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Friday, July 11, 2014

Recipe :shepherd pie !

Assalamualaikum :)

i really wanted to try the new recipes so on the second ramadan , i;ve googled some recipes and found this shepherd pie recipe ! this pie looked so  tasty and attracted me to try it !

now let me share you guys on how to make this shepherd pie ,based on my version hahaha ive change many ingredients here. ok firstly i wanna tell you this pie have three layer which is :

1st layer : potatoes
2nd layer :filling (inti)
3rd layer :potatoes

ingredients (potatoes) :
6 potatoes (boiled and drained)
2 teaspoon of black pepper
1 teaspoon of salt
5 tablespoons of buttercup
1/2 cup of fresh milk

how to make it :
1.mash the potatoes with salt ,black pepper, and buttercup .
2.pour fresh milk slowly and mash them altogether

ingredients (filling/inti):
mix vegetables (tomatoes and carrots)
2 cloves of onions ( dice or chopped)
2 cloves of garlics 
black pepper (put as you like)
white pepper (put as you like)
salt (put as you like)
sausages (or you can use minced meat/chicken)
sauce (chilli sauce + tomato sauce + dried chilli machined )

How to make it :
1. saute (tumis) the onions, garlic, and sauce
2.put all the mix vegetables and sausages and stir them
3.put black pepper ,white pepper and salt as much as you like .

and finish !


so now we have mashed potatoes and filling right ?
what we gonna do after this ?
 1. make the thin mash potatoes layer in your container(like this )

 2.then ,put the fillings(inti) as the second layer 
3. next, put the mashed potatoes again as the third layer  (like thisss )

 4. you can put mozarela cheese ,or cheddar cheese or any other cheese for garnishing

5. Last but not least ,put your pie into the oven (bake it at 200 degree celcius in 40-50 minutes )
       p/s :if the pie look yellowish and the cheeses melted it can be considered as cook ! )

 my shepherd pie looked not too solid and i think that was normal even though my mom said  it was abnormal 


by the way ,it taste delicious than i thought  bebeh ! i just put all the ingredients as  i like cuz i cant taste it in this ramadan . fortunately it turns delicious ! Alhamdulillah =)

so ,dont forget to try this  recipe at home !
thanks for visiting and Salaam

Friday, June 20, 2014

Day Out visiting sister

Assalamualaikum lovelies !

today we (my mom my dad and me) visiting my younger sister in mrsm.we brought along kfc and some foods to picnic here !

meet my sister , i called her dikna or 'pingu' weeeeeeee (bottom picture)
many people said that we dont have the same face  and of coz we dont have the same attitude too
we are differ in almost many things such as the way we talk the way we eat and smile =p

my thought ,she resembles my mom and i resembles my dad

hye guys meet my dad !
he's wearing his antique and old glasses which he ever wore it in his young age
so today i  wore something simple and chic .
chic ? oh nottt

shawl : my sis
blouse : Riffa boutique
jeans : AJeans


last but not least thanks to my dad cuz he was the cameraman todayyy !!

byeeee !

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cameron Highlands :Sungai Palas Tea Centre and Brinchang Market

Assalamualaikum =)

now .
is the time i continue back my journey in CH
during there, we went to Tea BOH Plantation.
this place was famous too in CH
why ?
cuz since the place ever have a film shoots
i guess the film was Ombak Rindu


but before the shoots memang dah popular !
but more popular after that

 we went to BOH plantation by a yellow school bus.
the bus was totally remind me to something eheee =p
it is so cute ,antique and rare!
rare lah cuz there's no buses here used as transport except the cars
not even one !
what i can see is just this bus ! 
the yellow one , non aircond and the driver was an ordinary human but he was so awesome and cekapp gila
aku cakap ..
the ways in cameron especially at the hills are very challenging ya knowwww
and that indian uncle  just drove a bus on that way
he just relax !
watta 'terror' kannn 

 feeling the fresh air in the bus cuz all the windows are opened !
some people in the bus seem scared looking at the very high sceneries
can you imagine there are only small way to pass along the way to Tea BOH Plantation
lookin' very steep ,steep and ughhhh so highhhh

pastu there are also few cars passing opposite through the same way
and heard some peoples started to scream (even a little)
well i heard that
cuz me too ihiks =p

so in that case, we dont have much pictures to take

after that we reached here .
fuhhh ,what a release !

hmm ,here we have  opportunities to  see the process of making  BOH tea
until the tea can be serve and sold to peoples
there are quite many processes here
and i cant remember them all
 but here we can see how the tea leaves are processed ,
how the workers used the machines there

i saw lots of indians working here
they realise that we're looking at them haha
and they just doing they work very well and looked systematic
im not sure how systematic they are but the do looked happy doing their work
ada indian man ni always smiling , he is not looking at us but concentrate on his work

here also have a cafe which is Tea Ria Refreshment

yeah this is the place which have lots english man
my friend said here was  one of their favourite 'port'
i don't know la LOL
most people who came here love to take photos
they took pictures with their families,wife ,husband,friends and sweetheart =p

haaa ,i was quite awe with one makcik worked here 
at the cafe
she spokes english wehh
her fluency was so amazing LOL
well that's normal la cuz  she have to speak with other peoples in different countries who came here kann
and i heard she spoke other language , chinese language i guess 
ahhh kau makcik acctually bangsa apa ?

but i still respect sama lu lah.

foods here are like cakes ,pies,and pastries 
but not too recommended 
not too tasty and delicious 
the pastries was so harddd to bite
but the lemon cake was ok laa
the price ?
don't ask la

here we are at Brinchang night Market.  

in Brinchang night market ,we can get many things to bring home
there have souvenirs,foods,vegetables,teas and lots more

and things here are cheaper too
i bought my tea's here haha
fortunately i have amazing friends who are really great in tawar menawar !!
well ,that's normal  they gotta chance to get cheaper prices if they work hard .bhahaha

after sight seeing there ,we started buying souvenirs ,foods ,and so forth
acctually i have my own mission here
i wanna have the food called kimcam goreng
well im sure you guys know it but some peoples might not know about this food
what is kimcam goreng ?

that's it !
 so number one mission accomplished =)

my friends also bought some strawberries here .
strawberries and the other fruits ,vegetables looked so fresh 
and the are also cheaper that you thought
6 packet of any vegetables cost rm10 ?

1 packet of tomato cherries costs rm 1 ?
yes i bought two !


boxes of teas,strawberries,and keychains !
jimat expenses !

Cameron Highlands : Bee Farm

Assalamualaikum lovelies =)

in Cameron Highlands ,we visited Bee Farm too .
here are some photos i took there:


there have shop , don't know how to explain the shop but they have first and second floor .
the second floor was the underground if im not mistaken.
the first floor cam quite bored cause there are only few peoples walking around ,as what i can saw on that day laa

but they sell lots of souvenirs too .
spectacles, keychain ,and sort of laa
but we didn't buy souvenirs from here cuz they was quite expensive compared with the souvenirs in Brincang markets =p

but what i've seen here,peoples are more at the second floor which have honey.
honey which is 'madu' they sell was the genuine one 
that's proven when i saw a huge bee farm there
but we didn't entered the bee farm as well
my friends and i just looked at the beautiful and 'high' sceneries from the 2nd floor

peoples from all ages came here and bought honey .
here ,there are lots honey which sold in the bottles ,straw
and varieties things which made from honey bee
such as soap ,face masks,lip balm ,tablets, and many more
cuz i have no idea what to buy ,i bought this =p

 honey sticks anyone ? =p
one stick is equal to rm1 cheap isn't it ?
the orange color of plaster at the sticks show original taste
there are more colors such as blue ,pink and etc
ada jugak for kidney and others tahla i cant remember

ok till then salaamm .

next post : sungai Palas and Brinchang night market !! (insya Allah)



Friday, May 30, 2014

Cameron Highlands :Rose Valley & Raaju's Hill

Assalamualaikum dearest =)

the journey in CH was very nice .
it gave me all  beautiful memories and that was unforgetable
i gain lots of experiences  ,well it was just like being in the other world and learning  somethin' from there
like Alice in wonderland ! ughh(forget it)
i hope i can get it  again , maybe next time

when it comes to the trip or holiday to somewhere ,
a taciturn me turns otherwise.
i start to love the real nature and life
and appreciate that more

so,back to the real story, during in CH ,my friends and i went to Rose Valley .
on that day ,the weather there was cool and refreshing.
As we stopped at Rose valley,we go through the small way from the entrance to the huge rose garden, our first sight was at the very beautiful and gorgeous peacock !

look at it !! when i said 'look at the camera'  ! it looks at me while showing  its beautifulness


come on ! gimme more styles !

 yeah perfect .siap angkat kaki lagi ye 

 the above picture shows a really huge chicken .

we were so amaze with the roses there.the rose garden was quite huge .
there are many varieties of roses were planted here .
it was a fascinating sight to see shades of red ,pink ,yellow, white and orange roses swaying gently by the breeze !

but there are many more colours of roses here !!
you guys shud comeee here . recommended !


the love stairs ecehhh~

wanna get strawberries to your lovely one ?
here is this place . Raaju's Hill

this is only a suggestion ,but there are still many places in CH offered fresh strawberries .
in the night market at Brinchang , stalls along CH , and many more
being here would be easier for you to get strawberries
yelah cuz in Cameron kann

well my friends and i went to Raaju's Hill .we bought many boxes of strawberries and bring home .

this is extra yummylicious ! we gotta chance to taste this 'strawberry with whipping cream and honey ~
you can get this here in Raaju's Hill !

memang mahmahmihaaahh :p

 the scenery up there was quite interesting and nice too !
and inviting us to take more and more photossss

 Raaju's Hill have their own strawberry farm .
tourists from europe and India i seen lots coming here (if not mistaken)
entah2 india Mesia hehe

that was the best journey that i would never forget !
my friends and i took lots of pictures of our and places around CH 
until the camera's memory bcome full enoughh ! haha

hmm ,where to get the cheap souvenirs and vege from cameron ? 
wait until the next post :p

till then Saalamm !

klik iklan!