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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

it was like diet


hye everybody,yesterday I've visit FL's blog and she has mention bout 'Tips diet and kuruskan badan'.hmm,then I've opened it and see what tips I can take 'to reduce my weight' *scema*after few minutes scrutinizing her post,well I think that's good strategy to 'diet'...plus she was also a doctor so that maybe she has learned bout balanced diet,*of coz we were also learned about that isn't?here,I mean she knows more because she 'studied' it:) so,after that,enjoy reading her 'travelogue' so much .*best, then,,,,about....etc etc

stop it!*lari dari title pulak.actually as an ordinary human,I think I can't follow all the tips,you know what,maybe there was a part of that tips which I not really can't do.and one more about drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.what?only in one day?no no no,I never do that before*believe me guys*so sad..
drink a glasses of water ,I mean the 'big' size  glasses already enough for me you know ?even when I was in form 1,I just bring the small size of water conainer.drinking water was not my hobby,so I can't practice it regularly .

and,know what,two days ago.I have fever and do not have an appetite to eat anything,only eat slice of bread and milo.rice?I only take it 'half scoop'.*diet lah katakan,memang tak lalu at all.:'( like today,thursday ada pekan khamis kat spg 4,so I ask my uncle to buy popcorn there.then my breakfast is popcorn! plus hot milo,so seperti yg semua sangkakan,now I am having popcorn +hot milo while writing blog!!!hahaha

berjalanlah projek kurus,even popcorn contain calories too,but that's not too much,not too worry.*manis manis sikit jew:)hokay,in this two days I remembered what I've eat.before this,I can't remember coz I eat a lot :(

first day and second day:
Breakfast-roti + hot milo
Lunch-half scoop of rice+seketul ikan apa tah masak asam pedas*tu pon tak habes
Dinner-1/3 drpd mee goreng yg dibeli d kedai,share with my mom and sis :)

=.=so that's all,Allah tu maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang lagi maha mendengar dan memahami,Dia memahami perasaan semua makhluknya,and He gave us the best in our life:)so don't judge it or deny it.kita perlu bersyukur.like in my case,saya demam and tidak m'mpunyai selera untuk makan,then saya boleh control tabiat makan saya yg lalu,dan 'reduce my weight'.setiap ketentuan Allah pasti ada hikmahnya kan:)

now ,learn to be grateful for what you have now,what you are now,believe Allah already planned it for us,as creatures we must accept and redha' hokay..I think that's all for today,maaf jika ada tersalah -terkasar bahasa-terlanjur kata-last but not least *Assalamualaikummm...:D

Allah planned everything for us:)

learn to be grateful....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012



hye uolls!sihat?actually I am newly know bout this...*left behind lah katakan,btw when I visit one blog ni*actually my sis blog,ternampak tajuk 'blogwalking' and I just click at that labels..:)
What?suai kenal blogger! *hehe,saya berminat:) anda??? it was easy just click here!


hehe,easy and simple .*wink wink *so what are you waiting for?

to all bloggers who visit my blog...enjoy it.all simple ja kat sini .my story tak lah sehebat Fatin Liyana,Maria Elena,Irine,or even Yuyu zulaikha and etc etc.coz I'm still new in this blogging world  ,,one more thing 'selamat berkenalan':D

Sunday, December 16, 2012



hye uolls semua,sihat?iolls sihat sihat jeww.hehe.know what?I am so bored staying at home,rasa cam 'lifeless'  jaa...nothing to do,instead trying to apply for work :'(wahhh,sedihnyaaaa!!kan...nak tau how critical my boring level is ,sampai peoples in surrounding become my victim.selalunya mangsanya budak kecik like my cousins.for your information ,now I am staying at home with 'one noisy kid' accompanied with 'one pengacau'.so I called them two 'troublemaker'.sesuai ke tidak?

#bisikan hati: sesuai sesuai sesuai :p

nk dijadikan hal,these two troublemaker always make me angry AT ALL TIME,u olls tahu cemana perasaan kalau stay dengan 'budak'? ,i know not all peoples was a kid hater(that's mean korang sensitip sikit dengan bebudak and always rasa nak marah diorang),but iolls tengah cakap pasal bebudak yg 'annoying' type. hah,this is what happen when you guys become kid hater(after diorang buat hal and always make uolls angry)tahu lah kan..:(

hmm,btw as elder(terasa tua) we have to be positive towards everything.I mean in handling problems or doing such a lot of thing in your daily life.senang cerita ,ambik mudah ja apa yg berlaku,but I am not trying to mention 'ambik mudah',bukan maksud semua hal ambik mudah.... just jangan cepat terasa macam kes iolls ni,harus tangani bebudak yg annoying at home:)paling tidak buat muka like 'bangang' depan depa.senang citer,pastu kena marah dengan mak :'(serves you right..

Owhya,news today I've fill 'borang Giat Mara' .I've taken it a month ago and until now not like 'too brave' nk isi....hapa susah?just fill in the blanks? haha,memang payah sebab iolls rasa malas nak belajar menjahit,even ada niat nak jadi 'fashion designer'..

#bisikan hati: alah ,'fashion designer' jewr pon ?no need to to sewing2 loh!just lukis lukis itu bentuk baju cantik cantik.

(manyak cantik)ingat 'fashion designer' ni buat kerja drawing and colouring je ka...
they have to apply hasil karya/lukisan baju diorang dalam bentuk sebenar beb!wahh,mesti cantik.it could be mine one day *dreaming..after fill in the blanks iolls just hope dapat laa.coz staying at home make me lifeless and like critical la jugak.

tiba2 ja petang tadi girlfriend iolls came to my house and ask for 'borang giat mara'.hah?herolls pon nak join iolls?jom jom jom,we olls pegi sewing sekali  together-gether :3 coz today's post tittle was 'BERSABAR' ,iolls have to be patient waitng for spm result,handle troublemaker,giat mara result,and etc etc...
what's important,trying to be istiqomah in what you're doing.

cehh,nasihat kat orang,cer kiteeeew...hahah,by the way thank you for reading this entry..Assalamualaikummmmm Warahmatullah Hiwabarakatuuhhhhh:)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Garnier Foam & Johnson's uv lotion


hye again ,,school holiday still prolonged and I didn't know what to do=.= so sad of me...I'm not going anywhere because lately my father was so busy on his electrical work,and I officially at home,grrrr....
nothing to do,no trips,no events,no work,no activities(only facebook online and sleep and eat)=.=hahahaha*

teringin nak prgi trip somewhere,but I can't do that as I'm seventeen,*who cares my age is seventeen?Iwanna go for trip!!
and mama said,*I cares!.....huhuhuhu,so fullstop,I'm not going anywhere in this month,,christmas at home^^
Oh,by the way.mention about christmas celebration in this coming 25th Dicember,I have got my present from eBay.com..hehehe,it's a kneet harry potter scarf!!!and it represent gryffindor house.....although i'm belong to hufflepuff,,*I still wanna wear it proudly plus I'm not using my own money to buy it.my sister did(thank a lot to her).that was beautiful present ever since I never get any harry potter stuff from someone from my entire life,but she did..sob sob sob..*cries*hopefully she did not read this emotional post-.-

Ehem,balik pada title asal..
have you ever heard about Garnier Pure Active ?Multi -action!in television bebeh,there yang ada girls gediks-gediks tuuu?haha,last saturday I've buy that,i don't know what's in my mind, i just thinking to buy it and pay at the counter ...*macam kena rasuk suruh beli....hahaha,so sejurus pulang I'm so excited to use it and sambil buat gaya macam dalam iklan tu..you know what?,,after gently massage on my face,I can feel the refreshness!but..ada little bit gatal2 maybe because of purifying salicylic acid and herba repair...it repair our skin,give refreshness and reduce pimples effectively..

and maybe its Multi-action,so that it works twice on our faces.keberkesanannya juga dua kali ganda bebeh:)
i've tried it,what if you try?
#advantage using Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action:
visibly fights 6 signs of acne!!*oily skin*pimples*whiteheads*dirt*enlarged pores*irregular texture*

that's it~

Emm,secondly I also tried Johnson's uv lotion.actually dah banyak kali keluar iklan Johnson's but rarely buy Johnson's product,just use their powder..but now terdetik di hati nak beli ,hehe
buy buy,smell smell,emm I think i have smell it before,but where?at whom?oh yaaaaa!my friend,she always smell like this!she used this!kantoi,=.=then who it could be?definately HER..


still new.I'm not expected the small sized bottle of this uv lotion was just $6.90..(bukan dulu mahal lagi kah?)
this lotion used to protect the naturally white skin and healthy pink glow you are born with,tak kira lah our skin chocolate colour ke,white ke,even putih kemerahan have to use this as it protecs from uv light.the SPF8 contained in this lotion also helps to deflect harmful sunrays and prevent darkening.(so nilah yg dikatakan mengekalkan wajah).....anddd guys,this lotion contain vitamin c and milk extract to help LIGHTEN and NOURISH skin...

easy used,only apply to your body,mana mana part yg exposed to sunlight must be covered using this lotion ,so mari uji keberkesanan,I've used this two days ago and I can feel the differences,hoyahh bebeh

maybe I can use this as protection to my skin when I get a job,,*sambil pikir pasal future 
so that's all for today,hopes you enjoy reading this and this post useful:)
 so,let's sing together..

Sing your way home,till the set of the day,
Sing your way home,drive the sorrow away,
Smile every miles,in whatever you do,
It will lighten your heart,It will brighten your path,
If you sing your way home.....(motif?)


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