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Friday, August 7, 2015

GAY : Part 4 (Talking about Kai's life)

Assalamualaikum guys ! do you really made it until here?!

"Last night I found an old sweater, it still looks good. The zips was fine with the hood. I thought about cleaning and washing that sweater and dry it. It  might be useful  when I am in cold or whatever it need me to use it."

"When I was writing these stories, I always put myself on Kai's place because if I put myself on Chanyeol's place , I know I can't fall in love with my own self . Kai was a character that can help me showed  how much I've been thinking about Chanyeol and how I  could fall in love with him. Well, not really fall in love with him, but how I felt if I was given a chance to be his love. Wow that's sound pretty annoying-haha.
Other than that ,I just want to write something to let everybody know that gays can change. They really can be normal again for some reasons. There are some stories that could change their next life. What stories it could be? I just write some of them, which I think they was logically can be happen, and some of them was really happen in the real life. So please don't judging me cuz I am not making this for attention ,just making this for myself and for the people who want to read! Thanks.

Let's just move on to the part 4 ! 

KAI felt his hyung's life was luckier than him. He never asked for that kind of life, but sometimes  he just quite jealous with Chanyeol for some reasons. Chanyeol had a perfect family -his lovely mom who always taking care of him, cooks for him, and his sister, Yoora who had always became his closest friend since he was a kid, and his father-which had start to talk with him although he was on a wheelchair.

That's pretty enough for him. At least he got a family.
Not like Kai, he lost his mom, and lived with his almost-not-at-home dad. His dad was so busy at his workplace, still busy with his huge projects, important meetings and so forth. He was still busy since he still had a wife.

They have been friend-ing for a few weeks. That was the first time Chanyeol brought his school's friend to his house, to meet his family. He only did that to Kai.
Chanyeol asked Kai to go to his house. He asked Kai to join dinner with his family too, and he told Kai about his mom was really good in cooking.

Kai told him he wasn't sure about that, but after Chanyeol kept asking him about that, he thought about going to Chanyeol's house.
Kai realised he didn't have  rational reason to tell to Chanyeol if he can't go to his house.
Well, he was not going to tell Chanyeol he couldn't go to his house because he will have a dinner with his dad  or he will had anything to do with him-like father and son's activities. He was not going to tell Chanyeol all that impossibilities.
 His dad was not at home when he got back from school.
His dad  will only text him a message :

"Hey son, I have an important job to settle, I might  come home late."

"If you hungry just call the pizza or anything, I left some money on the coffee table!"

Kai scrolled his dad's message on the phone.
He exhaled. It was a really deep and short exhaled.
His dad texted him the same message almost everyday in a week  , his life just getting bored with all that messages.
His dad doesn't even had time to be with him at home.

"So, what would you say about that Kai?"
"About what?"
" About going to my house..and meet my family"

"Come on, I've already told my mom about this, my sister really wanna meet you."
Chanyeol smile at him.
"Okay hyung,I will be on the school's gate after finish my last class."
"Yes!! Okay I will be there soon, just wait for me."

After they  finished their classes, both of them are ready to move to Chanyeol's house.
They met at the school's gate in front of their school and took a bus from there.
Finally, they arrived at a bus station , near from Chanyeol's house.
They just need some walks to reach his house.

As soon as they arrived at Chanyeol's house, Kai started to feel nervous inside of his heart.
He didn't know why he felt that, it  felt like a girl feeling so nervous when a guy is bringing  her to meet his parents.
Kai actually not that nervous, he just nervous that he afraid Chanyeol's mom don't like him.

"Hello I am home..". Chanyeol said as soon as he stepped into the house.
"Mom, I brought a friend home ..Kai, this is my mom, mom, this is Kai"

Chanyeol's mom appeared in front of their eyes. She was from kitchen, preparing everything for dinner. She greets Kai with her lovely smile. A really heartwarming smile from a mother.
Three of them went to the kitchen, Chanyeol and Kai have some awkward conversations on the Kitchen but as soon as Chanyeol's mom joined their conversations , it turned normal.
They didn't felt awkward anymore.
There was certain part of the conversations that makes Kai felt awkward, when Chanyeol's mom asked him about his family, about his mom.
Kai was not going to answer anything when people asking about his mom. But he did when Chanyeol's mom asking him.
Kai just replied he lost his mom since he was a kid .

Chanyeol's mom felt sorry on him. She realised that kai didn't want to talk much about his mom. She quickly changed their topic conversations into another topic. She knows when Kai seemed to be uncomfortable when she asked him about his mom. She just thought that Kai might have problem with his mom although she still didn't know about Kai' past stories.

"Oh ya ,Kai what was your favourite food? I'm sure you have one."
"ah...I just eat any foods."
"Come on just tell me what you wanna eat, I will consider to cook it for you." She said.
Kai was quite shy on that time.

"my mom was really good at cooking, that is why I love her." Chanyeol said while hugging her mom from her back.
His mom was stirring something on the kitchen.
Kai was looking at them while sitting on the dining chair , they are like a lovely couple.

"Maybe you want to try my mom's buldalk cheese?" Chanyeol said.
"You like chicken didn't you?"

Buldalk is a korean dish made from heavily spiced chicken and covered with cheese. You have no idea how spicy it taste like before you try it, but if you don't like to eat spicy stuff, please remind yourself to put less amount of gochujang (korean sauce) and red pepper powder as the ingredients.
"Bul" means fire while "dalk" means chicken. So "buldalk" means fire chicken.

"Yes I like chicken." Kai said .(He can't hide his feeling of wanting chicken  any more)
"See I know you have your favourite food! " Chanyeol said.
"I will cook buldak cheese for you, don't worry ." Chanyeol's mom said while smiling at both of them.

It's almost eight o'clock  . The foods was set on the table.
His mom called Chanyeol ,Kai and Yoora for dinner. She asked Chanyeol to bring his dad for dinner too. Chanyeol never forget about his dad, same goes to his mom. Chanyeol rushedly went to his parents bedroom to look up for his dad.
Kai had met Yoora for the first time on the dining table. Kai greets her and she smiled at him.
Kai ,Yoora , and her mom was already on the dining table. They are waiting for Chanyeol and his dad to come up.

Chanyeol knocked the bedroom door.
He saw his dad was reading something, while sitting on a wheelchair. He realised that Chanyeol was there, but he pretended not to notice him. Chanyeol showed up in front of him.

"dad, let's go for dinner. Mom have cook for us." Chanyeol said.
"I'm not hungry."
"But mom have already cook for us. I brought my friend to our home too."
"I said I'm not hungry !".His dad shocked him.

Chanyeol knows his dad didn't like him. He went to his dad's wheelchair and hold it tight.
He was about to push the wheelchair. He was going to bring his dad to the dining table although his dad didn't want to.

"What are you doing? Stop pushing  this wheelchair!".His dad said.
"I'm going to bring you for dinner, you should be thankful ". Chanyeol said again.
"I want you to stop now! I said I don't want to eat dinner."

"Of course you want.. mom told me you didn't eat since this morning, you should be hungry."
"I'll bring you for dinner now." Chanyeol said while pushing his wheelchair.
His dad couldn't do anything as he was paralyzed. That's why Chanyeol always thought that he can take more opportunities to do anything that he can't do when his dad was not paralyzed.
He just wanted his dad's love. He didn't get much when he was a kid.

Finally, they were on the dining table. Like a family, eating dinner together.
Chanyeol felt so grateful until his mouth didn't stop smiling while eating his dinner. There was a time he looked at Kai , he saw something inside Kai's eyes. Kai felt happy too, maybe he enjoyed that dinner that he never get since his mom left him.
Kai turned his eyes on Chanyeol while smiling at him. He also noticed that Yoora had Chanyeol's face. They were like a twins.
Kai looked at everything on that night. He saw that family eating their dinner. It's such  a blessing.
He saw Chanyeol's mom teary eyes while looking at Chanyeol and his dad .

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