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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

hey whatsssuppp

Assalamualaikum guys.


Let's just start this.


Okay. I know I am leaving this blog for quite a long time. And I don't know I can feel like this now ,I meant I feel kinda awkward to start this back since I never ever log into my blogspot after furthering my studying in uni.
Well you know sometimes people get busy with something that just happening in their life, and stop making or doing anything that the like to do ,they always done before. Like me. I loves writing on my blog. I really really thought about finishing my fanfics and stories that I had started to write since before I went to uni.  But seriously now, as I stepped foot here, I had always become the busiest person ever that I could be in my entire life.
Hmm guys. Please this is my first time writing on my blog using hand phone. I meant I use a cellphone to write on my blog. That's something like improvement to myself since I was not that type who are into all those things like gadgets, smartphones., tablet or anything connected to technology. I am not that kind of person who use HP every time I want to log into Facebook ,twitter, instag, or anything. Hp that I mean is not stand for harry potter(even I always thought so) ,but it stand for hand phone. Lol.

Since I got here, I felt myself was in the other world. The world where I know no one. Sometimes I lost, like Alice in wonderland. I felt alone sometimes for some reasons and no reasons.
The things that I can explain is, I miss my mom. Like hell I don't miss her. Once I stepped foot inside here in my uni, I know everybody will leave me. My mom, dad and sis (thanks a lot for sending me here). Looking at them ,went far away from you, leaving you at uni on that time you don't know anybody, you're alone, must be a heartbroken moment to be remember until you die.
I don't want to go further with this part, cuz the tears is coming now. Okay let's just stop it here.
You guys know how I miss my fam ,blog, and so forth but today I don't think I can write that much here cuz I got class today .lol.
Yeah .I need to go to the class after this.
But I can promise this, that I will write again. Here. When I feel want to. Or I get really really free time.
Oh how I wish I could start continuing  gay fanfic so much. I just wanna end that fanfic.  And sharing many others experiences and stories since I got here in uni. Uni is kinda awesome when you  start to like it. Just be positive and you'll get what I meant.

Just wait till I write here again.
Assalamualaikum muahh.

I met this awesome cat infront of a shop p/s:that we(me and my friends) chose to interview its owner for our assignment assignment.

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