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Friday, August 21, 2015

Gay :Part 8 (A night Only us)

Nobody ever told about what happened on that night when Chanyeol slept in Kai's bedroom.
It was just two of them in the bedroom, Chanyeol ever stepped away from Kai before, but Kai grabbed his hand and didn't want to let him go away  that night.

Chanyeol slept beside him, and his body started leaning really close to him. And between them there was heat and confusion and want and desire and everything else all rolled into a thick ,insulating cloud of lust, and longing. At last, they happened to be a couple on the bed.
Oh Kai, at last.

Kai with his unbuttoned shirts and pantless , Chanyeol with his bare limbs , muscular and veined arms. That was it, the situation where they started everything. Seriously. Very serious.

His tounge teased him as his hands pulled him close. So close until there are no more distance. 
Kai's belly meet his hip, his erection was a long hot welcome ridge again Kai's stomach. He was wet, and aching. Chanyeol's hips was heavy on him, his weight balanced on arms bulging with muscles. Comets swirling in his beautiful eyes. Chanyeol did have a beautiful eyes, like an angel's eyes. The same thing goes to his fairy ears.

As Kai's eyes were close, Chanyeol slit open his eyes. Chanyeol gazed down at his lips and touched them with his pink and fresh lips, then he move back his head a little, and breathe on his lips.

"Hey, I'm gonna tell you something, something that you're gonna like."
"I think I ..."
"Shut up."

Kai flattened his hands on Chanyeol's huge shoulder. He pulled him closer, over and over again.
"I don't wanna hear anything from you." Kai said
"Okay ...." Chanyeol whispered.

And then it was a blur of sensation. There was no awkwardness ,or a self-conscious that thinking themselves was too young ,too small or too short. No strangers in that bed, only him and him.
There was this :Hard mouths and tender mouths meeting each other, trembling hands and sure hands, and limbs twisting and friction mounting.
Their hearts thudding so fast as their actions, slick skin sliding. Sweat building ,and finally oh god, two hearts beating as one.

"Kai you're not human, you're a piece of art to me." Chanyeol whispered.
"Stop talking  to me right now."
"Why should I ..?"
"Cuz you're talk so much this night."

Chanyeol flattened his thumbs on Kai's ears, he brushed his tounge on Kai's bottom lips up to the upper one.
They are no innocent at all. They just know that they could move on. Never want to get back.
It's all just happened, no turn back.

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