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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cameron Highlands : Strawberry corner and strawberries =)

Assalamualaikum my dear readers  =)

previously on Cameron Highlands part1 (eceh), I went to MARDI with my friends .
well ,now another places in CH which i think the best place to visit too 


"where we gonna go after this? "I said
"somewhere to get strawberries "

someone said that .and yes i would love to get strawberries  bebeh

Strawberry Corner


"hello hi ,welcome to strawberry corner and don't forget to bring back lots of strawberry souvenirs from here! "

strawberry corner is the place where peoples sold variety of souvenirs,fruits,vegetables and many more .As I stepped foot here ,my jaw was literally dropped. Seeing at many cute accessories and keychain hanging up neatly and beautifully made me feel like wanna bring  home all of them .

what more ? 

ada cactus in many cute shape .oh ths is madness
ada small case use to put small things, vase (the smallest one until the biggest) with different design

and that was the only stuff i can remember .
but trust me there are many more.
i cant mahn i canttt imagine it cuz that will much of regretful for not bringing them home .


strawberry corner also sell pastries ,cakes ,muffins ,  etc.and they look pretty delicious  !

 gimme one eh ?
omg the pie look indulgent isn't it?

 the stalls along the way at strawberry corner .

doesn't this strawberry cheesecake increase your appetite ?
ohhhh watta mouth watering ~

don't remember wheres this strawberry choc came from . 
hmm .
seriously lupaaa! but this is nice too <3 

haaaaa ,this strawberry stick with yummy chocolate at MARDI .

nyums !

another places offered fresh strawberries ?
wait until the next post ! bye =p

Salaam .

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