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Friday, July 10, 2015

GAY : Part 1 (Introduction and Kai's life)

Assalamualaikum to all readers.

p/s:and please be peace and loved, you can judge this story but do not judge me only by reading this kind of stories .hee

this story has being casted by exo Kai and exo Chanyeol, why? because I just can imagine them to be my actors in all of my stories.haha

BEING a gay is not something that we ask for in this life.
It is not something that we want to be.
No, not.
But it does happen in our real life, when there is something exist in our body and soul.
a really bad spirit in ourselves.
we have lust, we get influenced by something,we have nightmares, we want to try ,we want to get rid from all problems, and we doesn't realise that we are lost. Lost nowhere.

You are being a gay.
People talk behind you in the public
Students in class ignoring you once you step into class
everybody stay away from you. they only judging you, not trying to help you.
You are losing your peace of life ,you feel alone
People don't want to be friend with you.
There is no use for you to live anymore, you try to kill yourself but you just can't.

Do we still have  a chance? A chance to be normal again.
yes we can. with a really unpredictable things that could happen in our life that can change who we are in the future. Who knows you are  chosen to be  normal again.?

There's a story behind all these 'gays'.
A very different stories from each stories that you can't think it is happening in the real life .
How they are being gay, how they settle everything with their life,how they change.
So maybe this stories has change both men. Let start.

"Kai hates women.."
He met Chanyeol......"
His life change.."
This unexpected relationship turned him to be a real gentleman.."

Kai was a normal kid before. He lives with a young parents which he called mom and dad.
There was  a night when his dad have a night shift at his workplace. He has to leave Kai and his wife at home, alone.
Something happen on that night.
Kai heard something from his parent's bedroom. He heard laughs. He felt curious.
As soon as he opened the door, he saw his mother with another guy laughing in his parent's bed.
It was a king sized bed, too much enough for two .
As the two in the bed saw Kai infront of the door, his mom surprised and asked Kai to leave the room immediately. She was angry, because she now his son might tell  his dad about this.

"Get out, go to sleep Kai.."
His mom yell at him.
She even warned Kai not to open his mouth about that.
Kai was only five years old on that time, He doesn't know so much about life but he know that his mom was cheating on his dad. kai didn't know how to handle that kind of situation.

What do you expecting a kid should be doing after watching their mom was cheating with another men while their dad is not at home? with their both own eyes?
Fuck that kind of mom. but she is still his mom until the end of this world.
Kai went to his room. His body was shaking. Sweating.
He had no idea what he just saw earlier.He scared. His dad might be know about this.
On that night, he couldn't sleep well.

*                       *                            *

SIX month just passed.
The couple living a normal life with their son.
In six month, Kai didn't say anything about his mom . He scared.
There was a time when the man that usually came to their house and ever slept with his mom smile on him like a bastard. Kai felt angry like he ever feel want to stab that man and get out from that house. But he couldn't do that.
He was only a kid.
His mom ever warned him not to told his father about this or he will be  beaten.

Sometimes when Kai was brave enough to tell his dad about his mom ,he failed. He got beaten by his mom. His mom even beat him when he speaks harsh to the man that come to their house ,maybe we can called him "his mom's boyfriend "?

So that's how it started. A normal kid turned abnormal.
Kai started to hate women. He hate all women and think they are just like his mom.
His heart to women was full of hatred.

Is he is the one should be blame? Hating your own mom is always not a good thing, but hating that kind of mom could be a reason isn't it?
He just five by the way.
He had his last try to tell his dad about his mom was cheating with another guy, but he failed. Again.
His mom find out about that and beat him using belt.

A cheater couldn't last longer.
There was one night , his dad went home earlier that they thought. Finally, everything was uncovered only in a night. His dad know his mom cheated on him.
In the same night, they got divorced. Kai stayed with his father until now.
His mom went out from that house and never come back anymore.

He turned fifteen years old.
Kai had growned up physically good but he still hate women.
He never friend with any girls from his class .He didn't pay much attention in class when the female teacher was teaching .
that was suck.

He is not  the ugliest in his class, he just darker than the boys in the school but still hot. His appearance sometimes make some students stared at him.
He was rarely smile at people, he just brought his arrogant style along with his bronze skin ,thin lips and beautiful eyes.

After he know a guy ,Chanyeol, his life got blurred and messed up with something. He is not only hate women but he likes a man.

#to be continue

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