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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Love in Lilliput :Part 3

The time is moving too fast.

"It will happen tonight.." I whispered to myself.

"I will meet that guy tonight!". again,talking to myself. no one can heard that.

I want to meet that guy that I never had a chance to ask  his name. I still have no chance to ask what his name because he went away from me for the first time we met and we are leaving each other yesterday without asking each other's name."So, maybe I will ask him tonight when we meet ".

That night ,I chose to wear a short sleeve chiffon long dress with inner, which is in baby blue color. I matched the dress with a classic chocolate color belt around my waist. I put a moderate amount of makeup on my face- the light pink eyeshadow, black mascara, thin chocolate eyeliner, light applied of compact powder, and peach lipstick.

I went down and saw my mom is watching TV. She asked me where I want to go ,she know that I was barely went out at night since Lilliput was being so cold when the night showed up.

"Where are you going Lilly?" .My mom asked me.

Lilly, a name that was given by my mother to me.

" I want to go out to the Lilliput alley mom,don't worry I am not going to be long". I replied.

" go out? for what?"

" Meeting friend, mom..err it's kind of school reunion.,"

"school reunion..?Oh I see" (I realised that my mom felt weird on me because she know that I'd never  have a contact with my school friends after we were graduated from high school.No, not really)

"ok take care of yourself dear". She was so sporting. A real sporting mom that always trusted on me rather than my father did. If dad was here, there might be many questions that he will ask me before I go out .If there is one of them you couldn't answer, he will have a reason to not let you go out.He is the one who ever punished his children even with a small mistake .But I know, inside on his heart that he loves his children, he loves all of us.

"Here I am ,ready to meet him!".
I brought along an umbrella that I hold it on my right hand. Just to make sure I hold something while walking on my way to the Lilliput bridge. I refused to ride bicycle that night for some reasons. I don't want my dress looks bad because of wrinkles that I used to have it when I ride my bicycle, and my umbrella is a lot more easier and comfortable to carry if I am walking. Of course, I also want to meet him like how he always did when we met, just walking. He just walking, showed off his skinny long legs . (omg I'd always imagine that legs)

After ten to fifteen minutes walking, I arrived at the bridge. I saw many people passing the bridge but I didn't saw him. "Maybe he is not there yet." I will wait, maybe he is going to be a little bit late.
I felt so excited to meet him.

*    *    *

It's almost one hour.I wait there almost one hour but he didn't showed up.
My legs are too tired to stand but my heart and soul was still strong to wait for him.
I know he will come. I just know it. I will wait for another minutes, or maybe another hour..?
I want to look at the time but I forgot to wear my hand watch  on that night. So I asked one of the people around. It's an old man, with his fur coat and hat while holding a wooden stick with his bare hands. He looks cold, maybe he was about to go home quickly.

"Excuse me sir, can I know what's time now?". I asked that old man.
"It's almost twelve young lady, ten minutes more to go."

I started to feel very tired, and of course, frustrated.
Why he didn't even showed up? did he forgot that we have to meet? That guy broke my heart on that night. I hate him and I hate myself too. Why I was too stupid to believe him? who know he already had a girlfriend, maybe he just want to play around with me and I was too hoping, hoping that he will come and ...., I don't want to care about him anymore, "let's just go home,Lilly!".

"Oh thank you sir."
"you're welcome ."
"Are you waiting for someone or something young lady?" He added.
"Ahh.. yes I am waiting for somebody sir."
"I see, I think this night is going to be more cold, please take care of yourself young lady."
" I will sir, thank you.."

He started to leave me. He was a nice old man, he reminded me of my late grandfather. I miss him badly now.

I didn't realised that my eyes tearing.
I cried ,I don't know why.
This Lilliput alley  is going to be silence when the nights is getting older, the crowd started to decrease ,more and more, until there will be no person passing this bridge.
I went home alone, walking in a cold night. I felt tired as I can't walk properly,my legs felt weak after standing almost 3 hours on the bridge,  but I don't care how vulnerable I was on that time, I just want to go home!

On my half way home, I realised that I was too tired to walk. I remembered I didn't eat my dinner before I went out. But I kept walking. Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. I turned back to look up for it, but there's no one there. Maybe it was just my feeling that the guy is coming to me. Let's just forget about it.I kept walking until I can't walk anymore. I can't even stand properly, my eyes suddenly blurred, my head felt dizzy. Then, I fell.

I don't know what happened to me after that.

*   *     *

On the next morning, I woke up from sleep. I realised that I was in my bed. I was already at home in my own bedroom. I went downstairs to look up for my mom. As soon as I get down, I saw my mom was in the kitchen, stirring something on the stove. She is making some breakfast for us.

"you already wake up my dear. come on let's have some breakfast."
"Mom, who send me home last night?"
"Oh, that guy ? I thought he is your friend."
" That guy? a guy send me home last night ?". I am getting more curious.
"Yes, I think "maybe" that was a guy who send you home last night." She is doubting.
"what do you mean "maybe" ? It's a guy or not?"
" Err.. let's just forget it my dear, what's important now is you're home!". She's smiling at me.

My mom is actually very weak on describing someone who she ever meet for the first time. I know that, but now she can't tell me whether it's a male or a female ?Ok I won't force her to tell me who send me home last night.

"It's ok mom, lets just forget it..and let's eat"
"Hmm, I don't know dear, but what can I say about your friend last night...he was blonde."
"Blonde? Oh okay."
"Did he told you anything mom?" I asked.
"Nope, he just went away after sending you."
"I see.."

That guy is not blonde. That's not him who send me home last night. He didn't ever showed up last night, it can't be him who send me home last night! yes, stop hoping Lilly!
Then who send me home last night ??

-to be continue-

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