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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Recipe : Oreo Cheesecake =)

Assalamualaikum dearest =)

there are a various type of desserts that we can have in this world .
like cakes ,ice cream ,fruits and etc !

to me,desserts and cakes are the delicious thing that i can eat without taking the main food, because usually desserts act as a mouth watering after you had finish your lunch,dinner or any main foods :)

by the way ,not all of them  truly make me full ,the desserts that i prefer to eat as it will make my stomach full and make my day become happier is a dessert that contained cheeseee ! 

so,here is one of them , the oreo cheesecake =)
it was very easy when the first time i tried to make it.
it don't need an oven to bake it,don't need ingredients that hardly-found.
oreo ,just buy it in the supermarket .
cream cheese ,little bit hard to found but  there are few in supermarkets too,don't lie.
butter,a lot of supermarkets sold this,including the small one near your house's area,isn't it ?

heeee =p

so,this is le ingredients =)
-250g cream cheese 
-250g whipping cream
-1/4 butter
-1/2 cup of sugar (the less the better)
-oreo biscuits

How to make it :
1.Separate oreo's biscuits with its cream (like this) and leave them .

2-Beat butter,sugar,cream cheese,whipping cream ,and oreo cream(that you separate just now with the oreo biscuits)

3-Then,take one or more container to fill your cakes.any sizes,any shape ! and put the oreo biscuits (that you had separate with the cream) into the case .that will be the first layer of your cake,you also can crush the biscuits ,blend it or crush it with 'lesung batu'.
*oh ya you can also mix the crushed oreo with the melt-butter,this step is to make that crushed oreo can fit nicely in the container)

3-Next,pour your mixture (cream cheese+whipping cream+sugar+butter+oreo cream) on top of the crushed oreo(first layer) . so,that mixture will be the second layer ! (like this)

4-After that,put it in the fridge . leave it there about 24 hours . or else , until the overnight .
then, you can taste it !

5- You can put some oreo biscuits as furnishing ,put it on top of your oreo cheesecake,and finishhh! =)

try this  !
ok till then,thanks for stepping here ,Assalamualaikum~

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