on it..

Hmmm,It’s kindda like that,please realize that what he said is not about ,a boy who always become a looser and get up again and again ,and become a looser again..please lah ,learn something from it,seriously,I know how hard he is .(lesson for me too yeah,never thought the looser in your class will be a looser forever!) example,bila time exam,budak yg selalu dpt number paling last tiba2 jadi lawyer,engineer ,etc etc ! nahhh,it is not us who create the destiny. .NOT..!

*krik krik* 

Kenapa time aku bersyarah semua diam .haisyyy…
This post is actually to give support and advises ,if you’re not okay with that,just leave.(wah bahasa jiwa bangsanyaa ) .it is better to take the good rather than the bad ones.and please,don’t be offend on what is written here okay J

 errr.. what else ..
Eh esok hari ape ? (eleh buat2 luper)

Okay ,last but not least ,Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha and enjoy your holiday eating nasi minyak and daging korban ! peace yaw ! saalamm.

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