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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

4 Reasons Why I Want to Learn Chinese

Assalamualaikum peeps .

it has been so long since i am leaving this blog
guess what ? guess what ?
I am gonna make a post !

i know there are people who will have kinda  krik krik* reaction
but whatever , i am gonna start it now .
and sharing with you guys why i really wanna learn chinese

you know what ,sometimes when i told my parents that i wanna learn chinese they were like "its up to you" I can learn any language that i want but i need to do it by myself, I mean if i want to join the  classes or tuition that can teach me chinese, i have to use my own money or else just forget it!

i would say that i am actually still a 'student' and do not have an extra cash like my friends who working after we are officially graduated form six..and that's the truth that i need to face. i am not that person who is trying to just stay at home while still having a long break before getting a university's call and do-not-ever try to find unless a job ,no.. not  ...I tried to find some job that i can do to get money but it always end up with failure .no, not failure ,I believe that must be a reason why I cant get any job to do right now, there must be  hikmah behind all this mess ..

I don't know why,but  i have to tell this because there are some peoples treating me like i am so lazy being at home. oh *the emotions have comeeee* ok sorry for the long intro lets get back to the real intention. Im not gonna rank the reasons ,i just list them as i like .

the reasons why i wanna learn chinese are :

1. Chinese is a challenging language

Yes. Chinese is very challenging for those who are non-chinese. I dont know if there are chineses out there which having the same problem with the non-chinese. i mean, did they have this trouble too?
cuz i had a chinese friend that ever told me chinese subject is so hard to pass in the exam. whatever~

So i found that chinese is quite a challenging language that i enjoyed learning it .Oh forgot to tell that i've started learning chinese through online ,ok just online , just doing some searchings about chinese characters, how to pronounce them and so on. There are about thousands( i think 5000 or more) chinese characters that will totally make your head blown up trying to memorise them all!!I really wondered how the chinese could make this? if there is non-chinese can memorize all chinese characters well, OK you owe me a huge respect ,sir !

Other than chinese, we still have lots more challenging languages. Be it France, Mexico ...etc etc .Why dont we try one ?haha i just said that. but seriously,you will love chinese once you learn it! I am still not good in chinese but it worth for me.

2. I kinda love chinese songs

Not all chinese song. just several chinese songs that i ever and always listen to.. probably the song from exo ,heeeeeeee...you have no idea how sexiest "Our Tomorrow" song can be heard .go google it guys!

I was so attracted to some of chinese songs until I sing no more  Malay or English songs! *forget the grammar mistakes in my writing please* I also realised that i always singing in chinese rather than english nowadays, maybe just for fun ,but after that it turns like habit .At the first, i just singing while looking at the pinyin lyrics (that i use to copy from some websites) ,but after a few weeks i know that i can memorise the lyrics well (im not gonna say so 'well' but the pronunciations are quite same as what i heard using earphone) hahaha i tried hard and harder to make it sounds as similar as the singer did! well ,i hope that i can change something if i learn chinese language ,maybe i could starting to understand what actually the pinyin lyrics mean in Malay or English. so that we feel the song we sing!

gosh, i fell in love with chinese songs !especially the song by exo luhan <3

3. Easy to communicate with chinese? (We are 1 Malaysia maa..)

Talking about communication, we all need that things to survive. survive ?what do you mean? what i mean is the blind, the deaf ,the person who cant talk also have their own way of communication, they use signal language which is 'bahasa isyarat' to talk to people. in a nutshell, communication is important * what are you trying to say honey?*

the thing is, Malaysia have chinese ,and I have chinese friends too .So, I always always hope that i can at least talk to them a simple sentence , or a word =.= they might understand me sometimes but sometime they dont  cuz i am non-chinese lol, I have my own mother tounge and tried to speak chinese in front of my chinese friends but it seems like they dont understand what iam trying to say. that is why i have to learn chinese .

i just think that it would be nice and so good if i can communicate in chinese with my chinese friends and all chinese in societies.aOh ya don't you ever think that we can do the bargaining if we buy things from chinese ? it could be easier right? moreover, if you are travelling to China to buy souvenirs?

4. I would love to travel to china (make sense?)

yes, i'd love to travel all around this world including to China !!!! i just tought that if i could speak chinese to the chinese people, they will appreciate that...and i like that happening in my life. can you imagine if you are traveling in China and you speaks lots of chinese  and they would react or reply on what youre saying to them?? you can survive in many countries that using chinese languages...that's the best thing to deal with hoho

knowing this language also can help somebody if they lost. yeah ,if they lost in China or lost somewhere that only have people who know how to speak chinese . ada ke ?tahla. I don't know, it is the truth that there are a lot of Japanese  still survive using their mother tounge . . .they proud to use it.and that's a good thing, you guys must be proud of using your mother tounge, and not trying to learn many more languages that exist in this world! .who cares about that? i cares .i mean ,what's wrong  if i wanna learn others languages?wht is wrong with that?!seriously no wrong at all.

ok don't take it too serious, im gonna end this here.

thanks for stepping here, don't forget to come again Salaammm peeps!

*maybe i will update more reasons why i wanna learn chinese so bad. haha

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