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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gay :Part 7 (Follow Me Let's Run Away)

"My mom cheated on my dad."

The conversations turned awkward for a while. Chanyeol knows he shouldn't  asked Kai why his parents got divorced.
Kai looked at his glass filled with soda while holding it on the table. He stared at his glass for quite long. He hold the glass so tight and finally he said something.

"hyung, don't you ever know that there's devil inside someone?" Kai said.

Chanyeol didn't said anything except listening to Kai. That was the moment when only Kai talks something to him that he couldn't reply it with any words. So, he stayed silence, listened to Kai.

"Sometimes there's devil inside of an angel's face.."
"they might look nice to you but who knows they are devils inside them. They could destroy your life without you expecting they can do so.." Kai said.

He stared at Chanyeol face, his eyes went straightly into Chanyeol's eyes, like he was seriously talking to that guy. Chanyeol felt something on him. He felt that Kai started to bring back his bad pasts with his mom and telling Chanyeol why he hated his mom so much, Chanyeol was wrong on that time when he chose to ask Kai about his pasts, especially about his mom.

"my mom is one of them, she's a devil." Kai said, suddenly.

His hand was still holding the glass. More tight than before, until he doesn't realised  he was gripping it so hard. He seemed stressed. 

"She is devil, she ruined my life and my father's life.." Kai said again.
The glass that he gripped earlier broken inside his hand. His hand was bleeding.
 Chanyeol was shocked at that time as he quickly grab Kai's bloody hand, tightly ,to stop the bleeding.
He was shocked and worried of him. Kai wasn't looked worry about himself ,he looks weak.
Chanyeol help him to get up and send him inside his bedroom which was  upstairs. He treated Kai's hand as soon as they arrived  Kai's bed. Kai looked so vulnerable, he must be really tired. Chanyeol let him sleep on his bed while he sat beside him, watching over him.

Chanyeol sat there almost an hour until he didn't realise he was sleeping beside Kai.

"please don't do this, please... It's hurt.. It's hurt ". Kai talks in sleep.

He kept yelling "it's hurt"  while sleeping. He had nightmares again. He had always dreamed about he was beaten by his mom when he was a kid.
Chanyeol who sat beside him woke up suddenly from sleep as soon as he heard that.
"So, you still never mention about your mom. Where is she?" "She left us after my parents divorce." "Why they divorce? I meant .. wasn't they happy together with you?" Chanyeol ask again. "My mom cheated on my dad."

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"So, you still never mention about your mom. Where is she?" "She left us after my parents divorce." "Why they divorce? I meant .. wasn't they happy together with you?" Chanyeol ask again. "My mom cheated on my dad."

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"So, you still never mention about your mom. Where is she?" "She left us after my parents divorce." "Why they divorce? I meant .. wasn't they happy together with you?" Chanyeol ask again. "My mom cheated on my dad." Chanyeol felt guilty for asking Kai such that questions. He realise he shouldn't get start with that kind of questions. So he didn't asked Kai any more about his parents. It might hurt Kai's feeling.

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"Kai ,what's wrong? hey..." He said.
Kai still didn't wake up from his sleep. His eyes was still closed.
Chanyeol touched his forehead, he felt hot on Kai's forehead. Kai has fever , he could feel burns with his hand. He felt worried about Kai, he treated Kai's fever until almost midnight.

Kai was sweaty, he looked sick.
Chanyeol unbuttoned kai's shirts - kai was skinny, a lot more skinnier that him.
Chanyeol ever took a small towel and soaked in water ,squeezed it and then he put it on Kai's forehead. He took care of him on that night.
Chanyeol was about to leave from Kai's house. It almost midnight, he afraid his mom might feeling worry of him at home.

As soon as he stepped away from Kai, Kai grabbed his hand from back.

"Are you going home ?" kai said
Chanyeol turned his head to Kai.

"Would you mind if you sleep here tonight?" Kai said.

" My dad will not coming home tonight.." Kai said again.
"Okay I will accompany you, don't worry take a rest." Chanyeol said.

He couldn't said no to Kai. He felt pity on him.

"So, you still never mention about your mom. Where is she?" "She left us after my parents divorce." "Why they divorce? I meant .. wasn't they happy together with you?" Chanyeol ask again. "My mom cheated on my dad." Chanyeol felt guilty for asking Kai such that questions. He realise he shouldn't get start with that kind of questions. So he didn't asked Kai any more about his parents. It might hurt Kai's feeling.

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 On the next morning, they went to school together. Chanyeol didn't want let Kai go to school because he afraid Kai wasn't healthy enough after having fever last night.

"Are you sure you're okay?"
"I'm sure, I'll be fine hyung. Don't worry, I have to go to school to sent my school project."
"That portrait project?"
"You'll get A after the teacher look at my portrait or they might get faint because I'm too handsome."
"Yucks! What if I get E for that? I'll blame you"
"That's impossible."
"Yeah right.. "

They took some breakfast at Kai's house and went out after eight o'clock.

Kai was right in front of his class.He was ready to start his studies on that day, and send his portrait.
As he stepped inside his class ,he realise that all the students in that class are looking weirdly at him.
He move on to his chair and took a sit.

There was three boys came to him. They were laughing to each other while looking at Kai.
Kai  confused for a while.

"hey new student, what's your name?" One of them said.
"I'm Kai."
"Oh Kai! Kai what do you think about us?"
"Sorry ?" Kai didn't understand their words.
"Haha ..do you want to try one of us too cuz we've heard that you have try it with a senior?"
"What do you meant ?"
"Hahaha ,this boy still don't get it guys ,look at him! Who do you guys think he is?"

"Gayyyyyyyyyyy!!" The three said.
They were laughing in front of Kai.

Meanwhile at Chanyeol class. There was a group of girls talking behind him as soon as he took his seat. He heard the girls are talking something about him and Kai. Then he know that the girls have been influenced by the rumors about him and Kai being gay. Well, he realised that it was actually not just rumors, because he know his feelings towards Kai. He loves Kai. Only god know that.

Kai still sat on his chair. His eyes started teary, his gripped his hand below his desk. He felt angry to those three boys. They kept telling him gay on the class. They are talking out loud to the students in the class so that they know that Kai is a gay

One of them also touched his back and said something that hurt him emotionally. Kai endured them and all the students who talk behind him on that time, It was so hard to endure that.He didn't know what else to do other that enduring, he can't just get up and tell his classmates that he is not a gay. Because he thought like what Chanyeol thought ,that they were really gay.

They like to each other. They love each other. More than friends.

 Kai was abandoned by his classmates. Just because he is being a gay. Yeah right, there's no place for gays in this class or even in this world. People are only judging you, talk behind your back, abandoning you, not appreciating each kindness you made, just because you're a gay and the worst thing is you have to endure yourself not to said anything  to defend yourself because you realise that they can never accept you. 
Kai was surrounded by the friends that could not understand him and only judging him. He had nothing to defend for himself , he just  felt sick and bad on himself.
It's a good thing if you had friends that accept you who you are and never judging you, they give you advices  but they don't judging you- that's something to be grateful of. 

Kai clenched his teeth, he still endured.

Suddenly, Chanyeol was happened to walk along his class. Chanyeol was bored earlier in his class, he went out of his class after know they are rumored as gay. 
As he walk by Kai's class, he saw Kai was bullied by the three boys.

"The boys make me feel annoyed." Chanyeol whispered at himself.

He went inside Kai's class and punch one of the three at his face. All students on that class was shocking while looking at Chanyeol and the boys. 

"Next time if you do this again to Kai, my foot will be on your heads!" Chanyeol said
"Huh.. fuck both of you gayessss!! We don't scare at you!" One of them said.

On the same time, Kai took his bagpack and rushedly went out from his class. Chanyeol lowered his right hand which he sets it to punch the boys earlier.
Chanyeol leave the class and run to get Kai. Kai run to the school field, he realised that Chanyeol was far away behind him. Chanyeol had followed him to the school field.

"Huh.. huh..fuhhh" Chanyeol reached  him. He looked tired because he was running to the field.
"Why did you leave me like that Kai?"
"Don't follow me, just go anywhere."
"Look ,I know they bully you, we should report this to discipline teacher.."
"We don't need to to that. "
"Why?do you wanna let them bullying you forever?"
"Because they were right! They are saying the right thing about me! I can't tell discipline teacher that they are bullying me because I'm.....I'm  a gay!"
"No.. they were saying the right thing about us ...I know this is hard but... let face it together, I won't let them bully you again ... if I know about that earlier, I'll make them suffer for making you like that."

They never said the word "love" to each other before, but after that situation ,they don't need to explain their feelings anymore. The feelings that they love to each other.

On that moment, Chanyeol grabbed Kai's hand and he brought Kai out of the school. he doesn't care about anything else anymore, he didn't care about his images as a team leader of school football, or his record as one of the excellent students in his form, or anything else. He just wanted to get out of that school and run away with Kai.

He brought Kai to a cafe, "Make a Good World Cafe", or MAGWC.

MAGWC was a really nice cafe. The decoration inside the cafe was absolutely stunning, it based on nature, there are some chairs and desks are made up from recycled woods, and lots of coloured drawing on the cafe walls. They were handmade.
The cafe always became a nice place for everybody who want to release their stress and to get peace.
Chanyeol has been there for many times, so he found that he could bring Kai there after they run away from school. 

Chanyeol still holding Kai's hand. As soon as they stepped inside the cafe, the situation was a bit tense. There are only both of them inside the cafe, they wasn't sure whether that's still early for any customers to come. The cafe seemed like inviting only both of them.
He brought Kai to a round shape desk located at the middle place of cafe, they sat face-to-face.
Kai still didn't say any words.

"Kai... Kai-ya...Kai-ya" Chanyeol called his name.
Kai didn't answer him.

"Kai....what's wrong? let's just forget everything and talk to me right now."
"Kai... Kai-ssi! Kai-yaaaaaaaaa...." Chanyeol kept calling his name like an idiot. He did a lot of aegyos though.

"Let's just stop it here." Kai finally said.
"What? What are you saying?" Chanyeol said.
"I said we should stop all this now ."
"Why? I don't see anything wrong at all" Chanyeol said
"Of course this is wrong, everybody know we shouldn't be like this." Kai said
"Let's order something, I'm hungry." Chanyeol said.(He pretended not  listening on Kai)
 "Let's stop this hyung.." Kai said.
"Please I want to order something , I'm hungry ,I want to order some macaroons and breads. What would you like to order?"
"I'm not hungry."
"I'll order anything for you ,wait here." Chanyeol went away from him.

 Soon, he came to Kai and brought along a plate of macaroons and breads and went back to the order table and took two cups of coffee- Americano ice with whipped cream and cappuccino.
He put all orders on the table and sat in front of Kai. He sipped his  cappuccino.

"Wow.. macaroon look delicious!" Chanyeol said.
"Kai you want macaroon? Here ,take a bite." Chanyeol said while taking one pink macaroon and wanted to feed Kai.
"Stop it." Kai said. Arrogantly.
"Hey come on you have to taste it ,let me feed you"
"I said stop !!!!" Kai said.Louder.

It made the workers inside the cafe shocked and stared at them. Chanyeol silent.
Kai then walked away from the cafe, he left Chanyeol. Suddenly it was rainy outside. The rains was like welcoming them like in  most of love stories. Chanyeol stopped eating his macaroons and followed Kai to the outside. It was just in front of the door's cafe.

He grabbed Kai's hand.

"Hey what's wrong again? Look why you're acting like this?" Chanyeol said.
"I'm not acting ,I just want to stop all these."
"Stop all these? You meant this friendship?"
"You know this is not only a friendship right?"
 Chanyeol silent for a second.

"Are you really want to stop this?" Chanyeol said.
"We must stop being more than a friend, you know people are always talk bad behind us."
"Nah, I don't even cares about them." Chanyeol said.

"Do you hate me that much, am I not too good for you?" 
"I don't hate you hyung..."
"Fine, I know you want to end this relationship because you hate me, not just because people talk bad behind us.  If you want so, let's just...."
"No, I don't hate you , if anything you're my personal addiction. I'd wake up every morning wanting you so bad my balls ached."
"If you said so, then why should we stop this, huh?"

Chanyeol grabbed Kai and hugged him so tight.

"So let's get back inside there and eat macaroons."
"I hate macaroons."
"Okay next time let's just eat chicken, you loves chicken don't you?"

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