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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gay :Part5 (Lovely Dinner and Rains)

"Dear readers, I think I'm just gonna start part 5. hehe
Where we are on the last part ? Oh ya, Kai had dinner with Chanyeol's family."

WELL, they enjoyed that dinner so much. Kai felt really happy that he had a chance to had dinner with them. They were so good to him ,only  Chanyeol's dad that always seemed forced to be there.
That's not a big deal thought. Kai know his dad's condition. He was not going to ask more about that.

Kai was about to leave . He had finished his plate, everybody was finished eating except Chanyeol.

"Are you leaving now." Chanyeol's mom said.
"Yes aunty, I think I have to go now. Thank you for this lovely dinner." Kai said
"You're most welcome dear, Chanyeol should send you home."
"No. it's okay I will be going home by myself ."
"No, someone should accompany you, it's late now. I'll ask Chanyeol, wait for a moment."

Chanyeol was still on the dining table, still eating his dessert. There was some whipped cream on his upper lip. He didn't realise that.

"Chanyeol, I think you should send Kai home." his mom said.
"Don't worry ,I will." He said (while finishing his dessert on his plate)

Soon, they walked together to Kai's house. It was just half kilometers from Chanyeol's house. And they usually walking that far, or maybe farther than that almost everyday. Walking is just a usual thing in their cultures.
Before they left Chanyeol's house, Kai thanked Chanyeol's mom once again and they were saying goodbye.

While they were walking, they have some conversations, and it always be Chanyeol who started everything. Once Chanyeol opened his mouth, Kai could smile or laugh. Chanyeol had always make his day, he kept telling him some jokes that will make Kai laughing at him.
 Chanyeol was a really "happy virus" .
He spreads jokes to the people around him, especially  Kai,although sometimes he looked like an idiot.

(that's the type of friend we want to have don't we?)

The conversations on that night really filled with their laughs:

"You are leaving too early. I can't finish the whole pudding." -C
"It's late now, I had to go home." -K
"It just 9 o'clock then."-C
"I am not asking you to send me home." -K
"I have to."-C
"You ate almost half of the pudding earlier."-K
"That wasn't an improvement, I have to eat the whole pudding to make a record ".-C
"You're such an annoying."
"Haha really? I likes pudding with whipping cream, they were insanely delicious."
"Oh ya? I don't like pudding with whipping cream."
"I don't know, I just don't like it. Whipping cream and pudding is not a good combination. At all. I'll prefer whipping cream with brownies rather that pudding."
"Brownies? You meant dark brownies cuz you had dark skin. It suits you."
"Shut up! I'm not dark, I'm just bronze."
"Well, aren't we like whipping cream and brownies? We are a good combination too doesn't it?"
"You think so,haha ?"( He thought he was just kidding)
"Yes, we are match together. Whipping Cream with brownies, that sounds fuckin' delicious. I will ship them together after this.And bronze sounds sexy too."

The conversations turned awkward for a while.

They have been walking half of their way to Kai's house. Until they realised it started to rain.
Thank god Kai had an umbrella inside his school bag.
He grabbed his purple umbrella and set it for two people, Chanyeol and him.

"Oh gosh ,why suddenly rainy?"Chanyeol said.
"You should thank me for this umbrella, hyung." Kaid said.
" Okay thank you for your umbrella, but I think I can survive in rains."
"Haha sure you are free to move  from this umbrella."
"Will you do that to me?"
"You can , if you you want."
"So you're letting me in this heavy rain ?I might get fever or headache."
"Well I can't force you to be here if you don't want it."
"So, are you seriously sure you won't do anything if I let myself in the rains?"
"What do you expecting me to do?"
"Just anything, anything you could ever think to do, ."Chanyeol sounds like he frustrated.

"Maybe  I will throw away my umbrella and letting myself in the rain with you." Kai said.
"We don't need umbrella since you can survive in the rains didn't you."

Chanyeol immediately hugged him. 

Kai wasn't too awkward on that situation, he had also raised his both arms on Chanyeol's waist. They realise that they were cuddling .
Chanyeol smiled at him. He looked at him with his shining eyes. They were wet  that night.
The heavy rains poured on their faces like diamond droplets ,that make their faces looked shining and refreshing. 
 They looked so nice in the rains :Chanyeol's fringe hair slipped from his white forehead, he looks stunning standing in the rains with his long legs, the rains hit  Kai's face until his eyes sometimes closing in shock.

#to be continue.

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