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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My journey of losing weight.

Assalamualaikum lovelies !

I was 52kg when I was in standard five.
My teacher told me that she felt shocked after looking at my weight , cuz I am still so young to reach that kinda weight.

I don't care too much about it.

I kept eating like usual. Sebab gila apa tak makan setiap kali mama masak.
Rasa rugi tak makan .
rugi sangat. Mama's cooks are  delicious and I ate them everyday.

You might or might not realised that every time when your mom cook the same things/dishes everyday, you still gonna eat them. Maybe you get bored with it, but you still eat it.

If people ask you, what's the most delicious or your most favorite food?
Sometimes or every time you will answer " my mom's cooks!"
You proud of your mom's cook. You know that's the best answer ever and you don't care about the other food which you can't admit it  delicious than your mom's cooks.

That's you and That's me sometimes :p

Eleh chill lah, I bought some food that I thought it is so nice and delicious and gave it to my mom, she tasted it and said.

"Emmmmm sedap. macam mana nak buat ni?'

see, mama pon humble.
Time flies so fast, I didn't realised that I had  grown up, I  almost twenty on that time. My weight was 65kg liddat. :p

p/s: me ,in2014 if you can see it clearly. (kanan sekali)

I ever had a feeling to start diet /losing my weight. Many times actually :p . I thought about avoiding my mom's cook, they are too oily sometimes, too much sugar contained in it, and too much itula inila.
Padahal it's not actually the main reason I am gaining weight.

No, I still believe that I am not gaining weight with my mom's cook. But the quantity of the foods that I took. She did cook foods for you ,but you're the one who should concern and taking the rational and healthier amount of them.

Eat healthier.
Eat balance.
do not skip your mom's cook. You'll regret it!!

Ini tidak, masa mak masak sayur ke ada ulam ke letak tepi semua tuuu. :p

me, now (2015/2016)

My journey and your journey is different because we are not same! So ,follow your own abilities and I'll follow mine. Do not judging okay :)


The reason of writing this is not actually meant I am fully success with my diet. But I lost few kilos (approximately 9 kilos) after doing these :

I don't eat if I don't feel like to/ Im still full                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Sometimes I didn't eat when I felt I didn't want to eat. I don't know if you're different from me, but its  really happening when you're not feeling wanna eat something or anything OR there is a time you're kinda wanting one type of food that suddenly appear on your mind and do not want to take any foods around you until you get that "one type of food' on your mind. Yeah, it seemed like I was kinda ungrateful for the foods around me, but hey I didn't throw all foods around me, I gave them to people around me. Thanks god I had my lil sister who had always finishing everything. Yeah, another "it seemed like I am so bad by letting my lil sister eat my leftovers and making her fat while I am losing weight". well, its not like that. I didn't forced her. She'd already grown up and she knows how much she can eat, when she should stop eating. *I'll tell about her soon. By the way, limit the amount of foods you take. That's the best thing you should do too .I scrolled up the newsfeed on Facebook and my eyes stopped on something.

"EXO Xiumin reveals the secret behind his weight
 loss and surprises fan with his real weight"

Haha. and Of course I ended up clicking immediately to the links. :p Guess what did  I found?

Xiumin replied, "It's not that I'm gaining muscles, but the muscles are showing up because the fat is going away." His members added, "Xiumin lost a lot of weight. The fans will be surprised if we revealed his weight. It doesn't even reach 60 kg (133 pounds)." 

Ryeowook then asked him to reveal some dieting tips and Xiumin shared, "To be honest, I barely eat. And rehearsing for the new song 'Growl' made me sweat a lot, so naturally, I lost weight."

Oh dear, he barely eat! Poor him. I went to google , searching for his pictures after losing weight, a very dramatically loss of weight. He looked so much different you know i don't wanna mention it anymore  how I looked at his new picture of losing weight you just go google it out. What can I say now is , he can be whatever he wanted to be, if he think that is the best thing he should do or he is doing that for his own sake, I /we can't judge him. He has his own right to do anything with his weight, I know sometimes we, fan , worried about his health/he seemed like forcing himself not to eat and practices so hard while rehearsing, but we didn't know whether he did that for his own career, his own future or whatsoever. As long as he is happy doing that, let him decide. maybe that is the time in his life he wanna experience being a skinny man :)

Don't want to mention this, but I ever had a feeling of wanting to  be skinny too. :p Again I wanna say, SKINNY, not anorexia. Both have different meanings. P/s: don't you ever barely eat like him if you are not able  or it might killing you!!

Drink a lot of water/reduce sugary drinks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hey there water haters like me.(or it is just me :p) I didn't like drinking water. My lil sis and my brother did. They drink lots of water a day. not like me, I never finished drinking water in a small mineral water bottle in a day. I've tried it before, and I just can't finish it at the same time. It needed me the whole day to finish it until the last drop. Okay, here i was, after thinking no more about to diet, I started forcing myself to drink lots of water. I didn't started  with the large bottle, I'd only challenged myself with the small one, but ! I must finished it on half day. Means I can take another bottle in  one day. That sounds pretty crazy for you "water drinker"/"H2O lovers" ,but that's me.We're not same if you think there is people who can live two days without drinking water, well that's me.So, I challenged myself to drink water in a small bottle and finished it as fast as i can . I hope this will bring improvement to myself! Another thing I did, reduce sugary drinks. and never dare to touch soft drinks !!

Eat vegetables/fruits
p/s :If vege is your number one enemy, start to fall in love with it.  
This is normal to me. I ate vegetables although  there are only few type of vegetables that I didn't like but  "at least I ate them". Be it spinach, cabbage, carrot , tomatoes (oh I love it) and so forth. Sometimes I ate them  without rice *kinda salads and added some proteins. I should say here also that I took small portion of carbo(rice/bread) and sometimes chose to eat more proteins(only lauk) rather than taking rice. So, eat veges .There are lots of them, tomatoes is my fav, what's yours?

I made Detox/teatox             

  I made detox water. Cut some lemons into slices ,squizzed them  and put inside the water in a bottle. other than lemons, cucumbers. I didn't put sugar. Just lemon and cucumber and cold it overnight inside  refrigerator. Drink it cold as much as I can/like. It does taste bad without sugar, but put it inside your mind that is the best drink you ever had and its healthier than you could ever imagine. :p Teatox sound cool too isn't it. Go get it from instag shop. Search for teatox online. But you can also made your own tea and put fruits' slices into it. Teatox pon approximately the same as detox. It just diff because it is tea. lemons and others fruits/vege are added into tea.

chocolates is fine, but reduce it.                        

 Yeah, reduce it. Seriously. That's the only thing I can say. I did makan chocolates, I am not saying I didn't take it at all. :)

Dancing like kpop stars                                                                                                           

  I hate jogging. That's so tiring to get up early in the morning and go for jog. I had tried it before but gave up lepas buat tiga hari :p. Malas. Bored. ya I know that's the thing I need to face to lose my weight, I have to be tired and sweaty to burn my calories lol. I ended up eating in front of the tv and watched Running man. They are so thin, look healthier ( I mean RM's members) than me. lol . I don't know what I had  in my mind on that time. Oh gosh, gimme strength gimme a strong reason and influence to lose my weight. And the idea  came, automatically popped out inside  my head. Why don't I go for dancing?.  Kpop dancing? ,cuz i used to watch some of them through  youtube . there are lots of music vids that I can watch as references and learn their steps closer and slower. i  did dancing, of course not the same as the real dancers, but it so cool and exciting! Really. Kenapa takbuat macam ni kan instead of jogging yang memang dah tak minat dan kalau minat pon tak boleh  continuosly buat. At least dancing make you sweaty too right? So start choosing your fav kpop's group  dancing now . what you heed to do is just download their mv from youtube and dance like them! (p/s: lock your room's door before dancing :p)


 p/s: all pictures from Mr. googgle( except first and second pic)

So that's all. Just sharing and hope this is beneficial!

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