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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gay :Part6 ( I'm sketching you )

THAT was the first time and the last time Kai had been to Chanyeol's house.
It wasn't about Chanyeol didn't invited him any more to his house, but Kai had always refused him.

Kai sometimes realised that Chanyeol had always been nice to him. Chanyeol had invited him to his house like hundreds times but he never did that to Chanyeol.He wasn't so bad to Chanyeol for not inviting him to his house too. It just something that make him didn't felt want to do it.

Kai was alone at home. Even if his father was at home, he still felt alone. He couldn't feel his father's existence in that house.  Sometimes he felt that he had no life being in that house. He just hope that he could do anything out of that house, or he might just sleeping on his bed until he wake up again and go to school.
There wasn't anything good to talk about his house to Chanyeol, not to mention about inviting Chanyeol to his house . That was impossible for Kai.

Kai likes hiding his feeling to anyone. Even his feeling on Chanyeol. He just brave enough to reply his jokes while they were having conversations, like last night's conversations.
Anyway, there was one sunny evening at school, Kai happened to meet Chanyeol at school's field.
Kai was eating his snacks while sitting on a wooden bench near the field. He was so rare to be at canteen or cafe.
He was eating an apple while holding a pencil on his left hand and sketching something on a drawing book on his lap. His body was like an art sitting on that way, he really had a beautiful body- he had  skinny legs, unexplained size of skinny waist up to his chest, and his face was like a model under  shooting and photography.

Chanyeol suddenly came from his back.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Chanyeol said.
Kai stopped eating his apple and turned his face on him.
"Nothing, I'm just eating here."
"What are you eating?"
"I'm eating lemon."
"What? I don't see lemon here." While looking straight into Kai's eyes.

"So what. You know this is an apple don't you?"
"Chill man I'm just trying to talk something with you."
"You wanna talk ,just at least talk something clever than that, hyung ."
"I don't know ,I just didn't get something like that to talk with you."

Chanyeol sat beside Kai on the wooden bench. He sat while his head was up to the sky.
Kai felt weird on Chanyeol, that was the unusual behavior of Chanyeol.
He seemed sad and always looked at the sky, he stopped talking to Kai for a moment until Kai realised that.

Kai wanted to ask him but he was quite silly on that time. Suddenly Chanyeol's head turned to Kai.
Kai knows that he was looking at him but pretended not to turn his face to Chanyeol.

"So you're left handed?"

"What are you sketching Kai?" Chanyeol ask. His body is leaning on the bench.
"Something.." Kai said
"Are you sketching me?"
"Fuck no."
"Then what are you sketching now?"
"None of your business."
"Why you always do this to me? Look, are you the type of person that don't know how to talk to people?"
"I talk to you right?"
"Yeah you did, but just ...." Chanyeol couldn't finish his words.

"Forget it.." Chanyeol said.
They were silence for a moment.

Kai was about to move his pencil from his hand and didn't realise that his sketch book fall from his lap. There was something appear inside his sketchbook. It was a portrait of someone.
Kai was about to pick up his sketchbook from the ground, but Chanyeol had seen it before he did that.

 "So, is it me ?" Chanyeol said while picking up the sketchbook.

Kai didn't said anything. His face was blushing. He took away his sketchbook from Chanyeol.

"It just a school project, I have to draw a portrait as a school project." Kai said
"Oh okay, why you chose me ?"
"Cuz I don't have anyone in my head except you."
 Kai stopped for a second.

"I meant, you know I don't have friends here. I just randomly take your face in this project."
"Okay...I got it, you're so talented by the way. I like that sketch so much"
"Thank you. "

"You're welcome."

"Ahhh, I think I don't have anything to do after school."
"So.. I just thought maybe we can do something together? Maybe I can go to your house?"
"What?my house? I don't think that's a good idea."
"Why not, I've never been to your house."
"You have, when you send me home after I had dinner with your family."
"Yeah but I didn't come in ."
"There's nothing fun to do in my house, we can't do anything there."
"Why not?"
"I don't have mom like yours to cook for us when we go to my house."
"Do you have video games at home Kai?"
"My dad bought me the latest edition last month."
"omg that is so cool, we can just play  video games at your home "

It took a minute for Kai to said yes to Chanyeol. Kai didn't know to say any excuses to Chanyeol since he looked so happy and excited to go to his house.

"Okay...  " kai said
"Yes!!! It will be fun right!". Chanyeol said excitedly.

*                          *                           *

So after they finished their school on the late evening, Kai was there, at bus station in front of their school gate waiting for Chanyeol to come.
They went to Kai's house by bus.

As soon as they reached  Kai's house, Kai went to the door and and opened it. Chanyeol was at his back, waiting patiently from his back. Chanyeol was quite impatient for few things except about his father. He had always wanted to do something so bad until he really sacrifice himself for that, he ever tried to warn some bad boys in Yoora's school after he knew that Yoora had been bullied by them .Unfortunately that bad boys hit him when he warned them. They also punched him on his face. Yoora won't never forget that times when Chanyeol tried to help her.

"Chanyeol you don't have to do this, look at you .You're injured. You must be hurt ?"
"What are you talking about, I'm  fine. I don't hurt at all, that bad boys should get my revenge."

"Are you staying here alone with your dad?" Chanyeol said as soon as they stepped into Kai's house.
"Yeah, but he is not a person who actually at home."
"Are you bored staying here alone when your dad wasn't here?"
"I didn't talk to him when he was at home though."
"I see....so I think you should thank me cuz you're not going to be alone at home today! I'll be accompany you, we can play video games until tonight, hahaha."

"Yeah right, you'll be leaving me soon after you're tired of playing video games."
"Hey, what's wrong? You sounds like..."
"I sounds like I'm forever alone? "
"Kind of ."
"Never mind, just sit here for a while I want to look up for foods and drinks in the fridge."
 Kai have been to kitchen to look up for something that they can eat in the kitchen, Chanyeol was still leaned at couch in front of television on the living room.
While Chanyeol was busy watching television, his eyes was attracted at a frame beside the telivision table. It was a photo frame. Kai's father was holding him when he was a kid.
Chanyeol realised that Kai was bronze since he small. He laugh a little after watching that picture.

Suddenly Kai called him from kitchen. He put the frame back to its place and rushed to Kai.
Kai put two cans of soda inside of two glasses that he took from the kitchen cabinet.
They were using the large glasses like the one that Harry Potter use to drink butterbeer.
They were having great chats on the bar chairs in the kitchen until their chats went awkward.

"So, you still never mention about your mom. Where is she?"
"She left us after my parents divorce."
"Why they divorce? I meant .. wasn't they happy together with you?" Chanyeol ask again.
"My mom cheated on my dad."
Chanyeol felt guilty for asking Kai such that questions. He realise he shouldn't get start with that kind of questions. So he didn't asked Kai any more about his parents.
 It might hurt Kai's feeling.

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