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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cameron Highland : MARDI

Assalamualaikum lovelies  :)

The day i had my history exam paper is the day i get away from all stresses .
my friends and i were about to release our tension after the second exam semester. and as usual every schools in Mesia have a short break in the mid of the year. So, let's get away from all miserable guyss :p

we followed our school's trip to the Cameron Highlands .

 As we arrived at the hotel ,I can feel the coldness there .but not as cold as i imagine ! :p
during in the bus ,i ate lots of food like currypuff, sweets, snacks ,and many more foods that I shared together with my friends as that is the way to control and avoid myself from vomiting !

one of friends said there is one way to avoid you from vomiting and having dizziness  .
use the water spinach which we called 'kangkong' and tight it around your waist .
to me that was quite strange cuz my mom never told me that before  ,
but yahh i learn something , hahaha

 the scenery from our room in the hotel :)
can you see the steamy window ? 
yeah the weather was quite cold acct .

 in the first day of our trip in Cameron Highlands ,I wore an ordinary black T-shirt which my mom bought it at Sabah and covered it with the shimmering  jeans jacket :pppp

I was about to wear the red in coloured pashmina as it would represent the colour of strawberries .
doesn't  all  looks match with my yellow sneakers ?

 After had our breakfast at Restoran Bonda * im not sure the name but theres still have 'bonda' word ~
we went to MARDI ,which is the first place that we visited :)
let see some pictures in MARDI !

look at the above picture . doesn't it looks like the lavender flower ? 
well , i ask my friend and she said no , haha 

we were all about to take only  few pictures here but yet it turns to many many pictures, I can't upload all the pictures cuz the internet was soooo slow ~
Being there,I am quite attracted at the very colourful and fresh flowers in MARDI .
but there's no much that we can do here except posing with the flowers and take as much pictures of the flowers.

 we are looking forward to visit the other  interesting places in MARDI
the place just a stone throw away from the flowers garden.

 in MARDI ,I have an opportunity to visit strawberry's farm .
we also can touch strawberries inside !
we are so awe with the red-fresh lookin' strawberries there
oh ya ,here there are also have stalls selling strawberry based foods and drinks such as strawberry juice, strawberry ice-cream ,strawberry sticks with chocolate and much more !

 well ,never miss the opportunity to try it ! nyums ! :)
they were so delicious bebehss anddd the ice cream tastes like strawberry + youghurt (if not mistaken)

at last ,I can try my first strawberry bite in MARDI in this CH trip .
 and it kindda good :)

till then Salamm .

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