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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Recipe : Oreo Cheesecake =)

Assalamualaikum dearest =)

there are a various type of desserts that we can have in this world .
like cakes ,ice cream ,fruits and etc !

to me,desserts and cakes are the delicious thing that i can eat without taking the main food, because usually desserts act as a mouth watering after you had finish your lunch,dinner or any main foods :)

by the way ,not all of them  truly make me full ,the desserts that i prefer to eat as it will make my stomach full and make my day become happier is a dessert that contained cheeseee ! 

so,here is one of them , the oreo cheesecake =)
it was very easy when the first time i tried to make it.
it don't need an oven to bake it,don't need ingredients that hardly-found.
oreo ,just buy it in the supermarket .
cream cheese ,little bit hard to found but  there are few in supermarkets too,don't lie.
butter,a lot of supermarkets sold this,including the small one near your house's area,isn't it ?

heeee =p

so,this is le ingredients =)
-250g cream cheese 
-250g whipping cream
-1/4 butter
-1/2 cup of sugar (the less the better)
-oreo biscuits

How to make it :
1.Separate oreo's biscuits with its cream (like this) and leave them .

2-Beat butter,sugar,cream cheese,whipping cream ,and oreo cream(that you separate just now with the oreo biscuits)

3-Then,take one or more container to fill your cakes.any sizes,any shape ! and put the oreo biscuits (that you had separate with the cream) into the case .that will be the first layer of your cake,you also can crush the biscuits ,blend it or crush it with 'lesung batu'.
*oh ya you can also mix the crushed oreo with the melt-butter,this step is to make that crushed oreo can fit nicely in the container)

3-Next,pour your mixture (cream cheese+whipping cream+sugar+butter+oreo cream) on top of the crushed oreo(first layer) . so,that mixture will be the second layer ! (like this)

4-After that,put it in the fridge . leave it there about 24 hours . or else , until the overnight .
then, you can taste it !

5- You can put some oreo biscuits as furnishing ,put it on top of your oreo cheesecake,and finishhh! =)

try this  !
ok till then,thanks for stepping here ,Assalamualaikum~

Monday, December 16, 2013

ate's wedding photos =)

Assalamualaikum readers!

and hello earth !
hello  world!
hye Malaysian!
hello all creatures! 
helloo everybody !

(tiba tiba je kan?)
*eh kau dah kenapa asek tiru ayat bloggers lain?*

yelahh,dah tak dak modal hihi..
hmm ,today is not wednesday so i can't write the title 'wordless wednesday' (even i really want to)
kesian ~ kemaruk nak cakap jugak wordless wednesday ..
oh ya,by the way today lem' me show you some pictures of my ateh's wedding (sister wedd) .

dah kenapa kau panggil kakak kau ateh? selama ni tak pernah pon kan =,=
haha,it is actually just for fun,ateh means kakak in pilipinosss !hehe !

#influenced by "be careful with my heart" drama kihkih !

ok stop it and let see some snap of mine <3

congratulations to both af ya ,may Allah grant you jannah ,and hope both of ya happy and always be together forever !
till then ,thank you for stepping here,Assalamualaikum =)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

cousin's wedding =)

Assalamualaikum dearest =)

sekarang pelajar sekolah masih lagi bebas ber'holiday' kan ,hahh ,masa2 inila banyak sangat kenduri kahwin,iolls dengar ada orang update status kat facebook cakap theyolls pergi kenduri sampai 6 buah rumah, mesti kembong perut kau makan kan nyahhh !~

blurkkkkkk ,me too,even today i just attended my cousin's wedding (one wed ceremony only),i can feel the 'blurkk' ,*mana tak ,kau kan tambah dua kali,pffftt :p * I can feel my stomach was really full!

oh ya ,by the way,i know it's quite a long time i didn't make a post ,i mean more to just the picture's post ! ahaksssss

so ladies and gentlemen,this is what i got ,what i can snap during my very lil' cute cousin's wedds ! =))

During their nikahs ~

nervousness ? nope =)

upacara pembatalan air sembahyang , a very congratulations!

Hantaran from both sides =)

Blue themes for the 'pelamin' .

awesomeness stages ! i love le DIY ,love love love it ahhh
*mane beli buku tu cantik gilos milos*

Bunga telur macam durian ! purple durians =D

Adat Orang Melayu hihi

so ,happy wedds to both of ya =)

Assalamualaikum,and thanks for step here ! come again !

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Novel from Evelyn Rose =)

Assalamualaikum and  hye !

I am not a big fan of novel ,not at all,but I have tried to read novels when my friends gave me some of their novels ,many of them love to read novels especially a ‘love novels’.yeah ,I likes love story too but didn’t like to read ‘em ,I am more into watch ‘em ! hehe

Well, I eager to read novels ‘seriously’ when I was in form6 because I was surrounded by many friends who likes reading novels so much,they brought novels and talk about novels like everytime in school . and ya know “I was kinda…” -_- I know nothing and I can’t join them having their really bla bla chatting about novels huarghhhhhh (motip?)

I am very serious in reading a few novels since this year,*taksemuakay* haha,serious here means i can feel the content of the novels ,i can imagine that stories,and of coz i got the moral values and lesson from that stories.

one of them is the novel from  Evelyn Rose or we called her ' kak eve',novel which written by Evelyn Rose is just make me start to love 'novel' .

tapi kan ,not every novel yang bila i baca the stories melekat nicely in my head and soul,tapi novel dari sis eve is totally the best one ! =D
when i was asked to tell or story back how was that stories ,i can't do it too much,it was like urghh i can't feel it mahhhnnn ,i am not good in it.

today ,iols terpanggil untuk tells uolls about this novels,which is from evelyn rose.I know many peoples especially pembaca novel tegar in Malaysia have known evelyn rose and mostly have read her novels . Yes ,her novels  'The Wedding Breaker and 13 Jam A380' ~

I know about this both novels since i have seen a facebook group ,that is group Novel The Wedding Breaker.

at the first,i joined this group just for fun which is more to get a social life with the other fb peoples trough it.As i joined the group ,it seems like i am not the active person who like to give comments or liking the status there .but i do read and see the status there.

it was quite a questioning mark when i see their 'very' big fan status, yah ,it shows that they really big fan of that novels. then, terdetik kat hati nak beli satu (hamik kau beli terus) .
BUT i start to buy the second novel of eve which is '13Jam A380'.
seriously,when i read the first chapter, i was just like .. want to read more more and more!

(i read that until the 5 chapter and did not realise that =.=)
*it is quite awkward ,yalaahhh mana pernah haku baca novel sampai 5 bab dalam satu hari ! it is a good starter right * haha.

ni hah ,novelis The Wedding Breaker and 13Jam A380 ~cute kann , =3
i never expected she can make a story like that *lepas uols baca then uols know,i understand what she wrote. as a novelis/writer ,they should make peoples know what story they wanna tell  to all the readers. if the readers cannot understand ,tak de feeling semasa membaca,tak best la kan ~

aku suka betul dengan  first novel from Evelyn Rose ni . "The Wedding Breaker''.
sanggup kod pinjam yang kawan sampai tak bagi balik sampai sekarang =)
in sha Allah ada rezeki kita jumpa i bagi balik ye Anis .hehe

I can't imagine the story would be like that ,ada sorang mamat ni anak orang kaya ,study sampai overseas and beliau dihantar ke overseas since umur 13thn kot..he had a very social life ,main dengan banyak perempuan,*kira social tahap 4 lahh..the name of the character is also nice ,like Tengku Adam Kamil ,Ariana Rose ,etc . *nama grand lagi nampak hebat kan* increase the appetite nak baca and baca lagi. 

the continuous is ... beli la novel ni baca sendiri,then ya know =p
and i've heard a news that this TWB novel will be on the tv !!! the story will be adapt from this novel ,
ya know what ? sukanya hakuuuuww =B

coming soon !

this drama will be on television in 30 December 2013, after finish "Playboy Itu Suami Aku" ,i guess.
but the title will be different from the novel.tapi hokay laa ..'Ariana Rose' heard nice what ?!
I hope everything will goes smoothly.tak sabar nak tengok taw ='B

barisan actors pon ada yang baru ,yang fresh .like Keith Foo (first time i tengok dia act was in the indonesian sinetron) *I can't believe it* but we will see how he can bring the Tengku Adam Kamil character.Good luck for you Keith !and Fathia as a lovely Ariana Rose ,hope both of you can make the best ! Evoke it yeah <3

ok,next is the second novel "13Jam A380" ~
this novel kannn ,awesome sangat.do i have another word which could explain the awesomeness ?
seriously,this novel gave me a lot of lesson,loaded with values and touching my heart.there are many part in the novel which make me stop and think for a while.benda atau perkara yang cuba nak disampaikan memerlukan kita untuk berfikir.not to think it critically like you're thinking how to solve additional mathematics or biology ,but it is needed for you to think it deeply and understand it with our mind and soul . =')

that is why i was so amazed with this novel,the content of the stories call me to open quran to see the translation,sebab selama ni jarang tengok tafsir =')there are also hadiths which gave me more knowledge,the arranges of words are stuctured and understood sangat, membuat jiwa teransang untuk berubah ke sesuatu yang positif tahu ..

i love this sentence " semakin banyak awak baca,awak kaji,makin awak yakin dengan quran".what a touching words for me yang hanya tahu baca quran tetapi tak tahu apa maknanya :'(

and there are a part where Samuel,a christian man,he questioned many things about Islam.

 diam sekejap .
if i was in his place,i would ask the same question,i guess.
bukan calang calang orang boleh jawab ni kan ?
very stupendous one haaaa...

penjelasan si Syeikh ni sangat mendalam and very touching,if you can understand it very well.
and I am thinking for awhile ,Evelyn Rose macam banyak menerokai sebelum nak tulis ni kan .I am expecting she read so many things in her life ,as she is a researcher too.

so ,that a few parts in the 13JamA380 novel.
I feel so precious to get the knowledge inside the novel.many knowledge,it is also make me interest in reading quran translation and meanings.*tak rugi tau beli ni *

hope to see this novel on television too soon ! Aaminn :)
thanks for reading,i just share this because sharing is caring kan ?!=) ,Assalamualaikum.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Aidil Adha 's post ~

Assalamualaikum and good morning ..

err..still morning kann ? harppp!jangan ingat i baru bangun,dah lama okay !

anywayss,salam Aidil Adha to all of you readers ..

yesterday,when i was in school ,discussed  something with my friends and classmates, and ada discuss jugak about 'korban' ,ya know ,part sembelihan ,how and who is goin' to make 'korban', it was like you and ur friends refreshing back what you had learn in the past (bab sembelihan and ibadah haji,korban- in form 5). hehehe..

and dahhh ,ibadah korban sempena Eiduladha is also written in our muslim's book which is Quran !do read that ! surah Al-an a'm and surah Al-baqarah , i guest ,kalau ada lagi boleh carik kan =) there are many things inside there which explained and answered everything ! once you read  it ,and scrutinize all the meanings ,then you will understand how can it could be like this ..and like that... *such a beautiful creature from Him*

oh yaa,talking about quran,i wanna tell you somethin' ,I have seen a medium size of quran tafsir(quran which have translation and meanings) in UTC in Alor Setar,kedah. there is one bookstore in that UTC named kedai Buku 1Malaysia ,and there are many books sold such as novels ,biography books guestbooks,comics,stationery,historical books and etc. etc. (but not too much choices like in popular)
and the price also very cheaappppyy ! ok back to the real intention,about the quran tafsir,i brought a quran tafsir which is only at rm31.50  ,heyyy i have seen it before in popular with rm70.++ okay .

my mom really wanted quran tafsir so much,but it is so hard to find it suitable for her,i mean 'tulisan kene besau besau sikit,kalau kecik tak nampak ' but as you can see nowadays,the bigger the quran tafsir,the higher the price isn't it ? ker aku sorang jer perasan -_-

example that i can see isss ,my sister's hantaran from the man's side,it is the small quran tafsir,(which my mother cannot read it,cause the meanings was too small),and it costs very pricey ya know! (yelahh nama pon hantaran ,logiklah)

but this quran tafsir is very clear! mama takyah nak kecilkan mata kenyutkan dahi lagi~


ohh yaa,here are some photos for the eiduladha ! the very delicious ketupat ,rendang and laksa =)

ketupat which i make it myself ,ok tipu :p

 acctually ,chicken rendang is the best dishes ever ! coz since last night,i likes to ratah ratah it dengan nasik putih ! meheheheh

but the other dishes are perfecto too ,it it because my mom cooked it with love =)

slurpppp slurpppp !

oh dah zuhur ok bye bye . =) selamat menjamu selera and happy Eiduladha !peace yaww!

post motivasi diri - esok raya !

Assalamualaikum  deariest !

“….bawa aku pergi ,pacu laju laju kita lari dari realiti….”

 that song is playing around in my head,since finished reading a novel from eve ~
I had finish my trial exam ,and yeahh , starting this week ,on Tuesday we are  holidayyy ! *please exclude the non-school student*  cuz they need to go back earlier  (eh betul ke?)..well ,I have 5 days school’s  holiday ,from tomorrow until this Saturday ..so,syukran I can use all that time to study hard before semester one examination ,  and do more exercises , (sounds like aku tak penah study hardje selama ni haha)

Indeed,it was like what they said before,it was as hard as my teachers said when I asked for their opinion..., ’about the form six’(before I get into form 6) ,the first semester  tought me how the REAL life is ,*itu belum lagi semester 3* .but I am trying to think positive , ‘no success without effort’ ,we should hardwork  then get what we sacrificed !  there are no things easily to get /to do in this world , and no one can be success without doing anything ! ,like one story which I wanna share with you, I’ve read that story in a magazine which I bought it at., … err ...adelah kat satu kedai ni . owner kedai is an indian uncle ,look,I still remember =)

Forget the past :p lets start the future.okeyh,the story is about two boys, both of them still schooling, in form school .one boy always get the highest mark in every subject,which makes him become number one in his class ,whereas the another boy always get a bad results in exam,but he never give up to try it ,again! Even nobody give supports to him (never know if his parents did) ,he ever said ,..I loves learning,I like to learn and gain new things in my life to increase my knowledge,but if it still make me fail in exam,I should accept it and try it again,as my future depends on it..

Hmmm,It’s kindda like that,please realize that what he said is not about ,a boy who always become a looser and get up again and again ,and become a looser again..please lah ,learn something from it,seriously,I know how hard he is .(lesson for me too yeah,never thought the looser in your class will be a looser forever!) example,bila time exam,budak yg selalu dpt number paling last tiba2 jadi lawyer,engineer ,etc etc ! nahhh,it is not us who create the destiny. .NOT..!

*krik krik* 

Kenapa time aku bersyarah semua diam .haisyyy…
This post is actually to give support and advises ,if you’re not okay with that,just leave.(wah bahasa jiwa bangsanyaa ) .it is better to take the good rather than the bad ones.and please,don’t be offend on what is written here okay J

 errr.. what else ..
Eh esok hari ape ? (eleh buat2 luper)

Okay ,last but not least ,Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha and enjoy your holiday eating nasi minyak and daging korban ! peace yaw ! saalamm.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

i wonder when i can sleep .

Assalamualaikum ..and good night :)

I can't sleep now ,and it's almost twelve ,midnight. It's kindda usual for me to sleep late at night,sometimes I likes to draw,read novel,comic or etc etc,and online .and today is kindda weird for me because  this time,i am typing in my blog. *awkward* haha.

just now,I am doing some homework,ya know,school task ,not to say 'so busy' but adelaaa,hah,kau tunggu sampai sem 3 baru taw :D

I am in semester 1 now,further study at my old school.. talking about 'old school',i still remembered when i was in form 1,that was my first time in the form school,looking at myself being different from last year.I wore a different colour of kain..haha *laught* -apelah minah ni ,yang tu pon nak cerita ke ?-intro je ,uolls kene paham :)haha.
but intro for what?satu habuk pon tkda untuk title ?

then,when I was in form three,bla bla bla,and in form four,bla bla bla..,*malas gila nak cerita*go sleep lah wei ,tak yah tulis belog =_____=

but wait !

the night still young, still early,and tomorrow we have holiday..hihi..horrayyyy!what im doing just now is blogwalking,there are many blog's post which I think very useful  and beneficial for me ,and i did visit maria and FL's blog.wahhh ,she shared some story about her trip in India.can't wait to read her next post.India is the country that i would love to visit one day,and reading the post about India make me feel like 'ughhhhhhh' i wanna go there ,''ni kes tengok 3 idiot yg nakpi ni '',

in the 3 idiots movie,there are many interesting places shown,i wish i could be there one day.there bangalore,bombai,and andddd chimlaaa,remember when one of 3 idiots character named Chatur told something to Raju and Farhan? ''he is in chimla''.... pastu,terus i search in google the word ''chimla'' ,and its acctually ''shimla'' .=_= (if you don't understand what i am talking about,maybe you never watch that movie,sorry) .

i really admire hindustan's movie and film.since i was 5 years old .HAHA.

i had watch so many hindustan's movies and film in my entire life,but this '3 idiots' movie make me learn many lesson rather than the others movie.it is the lesson about friendship,being honest,understand people's ,braveness,how to respect peoples,how to practice science in real life ..aitt ?

until....it comes to the song.''takyah cerita nanti kena nyanyi'' :pppp 

nahhh,hilang stress ker tambah stress tengok ni :pppppp
Salammmm <3

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Eid Mubarak semua!

Assalamualaikum readers !

first and foremost ,i would like to wish 'Happy Eidulfitri' to all of you! ...and how was your raya ?
raya is the day that we should forgive each other,they made mistakes and they ask forgiveness,you made mistakes,you do the same too.'bulan kemaafan ' .but the first is your parents,then the whole family .the awesome part is*shaking shaking hand ,pastu dapat duit raya * hahahahaha.

i was quite tired but happy,after perform solat sunat hari raya at mosque with my mom and sisters,we gathered at home shaking hand for forgiveness.pastu,visit granpa's grave . and then eat alottaaaa !haha.

orange jubah ,buy yesterday . :D

the same colour with carpet =.=

love le design and buttons !
what's important is comfortable . kan ?

Friday, August 2, 2013

hangpa dah buat preparation raya ?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. deariest !

It is almost the end of Ramadan!what to say ,,time flies so fast isn't ? sedih ramadan dah nak pi ,cause somebody will come back to this world .'them'. nanti datang balik lah perangai buruk yang lama ,hope that we will not repeat the same sins that we make on the past ,whether before ramadan or in this ramadan .just pray for the best on  coming syawal =)

ramadan,ramadan,ramadan .every muslims are chasing for Laylatul Qadr night,they wanna do charity,ibadah which be blessed,helps the poor and needed,read al-quran every day,terawih  every night ,pray for health,wealth and  grateful ,always ask forgiveness from Allah .that's what every muslims wanna do in the noble ramadan ,me too ,but now ,we were  in the end of ramadan.you still can do all that in the other month,but never get the same reward as you can get in ramadan.kannnnnnkannnn?

now ,syawal is just around the corner ..
so ,hampa dah buat  preparation for hari raya ?

if you ask me,70% preparations for hari raya are fully done by my mother ! ketupat,serunding,maruku,new curtain,wash everyhing in the house such as old curtain,sarung bantal,kusyen,baju raya ....etc etc.

and the rest ,10% -cookies which I buy from my friend ,haha.
                   10%-i feel like ,I need to add one or two more dishes during hari raya.and it will be                               secret.
                   lagi ten percent,waiting for three person to come back (from kl and asrama)) to ask them                    clean le window,
                   replace rubber mat,sweep floor,and mopping !

wahh banyak kerja nak kena buat ni ,silap2 tak buleh raya .errr
baju raya lagi ,what im goin' to wear on the first syawal eh ?

hmm ,talking about my preparation for hari raya,it's not all about food,baju raya,kasut raya and others,but what we're goin to do in the first syawal ? usually ,I woke up in the morning,clean up myself,beautify myself with applying make up(bedak je okay) and wore new dress .then I will go to the mosque with my parents and siblings to perform sembahyang sunat hari raya. next,come back home and shake hand with family ,ask forgiveness from parents.that's the normal things to do.

but this year,let us make some additions..

#visit grave ,(ramai dah yang selalu melawat kubur kan ? aku rare sangat),but after i read an article ,notes about it,baru tahu melawat kubur ni bagus,tambahan lagi pada bulan syawal.

عَنْ أَبِي سَعِيدٍ الْخُدْرِيِّ قَالَ: قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ إِنِّي نَهَيْتُكُمْ عَنْ زِيَارَةِ الْقُبُورِ فَزُورُوهَا فَإِنَّ فِيهَا عِبْرَةً

Maksud: Dari Abi Sa'id al-Khudri, beliau berkata, Rasulullah Shallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam bersabda:

Sesungguhnya aku telah melarang kamu dari menziarahi kubur, tetapi sekarang, kamu sudah boleh berziarah kerana sesungguhnya di dalamnya terdapat 'ibrah (pelajaran). (Hadis Riwayat Ahmad, Musnad Ahmad, 22/466, no. 10901. al-Baihaqi, Sunan al-Kubra, 4/77. al-Hakim, al-Mustadrak, 3/414, no. 1335. Dan beliau menyatakannya Sahih di atas syarat Muslim. Dinilai Sahih oleh al-Albani, Shahih Targhib wa at-Tarhib, no. 3543)

عَنْ أَبِي هُرَيْرَةَ قَالَ: قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ زُورُوا الْقُبُورَ فَإِنَّهَا تُذَكِّرُكُمْ الْآخِرَةَ

Maksud: Dari Abi Hurairah, beliau berkata, Rasulullah Shallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam bersabda:

Menziarahi kubur, dengannya dapat mengingati akhirat. (Hadis Riwayat Ibnu Majah, Kitab Ziarah Kubur, no. 1558. Ahmad, Musnad Ahmad, 3/179, no. 1173. Dinilai Shahih oleh al-Albani, Shahih Sunan Ibnu Majah, no. 1569 dan Shahih al-Jami' ash-Shoghir, no. 7829)

p/s :copy paste from fiqh sunnah.

#amalan2 lain pada 1 syawal .
1) Mandi sunat hari raya sebelum keluar menunaikan solat sunat Aidilfitri.
2) Menjamah makanan sebelum kelua dari rumah.
3) Memperbanyakkan Takbir.
4) Mengucapkan selamat dan mendoakan antara satu sama lain ; Tiada masalah untuk menggunakan apa jua kalimah, asalkan ianya mempunyai maksud yang sama. Contohnya,”Semoga Allah menerima amalan (amalan dan ibadat di Ramadhan) kami dan kamu”.
5) Memakai pakaian terbaik yang ada; Bagaimanapun, perlulah mengikut kemampuan dan tiada pembaziran dibenarkan. Demikian juga, tidak dibenarkan untuk menghina pakaian orang lain yang kurang indah dan mahal (kecuali pakaian seksi dan tidak menutup aurat memang diharamkan di dalam Islam).
6) Menukar jalan ke tempat solat (balik dan pergi)

7) Berziarah dan merapatkan silaturahimi sesama Muslim sempena musim cuti yang diperolehi.

notes from :catatan abah

wahh ,there are a lot of things that we can do in 1st/mnth of syawal and it's sunnah !
#tak tahu ?googling je !that's easy ,hanya di hujung jari uols. 

next ,Assalamualaikum,and happy eid mubarak !

sicerely ,
Raihan Ridzwan

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ramadaan ketiga:Dosa kita .

Assalamualaikum dearest :)

how are you ,Alhamdulillah today is the third day we fasting. I am hoping  the best to all things in this ramadan al-mubarak .you too.hope we will be blessed on what we do in this noble month *ni bulan barakah kan uolls* ,so face it with charity ,peaceful,happiness,sunnah things,and lots of dua' .:)

today i just want to share with you a 'story' ,i think ,.. hopefully it will make a better you . :)

Bismillahirrohmanirrohim .....

''aku tinggal di sebuah rumah banglo,banglo yang baru dibeli abah lima tahun lalu,aku ada abah,mama,kakak,abang,dan seorang adik perempuan.jadi semuanya enam orang yang menghuni banglo  mewah ni ..abah selalu kerja kuat ,hampir tiap hari dia keluar bekerja,dari pagi sampai lah ke malam,kadang kadang sampai waktu solat 'isyak dia baru pulang rumah..aku tak tahu sama ada kelima lima solat fardhunya cukup dalam sehari itu ,aku tak mahu tahu,biarlah,itu antara dia dengan Allah ,

mama seorang yang baik hati,penyayang dan pandai masak .setiap hari mama masak .aku paling suka kalau tiba bulan ramadan,sebab mama selalu masak makanan yang sedap -sedap.kakak aku ni seorang yang agak pemarah ,tetapi dia baik ,kalau dengan aku,dia selalu jadi guru sampingan di rumah mengajar aku subjek matematik dan sains.abang aku pula satu satunya anak lelaki dalam family ,adik aku masih di bangku sekolah rendah ,dia darjah enam tahun ini .

                                                  * * * * * * *
-19 oct 2012-
aku bangun tidur ,nak bersiap hendak pergi ke sekolah.Selesai saja solat subuh,aku dengar mama dengan kakak menjerit dari bilik abah ,hati aku berdebar debar,tertanya-tanya apa yang terjadi .
''abah dah takde '' .. apa semua ni ,kenapa macam tu saja? abah meninggal dalam tidurnya yang lena.mama,kakak dan adik tak henti-henti menangisi pemergian abah yang secara tiba-tiba.aku juga ...tak sangka,kenapa begitu'tiba tiba'?kenapa begitu cepat ?kan baru semalam abah hantar aku ke sekolah dengan keadaan sihat walafiat ?aku lupa cium tangan abah sebelum masuk ke sekolah semalam,sedangkan abah kelihatan seperti menunggu salaman,ciuman tangan dari aku ..kesian abah.

ramadan kali ni ,tentu sunyi tanpa abah.Semasa abah belum dikebumikan,orang ramai datang ke rumah kami membaca yaasin.mama kelihatan sebak semasa baca yaasin,kakak dan adik cuba menenangkan mama dengan mengusap bahu dan mengelap air mata mama.Aku duduk di tepi tangga,cuba mengasingkan diri daripada semua tetamu yang hadir,tetapi mayat abah yang terbujur kaku di atas permaidani berlapikkan tilam nipis tu masih boleh dilihat dari kedudukan aku.

kuasa Allah,abah tiba tiba bangun dari lenanya yang dikatakan mati .aku tergamam',ya Allah,abah bangun....kenapa ?''mama,kakak,abah bangun lah '',bisik aku ke telinga mama dan kakak,laju aku mendapatkan mereka.'

mama:''kenapa ni ?jangan bising-bising,malu tetamu ramai ni'' (sambil mengusap air mata)
aku:''mama mama mama !mama tak nampak abah bangun tu ?!abah sayangkan kita,sebab tu dia       bangun balik .dia nak jaga kita mama .''

kenapa mama tak nampak itu semua?kakak juga memarahi aku kerana berkata yang bukan-bukan,lalu mereka meneruskan bacaan yaasin.abah masih duduk di atas tilam nipis memerhati ke arah aku,kenapa abah pandang aku ?kenapa aku seorang saja yang nampak abah ?jerit hati aku'..riak wajah abah kelihatan muram dan sedih ,''seperti dia bermuram kerana aku,kerana dia hanya  memandang ke arah aku''...ya Allah ,dugaan apa ini ?,abah tiba-tiba bersuara,meminta dirinya dikembalikan ke dunia.apa aku perlu buat?abah berkata sedemikian sambil merayu rayu.abah cakap dia nak hidup lagi ,''seperti banyak beban yang ayah tanggung'',fikir aku dalam keadaan hairan,tertanya-tanya,dan segala macam perasaan berbaur di hati.

-kedangaran bunyi jam dari telefon bimbit adik-
aku terjaga,dari tidur ,jam menunjukkan tepat pukul 5 pagi .mama tiba tiba bersuara ,memanggil aku dan adik bersahur,''abah juga ada di meja makan'' ,sambil menguyah makanan yang dihidangkan di atas meja.aku hanya mendiamkan diri tanpa berbicara sepatah perkataan pun..lalu ke bilik air.Aku tahu ,semua itu mimpi ,MIMPI semata mata.tapi....kenapa aku diberi mimpi seperti itu ?apa tujuannya .Ya Allah,kenapa aku diberikan mimpi sebegitu,aku seringkali mendapatkan mimpi kematian dan menganggapnya sesuatu perkara yang biasa,tetapi kali ini ,mimpi tersebut begitu menyentuh hati dan bikin hati ini tertanya-tanya.

kenapa dalam mimpi tu ,abah seolah olah muram,lemah ,melihat ke arah aku ?apakah kerana amalannya belum mencukupi untuk dibawa ke akhirat?apakah kerana banyak dosa yang masih membelenggu hidupnya? atau.... apakah kerana AKU?aku kah yang menambah bebanan dosa abah ?'dosa seorang perempuan itu ditanggung bapanya jika belum bersuami ,jika sudah bersuami,maka suami harus menanngung dosa si isteri,begitu ?.........kerana itukah abah pandang wajah aku ya Allah?........

I am sorry coz i can write it until that .so dearest,especially kaum wanita ,do you feel something ?is there have something that you need to fix ,to change on yourself ? me too ,I feel something is wrong with my life,well,no peoples in this world are PERFECT ,right? but you can change it,try for the better ,be a better you ,

I've seen a status in facebook before,it's a girl's status,she write down what she feels.like this...

''nanti bila kahwin nak pakai tudung,nak brubah sebab taknak bakal suami tanggung dosa aku,syurga kan bawah telapak kaki suami'' :D

suami je ke ?ayah kau?

actually,that's good if you have  an ambition,hope, to do that.because it is the right thing for you to change yourself ,tutup aurah,wear hijab ,wear stockins outside,.but what if we change it now ,because NOW 

1.if you are not a married person,you can reduce your father's sin.
2.if you are  married person,you can reduce your husband's sin.

okay dearest,happy reading ,salaam jumaat ya ,hopefully this jumaat bring barakah to u and the whole family,Assalamualaikuumm^_^

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome Ya Ramadhan !

Assalamualaikum dearest :)


how was your day ? me ,Alhamdulillah coz nothing bad happen since last week ,I just have some problem with the new subjects in form6 ,well ,I am in form 6 now. :) I need , I must ,I do have to concentrate and focus in my studying right now,coz STPM is not easy as PMR and SPM ,but I think I can go with the muet and world history rather than chemistry and biology  :p hehe.

everybody,I mean my closed friends,have go to the univercity to further their study.I have some chat with them in facebook,twitter,and they sounds happy studying there ,I am happy to hear that.Besides,I have my old friends with me in form 6,It will be great :D we started our lesson in form 6 on the early June.the first week was quite boring and ... what to sayyy ,still blur and blank ,I think.but in the second week,I become more interesting since the muet teacher teaching with all his heart! Sir 'H' just not like the others teacher,
he always makes jokes while we were learning english with him .so in that case ,we will not be bored ,

well ,remember what my school's past principals said ...,

'' english is easy ,everyone can speak if you're willing to work hard,be PATIENT and be POSITIVE towards learning english '' 

note: he always said that sentence in his speech during the assembly.
motip ?saje nak bagi tahu :p

I know... ,I've been away from title ,hiks hiks :p

okay okay , talking about Ramadhan ,it just tomorrow ! to-mor-row ! pronounce it well babe .hehe :D
yela ,I was busy happy with the 'to-mor-row' ramadan until my mom said ' jom pi terawih malam ni '.wahh bestnyaaa .. 'tunggu sat lagi'' .we never n do not know whether we will meet ramadan again in the next year ,so puasa betul betul ,do not miss even 'one day' except you have the munasabah reason to do that . hihi.

and hope our fasting in this noble ramadan will be blessed ,aamiinnn :)
...Ya Allah ,semoga ibadah pusaku diberkatiMU ,Aaminn...

:') kan ...bagus .

meaning :sahaja aku berpuasa esok hari bagi menunaikan fardhu ramadhan ,bagi tahun ini kerana Allah Taala..

and do read this 'niat ' for tomorrow yeah !
Oh ya ,some people ask '' kalau lupa baca niat batal tak puasa ?''
and the ustaz said ''tak batal sebab niat tu dalam hati ,tak perlu sebut,janji kita berniat'' .

for me ,if you  always forgot  to 'niat' whether dalam hati atau mulut ,what if 'on the first' ramadan ,you do this niat .

this is 'niat' for one month you fasting . :)

so to all the dearest,happy Ramadhan and may Allah bless you .Assalamualaikuumm w.b.t.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

don't say your life is over !

Assalamualaikum to all the dearest !

heyy there whatsuppp ? how ure doin' ?wahaha,best dapat tulis belog balik..senononoknyaaaa :.) *senyum ada taik lalat kat pipi * all is over ,UPU results just came out few weeks ago ,games i played yesterday also said over,they said ,everybody said,world said , my life is OVERRRRererrere. :'(

 *please lah tak yah nak show off sangat keterukkan yang kau alami *but foftunately, there's still have the new videos from matlutfi at le youtube .'sebelah sayap' .

penat aku ulang tayang video tersebut cuz my lappy was quite crazy .maximum sound was like the sound of  a little ant speak to you.i've try to do something and nothing can change it.so i just depends on the languange translation under the video .bahase omputih and tak clear .wahhh ,teruk lah macam ni ,tak best tgok video kalau camni ,*but it's better than takde lappy dan internet kat rumah,istighhffarr banyak2*said mama .

''Astagfirullah Haladziimm..''

i remind you ,do not say your life is over becauseee ,yelahh mana boleh cakap your life is over *tu maksudnya uolls kata kat iolls ,uolls kena kata 'my life' .haha.okay2 sori joke okay. the truth is don't you ever try to say 'my life is over' because your life is NOT over until Izrael angels came to take your life.NOT.and hopefully belum lagi .in sya Allah ameenn .kalau pasal doa panjang umur laju aje kau berdoa.ihiks.

you study,you do homework,you read,you memorize,you workhard on the night before exam,you have exam,you failed,...the same thing goes on me.no one never feels fail .the question is what are you going to do after you fail? you don't want to get up from failure,or you want to get up and continue your effort to reach your ambition ?comee on,jangan kerana gagal sekali kau nak terus stay kat situ ,



mat :mak,cek malaih la.
mak :malaih apa?
mat :malaih semua ,malaih makan,malaih minum,malaih belajaq,malaih nak hidup ..bla bla
mak :aku pon malaih nak cakap dengan hang .:p

that's the 'malaih story'from mat.#

and i learn a lesson from that videos.indeed many challenges in life ,and there is still more challenges we need to face ,tomorrow,after that,one day,who knows ?He prepared everything for us.semakin banyak Dia menguji hambanya, semakin sayang Dia pada hambanya. even my mother hate when i said 'malaih' ,semua malaih ,makan malaih (bukan iolls) ,tidur malaih(bukan jugak) ,study malaih (maybe ya ).last last kena tempuh failure yang semua takutkan,jadi malaih jugak .then how?tell me how,if you just said malaih ,when will you go for your life?when you will able to reach your ambition ?how you wanna change yourself ?think .

''aku takut ,aku takut, aku takut gagal lagi ..,''

pernah kata kata ni terkeluar kat mulut,dalam hati anda ?me too. .

but pleaseee...

:'( tell in yourself,do not scare anymore,do not be afraid to the word names 'failure' if you had not tried . try to get up from the past failure .'TRY'.dalam hati selalu ada feels macam ni ,then how to handle it? PLEASE ,tell to yourself ... 'saya pernah gagal,saya tak takut gagal lagi sebab saya dah merasa kegagalan' the taste is bitter ,so i want to add some sugar in that failure.it won't tastes too sweet ,but at least it can reduces the extreme bitter tastes. isn't it ?

that's usaha.

usahakan agar rasa pahit tu hilang  sampai habis.if you think you can,you can do it !i wish  all the best for you.me too,pray ,study,try,and tawakkal .the next post will coming soon :)

Assalamualaikum. :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

FCC(Farmasi Colour Cosmetic)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t dearest .

today was my lucky day coz i was given permission to use this make up stuff (i mean FCC)! sebab apa ?coz not every stuff was mine :( only le dipliner and eyeshadow LOL :))) hahaha,kau orang gelak la kat aku kuat-kuat .takpeeee tak kisahhh ponnn.yang penting aku sempat berjimba-jimba dengan FCC ni !jyeahh.

okay okay ,ehemmm.
inilah FCC yang dimaksudkan !

FCC ni adalah antara salah satu jenama kosmetik yang paling popular di Malaysia disamping produknya yang HALAL ! kalau halal mesti ianya mudah dan semestinya boleh dibawa solat .lagi satu bedak dan eyeliner they'oll senang ditanggal (jadi senangla nak ambil wudhu' ).seriously, aku dah cubaaaa .ngeeeee:)

inilah produk FCC yg dimaksudkan iolls. :3
from left :CC Cream(color control cream) ,bedak compact,eye shadow,deeplook dipliner,and lipstick .

antara kelebihan CC Cream ni dia ada collagen .collagen kan baik untuk wajah ! collagen dapat memperbaiki tekstur permukaan kulit dan mengurangkan garis2 halus !jangan pandang sebelah mata  ;) bila pakai rasa light dan smooth ajee ,CC Cream ni uolls mesti pakai sebelum pakai make up .(macam uolls sapu foundation ),and one more CC Cream ada SPF25 yang melindungi wajah dari sinaran uv ~best kan ?

#dan info lebih lanjut mengenai kelebihan dan kandungan CC Cream ni boleh la tengok kat SINI !

*pastu bedak compact theyolls :dapat menggebuskan lagi muka anda ,their sponge just smooth dan bedak akan melekat dengan rata sekali di muka ! so kalau seseorang yang jenis pakai bedak bertampuk-tampuk tu sesuai la pakai ini bedak FCC ni .

*then the eyeshadow ,aku ni paling susah kalau nak pilih warna eyeshadow .kalau yang gelap tu gelap sangat,kalau yang terang terlebih terang,kalau yang soft terlaluuuu soft sampai tak nampak apa2.jadi bila aku try 'soft touch mono eye shadow' kaler pink ni rasa lain sangat .rasa tak over sangat,tak down sangat dia punya colour texture.then the colour was like shiny sikit,dannnn baunya sangat wangi  .LOVE IT !

*le lipstick which belong to my sis, give me le brown+pinkish colour ,warna lipstick bergantung pada code yang anda pilih ,whether 05,06,18 etc etc .tapi yang paling aku minat adalah code 15 dan 05 ,cantikkk bhaiii. :)

*the diplook dipliner yang paling best ,eyeliner FCC ada dua jenis tau .satu yang berus lembut(eyeliner) ,satu lagi yang berus keras(dipliner).iolls pilih yang dipliner kerana mudah dilukis sebab berusnya keras .

#nahhh ,inilahhh :)dipliner senang dibentuk lagi daripada eyeliner yang berus lembut .kalau aku beli yang lembut punya mesti jadi cleopatra dah ,malah lagi lentik dari diaaa .ehehehe.

one more thing ,BB Cream ada lagiiiii nyahhh !!tadi CC Cream kan ,yang ni BB Cream pula.

BB Cream ni ada dua jenis ,satu light ,satu lagi med dark .yang ini pon ada collagen tauuuu :) berbeza dengan CC Cream ,BB Cream ni dipakai pada waktu malam .sebelum tidur apply saja kat muka then have a good night ! :3 BB Cream ni ada SPF15 .jangan sangka waktu malam takda sinaran uv ,sebenarnya ada !

you can surely buy both of them .sebab keduanya ada collagen dan menyihatkan kulit uolls,jyeahhh .
oklah  ,Assalamualaikum and thanks for reading !

klik iklan!