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Friday, January 24, 2014

Unforgetable foods in early 2014 .

Assalamualaikum readers :)

how was your school/work/life ?
me ? im busy with a load of PBS work .
mak aihhh but i still can make a post on bloggg ?

haha ,never mind ,coz i got some inspiration to type on this blog for today,i think i can't waste it .
lol ~
by the way ,i should stop studying for a minutes or hours(see the lazyness haha) to do something like fb's online ,or THISSSS.come on lets take a short break then we continue back of what we studied .indeed,typing on blog it's really a good way to have fun .tapi yang tak fun ,ade ke orang nak bace blog kau hampehh .hahha.

ohoh,back to the title,about my unforgetable foods.let's see 'em !

motif jewr upload sampai tiga .hihi.
as you can see ,there are prawns (the big big one haa),that's what i like mahhnnn.
my father loves to bring my mom,sister,and me to eat this not-only-look-delicious-but-it-is fried koey teow ! the smell just make me in the heaven .

kfc chewy cheese .at the first bite,i can tastes the soft cheese with the crispy covered.
and on that time ,too ,im thinking that i gotta new recipe to make.and also gotta friends in fb who shared that recipe ,i think i should try it .

just need few cheddar cheese and cut it down without separating them into slices !
if the cheddar cheese have been covered by plastic,let it uncovered and combine all slices of 'em .
then cut them into a small pieces ,and make a round-shape like a meatball by using your hand.
don't forget to make sure that your hand is covered or washed . :p

cover the cheeseball with the bread crumbs .serbuk roti tu ye ,warna oren tuu :))
then gorenggggg !! delicioussss and cheesyy!


orange superbig and jeruk jambu epal from cameron highlands .
it's from miss ida .

inilah weird food which i called "weirdo dessert" .
ish tak weird sangat laa ,
it's just produce when i have bananas ,whipping cream,and herb's honey in da house ! so it become thisss .
haha ,this is really unforgettable . -_-

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