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Friday, June 20, 2014

Day Out visiting sister

Assalamualaikum lovelies !

today we (my mom my dad and me) visiting my younger sister in mrsm.we brought along kfc and some foods to picnic here !

meet my sister , i called her dikna or 'pingu' weeeeeeee (bottom picture)
many people said that we dont have the same face  and of coz we dont have the same attitude too
we are differ in almost many things such as the way we talk the way we eat and smile =p

my thought ,she resembles my mom and i resembles my dad

hye guys meet my dad !
he's wearing his antique and old glasses which he ever wore it in his young age
so today i  wore something simple and chic .
chic ? oh nottt

shawl : my sis
blouse : Riffa boutique
jeans : AJeans


last but not least thanks to my dad cuz he was the cameraman todayyy !!

byeeee !

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