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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cameron Highlands : Bee Farm

Assalamualaikum lovelies =)

in Cameron Highlands ,we visited Bee Farm too .
here are some photos i took there:


there have shop , don't know how to explain the shop but they have first and second floor .
the second floor was the underground if im not mistaken.
the first floor cam quite bored cause there are only few peoples walking around ,as what i can saw on that day laa

but they sell lots of souvenirs too .
spectacles, keychain ,and sort of laa
but we didn't buy souvenirs from here cuz they was quite expensive compared with the souvenirs in Brincang markets =p

but what i've seen here,peoples are more at the second floor which have honey.
honey which is 'madu' they sell was the genuine one 
that's proven when i saw a huge bee farm there
but we didn't entered the bee farm as well
my friends and i just looked at the beautiful and 'high' sceneries from the 2nd floor

peoples from all ages came here and bought honey .
here ,there are lots honey which sold in the bottles ,straw
and varieties things which made from honey bee
such as soap ,face masks,lip balm ,tablets, and many more
cuz i have no idea what to buy ,i bought this =p

 honey sticks anyone ? =p
one stick is equal to rm1 cheap isn't it ?
the orange color of plaster at the sticks show original taste
there are more colors such as blue ,pink and etc
ada jugak for kidney and others tahla i cant remember

ok till then salaamm .

next post : sungai Palas and Brinchang night market !! (insya Allah)



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