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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Love in Lilliput :Part 1

Assalamualaikum ~

Lilliput, a small town which full of memories.
Especially the memories between me and him .
It is so small ,a lot more smaller than a dot when looking from the world map.

"Lilliput is a land imagined by Jonathan Swift that was inhabited by tiny people or an imaginary country inhabited by people about 6 inches (15cm) tall, (1726)."-wikipedia

and the meaning has nothing to do with this town. The people here are not tiny ,definitely not. People here have a normal height and weight. We just born to stay here and we love staying here. There are only several people from this town who moved to the city and the rest love staying here.
Lilliput is my hometown ,I was born here, and I hope I can be here forever with my lovely family.I won't lie to myself that there are few times I ever thought about  going out from this town and move to the bigger town. But my intention found failure ,I will miss this town as soon as I stepped out from here.

 What I can say is ,Lilliput is so beautiful like an earth paradise. I found that this town is a great place for tourists to release their tension and calm their mind after busy working and living in the huge cities out there. People here wake up early in the morning to earn a living for their families.

You can see there are people in the paddy fields, farms, and ocean working so hard to make this town always functioning. The ocean's scenery  from here was so beautiful and peaceful. The ocean is  clear like crystal , blue like a sky. It is so fun to walk along it and have a sandwich picnic !

Now, here is the story that I want to tell you about what actually happen in Lilliput. specifically about me, this is really my own stories.

In Lilliput, there is an alley ,a small alley that has something to be tell. That alley has its own memories for me and people here. I used to walk along that alley like everyday in my life. It's actually the only way to go to the market. Every weekend my mother always told me to buy some fishes, meats(only 2 times in a month) and vegetables in that market. To be truth, I like to go to the alley almost everyday ,except I have flu or fever that I only staying at home and my mother will take the duty.

One day, I ride a  bicycle along the alley. I ride very fast. Unfortunately, I crashed someone with my bicycle. Oh my god, I crashed a guy. A guy who walk opposite  my way. It was my fault, I was so clumsy and not carefully riding my bicycle. I felt so guilt on that moment.

I just can do nothing except asking forgiveness from that guy. He is a really tall guy. Not so skinny.
Let me describe that guy. He is tall, white, flawless, and his hair is grey like a grandpa's hair. He has fringe that make him looks so cute and like a korean star. His lips is the best part of him, His upper lip is thinner than the bottom one.They look so fresh and pinkies. Now I can say that he looks like Chanyeol from EXO .Well, Chanyeol is tall too, not too skinny, only the long legs that make him looks skinny and taller.
I like tall guy too .

By the way ,I never saw this guy in Lilliput before. Is he new here? He need someone to show him where to go ? He looks kind of tired ,I can see that by looking at his pale face (or maybe it is just the effect of non-makeup) ,but his lips are astonishing . Maybe he was from city ? a city boy?" Oh ,he absolutely  stealing my heart ".

But he looks arrogant. After the accident between me and him, I said 'sorry' to him ,but there is no reply. He just walked off the way and leave me there. He did not look at me at all. He is such an arrogant man ! But he did looks stunning on that way .
On that time ,he wore a black trench coat with the black t-shirt inside, and a black hat. Yes , all was black in colour. He looks like a stranger or a serial killer ,  maybe a little bit like a proffesional murderer.why not ,he has his face mask on his chin. I never feel scared of all those things on him. Are you?
Wait until you see his real face without  face mask on his chin and in the normal attires, you will see a real cute man with an angel's face . Oh ,he has a large back too .

to be continue...

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