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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Novel from Evelyn Rose =)

Assalamualaikum and  hye !

I am not a big fan of novel ,not at all,but I have tried to read novels when my friends gave me some of their novels ,many of them love to read novels especially a ‘love novels’.yeah ,I likes love story too but didn’t like to read ‘em ,I am more into watch ‘em ! hehe

Well, I eager to read novels ‘seriously’ when I was in form6 because I was surrounded by many friends who likes reading novels so much,they brought novels and talk about novels like everytime in school . and ya know “I was kinda…” -_- I know nothing and I can’t join them having their really bla bla chatting about novels huarghhhhhh (motip?)

I am very serious in reading a few novels since this year,*taksemuakay* haha,serious here means i can feel the content of the novels ,i can imagine that stories,and of coz i got the moral values and lesson from that stories.

one of them is the novel from  Evelyn Rose or we called her ' kak eve',novel which written by Evelyn Rose is just make me start to love 'novel' .

tapi kan ,not every novel yang bila i baca the stories melekat nicely in my head and soul,tapi novel dari sis eve is totally the best one ! =D
when i was asked to tell or story back how was that stories ,i can't do it too much,it was like urghh i can't feel it mahhhnnn ,i am not good in it.

today ,iols terpanggil untuk tells uolls about this novels,which is from evelyn rose.I know many peoples especially pembaca novel tegar in Malaysia have known evelyn rose and mostly have read her novels . Yes ,her novels  'The Wedding Breaker and 13 Jam A380' ~

I know about this both novels since i have seen a facebook group ,that is group Novel The Wedding Breaker.

at the first,i joined this group just for fun which is more to get a social life with the other fb peoples trough it.As i joined the group ,it seems like i am not the active person who like to give comments or liking the status there .but i do read and see the status there.

it was quite a questioning mark when i see their 'very' big fan status, yah ,it shows that they really big fan of that novels. then, terdetik kat hati nak beli satu (hamik kau beli terus) .
BUT i start to buy the second novel of eve which is '13Jam A380'.
seriously,when i read the first chapter, i was just like .. want to read more more and more!

(i read that until the 5 chapter and did not realise that =.=)
*it is quite awkward ,yalaahhh mana pernah haku baca novel sampai 5 bab dalam satu hari ! it is a good starter right * haha.

ni hah ,novelis The Wedding Breaker and 13Jam A380 ~cute kann , =3
i never expected she can make a story like that *lepas uols baca then uols know,i understand what she wrote. as a novelis/writer ,they should make peoples know what story they wanna tell  to all the readers. if the readers cannot understand ,tak de feeling semasa membaca,tak best la kan ~

aku suka betul dengan  first novel from Evelyn Rose ni . "The Wedding Breaker''.
sanggup kod pinjam yang kawan sampai tak bagi balik sampai sekarang =)
in sha Allah ada rezeki kita jumpa i bagi balik ye Anis .hehe

I can't imagine the story would be like that ,ada sorang mamat ni anak orang kaya ,study sampai overseas and beliau dihantar ke overseas since umur 13thn kot..he had a very social life ,main dengan banyak perempuan,*kira social tahap 4 lahh..the name of the character is also nice ,like Tengku Adam Kamil ,Ariana Rose ,etc . *nama grand lagi nampak hebat kan* increase the appetite nak baca and baca lagi. 

the continuous is ... beli la novel ni baca sendiri,then ya know =p
and i've heard a news that this TWB novel will be on the tv !!! the story will be adapt from this novel ,
ya know what ? sukanya hakuuuuww =B

coming soon !

this drama will be on television in 30 December 2013, after finish "Playboy Itu Suami Aku" ,i guess.
but the title will be different from the novel.tapi hokay laa ..'Ariana Rose' heard nice what ?!
I hope everything will goes smoothly.tak sabar nak tengok taw ='B

barisan actors pon ada yang baru ,yang fresh .like Keith Foo (first time i tengok dia act was in the indonesian sinetron) *I can't believe it* but we will see how he can bring the Tengku Adam Kamil character.Good luck for you Keith !and Fathia as a lovely Ariana Rose ,hope both of you can make the best ! Evoke it yeah <3

ok,next is the second novel "13Jam A380" ~
this novel kannn ,awesome sangat.do i have another word which could explain the awesomeness ?
seriously,this novel gave me a lot of lesson,loaded with values and touching my heart.there are many part in the novel which make me stop and think for a while.benda atau perkara yang cuba nak disampaikan memerlukan kita untuk berfikir.not to think it critically like you're thinking how to solve additional mathematics or biology ,but it is needed for you to think it deeply and understand it with our mind and soul . =')

that is why i was so amazed with this novel,the content of the stories call me to open quran to see the translation,sebab selama ni jarang tengok tafsir =')there are also hadiths which gave me more knowledge,the arranges of words are stuctured and understood sangat, membuat jiwa teransang untuk berubah ke sesuatu yang positif tahu ..

i love this sentence " semakin banyak awak baca,awak kaji,makin awak yakin dengan quran".what a touching words for me yang hanya tahu baca quran tetapi tak tahu apa maknanya :'(

and there are a part where Samuel,a christian man,he questioned many things about Islam.

 diam sekejap .
if i was in his place,i would ask the same question,i guess.
bukan calang calang orang boleh jawab ni kan ?
very stupendous one haaaa...

penjelasan si Syeikh ni sangat mendalam and very touching,if you can understand it very well.
and I am thinking for awhile ,Evelyn Rose macam banyak menerokai sebelum nak tulis ni kan .I am expecting she read so many things in her life ,as she is a researcher too.

so ,that a few parts in the 13JamA380 novel.
I feel so precious to get the knowledge inside the novel.many knowledge,it is also make me interest in reading quran translation and meanings.*tak rugi tau beli ni *

hope to see this novel on television too soon ! Aaminn :)
thanks for reading,i just share this because sharing is caring kan ?!=) ,Assalamualaikum.

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