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Friday, August 21, 2015

Gay :Part 8 (A night Only us)

Nobody ever told about what happened on that night when Chanyeol slept in Kai's bedroom.
It was just two of them in the bedroom, Chanyeol ever stepped away from Kai before, but Kai grabbed his hand and didn't want to let him go away  that night.

Chanyeol slept beside him, and his body started leaning really close to him. And between them there was heat and confusion and want and desire and everything else all rolled into a thick ,insulating cloud of lust, and longing. At last, they happened to be a couple on the bed.
Oh Kai, at last.

Kai with his unbuttoned shirts and pantless , Chanyeol with his bare limbs , muscular and veined arms. That was it, the situation where they started everything. Seriously. Very serious.

His tounge teased him as his hands pulled him close. So close until there are no more distance. 
Kai's belly meet his hip, his erection was a long hot welcome ridge again Kai's stomach. He was wet, and aching. Chanyeol's hips was heavy on him, his weight balanced on arms bulging with muscles. Comets swirling in his beautiful eyes. Chanyeol did have a beautiful eyes, like an angel's eyes. The same thing goes to his fairy ears.

As Kai's eyes were close, Chanyeol slit open his eyes. Chanyeol gazed down at his lips and touched them with his pink and fresh lips, then he move back his head a little, and breathe on his lips.

"Hey, I'm gonna tell you something, something that you're gonna like."
"I think I ..."
"Shut up."

Kai flattened his hands on Chanyeol's huge shoulder. He pulled him closer, over and over again.
"I don't wanna hear anything from you." Kai said
"Okay ...." Chanyeol whispered.

And then it was a blur of sensation. There was no awkwardness ,or a self-conscious that thinking themselves was too young ,too small or too short. No strangers in that bed, only him and him.
There was this :Hard mouths and tender mouths meeting each other, trembling hands and sure hands, and limbs twisting and friction mounting.
Their hearts thudding so fast as their actions, slick skin sliding. Sweat building ,and finally oh god, two hearts beating as one.

"Kai you're not human, you're a piece of art to me." Chanyeol whispered.
"Stop talking  to me right now."
"Why should I ..?"
"Cuz you're talk so much this night."

Chanyeol flattened his thumbs on Kai's ears, he brushed his tounge on Kai's bottom lips up to the upper one.
They are no innocent at all. They just know that they could move on. Never want to get back.
It's all just happened, no turn back.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gay :Part 7 (Follow Me Let's Run Away)

"My mom cheated on my dad."

The conversations turned awkward for a while. Chanyeol knows he shouldn't  asked Kai why his parents got divorced.
Kai looked at his glass filled with soda while holding it on the table. He stared at his glass for quite long. He hold the glass so tight and finally he said something.

"hyung, don't you ever know that there's devil inside someone?" Kai said.

Chanyeol didn't said anything except listening to Kai. That was the moment when only Kai talks something to him that he couldn't reply it with any words. So, he stayed silence, listened to Kai.

"Sometimes there's devil inside of an angel's face.."
"they might look nice to you but who knows they are devils inside them. They could destroy your life without you expecting they can do so.." Kai said.

He stared at Chanyeol face, his eyes went straightly into Chanyeol's eyes, like he was seriously talking to that guy. Chanyeol felt something on him. He felt that Kai started to bring back his bad pasts with his mom and telling Chanyeol why he hated his mom so much, Chanyeol was wrong on that time when he chose to ask Kai about his pasts, especially about his mom.

"my mom is one of them, she's a devil." Kai said, suddenly.

His hand was still holding the glass. More tight than before, until he doesn't realised  he was gripping it so hard. He seemed stressed. 

"She is devil, she ruined my life and my father's life.." Kai said again.
The glass that he gripped earlier broken inside his hand. His hand was bleeding.
 Chanyeol was shocked at that time as he quickly grab Kai's bloody hand, tightly ,to stop the bleeding.
He was shocked and worried of him. Kai wasn't looked worry about himself ,he looks weak.
Chanyeol help him to get up and send him inside his bedroom which was  upstairs. He treated Kai's hand as soon as they arrived  Kai's bed. Kai looked so vulnerable, he must be really tired. Chanyeol let him sleep on his bed while he sat beside him, watching over him.

Chanyeol sat there almost an hour until he didn't realise he was sleeping beside Kai.

"please don't do this, please... It's hurt.. It's hurt ". Kai talks in sleep.

He kept yelling "it's hurt"  while sleeping. He had nightmares again. He had always dreamed about he was beaten by his mom when he was a kid.
Chanyeol who sat beside him woke up suddenly from sleep as soon as he heard that.
"So, you still never mention about your mom. Where is she?" "She left us after my parents divorce." "Why they divorce? I meant .. wasn't they happy together with you?" Chanyeol ask again. "My mom cheated on my dad."

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"So, you still never mention about your mom. Where is she?" "She left us after my parents divorce." "Why they divorce? I meant .. wasn't they happy together with you?" Chanyeol ask again. "My mom cheated on my dad."

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"So, you still never mention about your mom. Where is she?" "She left us after my parents divorce." "Why they divorce? I meant .. wasn't they happy together with you?" Chanyeol ask again. "My mom cheated on my dad." Chanyeol felt guilty for asking Kai such that questions. He realise he shouldn't get start with that kind of questions. So he didn't asked Kai any more about his parents. It might hurt Kai's feeling.

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"Kai ,what's wrong? hey..." He said.
Kai still didn't wake up from his sleep. His eyes was still closed.
Chanyeol touched his forehead, he felt hot on Kai's forehead. Kai has fever , he could feel burns with his hand. He felt worried about Kai, he treated Kai's fever until almost midnight.

Kai was sweaty, he looked sick.
Chanyeol unbuttoned kai's shirts - kai was skinny, a lot more skinnier that him.
Chanyeol ever took a small towel and soaked in water ,squeezed it and then he put it on Kai's forehead. He took care of him on that night.
Chanyeol was about to leave from Kai's house. It almost midnight, he afraid his mom might feeling worry of him at home.

As soon as he stepped away from Kai, Kai grabbed his hand from back.

"Are you going home ?" kai said
Chanyeol turned his head to Kai.

"Would you mind if you sleep here tonight?" Kai said.

" My dad will not coming home tonight.." Kai said again.
"Okay I will accompany you, don't worry take a rest." Chanyeol said.

He couldn't said no to Kai. He felt pity on him.

"So, you still never mention about your mom. Where is she?" "She left us after my parents divorce." "Why they divorce? I meant .. wasn't they happy together with you?" Chanyeol ask again. "My mom cheated on my dad." Chanyeol felt guilty for asking Kai such that questions. He realise he shouldn't get start with that kind of questions. So he didn't asked Kai any more about his parents. It might hurt Kai's feeling.

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*                 *                 *                  *                  *                   *                 *               *                   *

 On the next morning, they went to school together. Chanyeol didn't want let Kai go to school because he afraid Kai wasn't healthy enough after having fever last night.

"Are you sure you're okay?"
"I'm sure, I'll be fine hyung. Don't worry, I have to go to school to sent my school project."
"That portrait project?"
"You'll get A after the teacher look at my portrait or they might get faint because I'm too handsome."
"Yucks! What if I get E for that? I'll blame you"
"That's impossible."
"Yeah right.. "

They took some breakfast at Kai's house and went out after eight o'clock.

Kai was right in front of his class.He was ready to start his studies on that day, and send his portrait.
As he stepped inside his class ,he realise that all the students in that class are looking weirdly at him.
He move on to his chair and took a sit.

There was three boys came to him. They were laughing to each other while looking at Kai.
Kai  confused for a while.

"hey new student, what's your name?" One of them said.
"I'm Kai."
"Oh Kai! Kai what do you think about us?"
"Sorry ?" Kai didn't understand their words.
"Haha ..do you want to try one of us too cuz we've heard that you have try it with a senior?"
"What do you meant ?"
"Hahaha ,this boy still don't get it guys ,look at him! Who do you guys think he is?"

"Gayyyyyyyyyyy!!" The three said.
They were laughing in front of Kai.

Meanwhile at Chanyeol class. There was a group of girls talking behind him as soon as he took his seat. He heard the girls are talking something about him and Kai. Then he know that the girls have been influenced by the rumors about him and Kai being gay. Well, he realised that it was actually not just rumors, because he know his feelings towards Kai. He loves Kai. Only god know that.

Kai still sat on his chair. His eyes started teary, his gripped his hand below his desk. He felt angry to those three boys. They kept telling him gay on the class. They are talking out loud to the students in the class so that they know that Kai is a gay

One of them also touched his back and said something that hurt him emotionally. Kai endured them and all the students who talk behind him on that time, It was so hard to endure that.He didn't know what else to do other that enduring, he can't just get up and tell his classmates that he is not a gay. Because he thought like what Chanyeol thought ,that they were really gay.

They like to each other. They love each other. More than friends.

 Kai was abandoned by his classmates. Just because he is being a gay. Yeah right, there's no place for gays in this class or even in this world. People are only judging you, talk behind your back, abandoning you, not appreciating each kindness you made, just because you're a gay and the worst thing is you have to endure yourself not to said anything  to defend yourself because you realise that they can never accept you. 
Kai was surrounded by the friends that could not understand him and only judging him. He had nothing to defend for himself , he just  felt sick and bad on himself.
It's a good thing if you had friends that accept you who you are and never judging you, they give you advices  but they don't judging you- that's something to be grateful of. 

Kai clenched his teeth, he still endured.

Suddenly, Chanyeol was happened to walk along his class. Chanyeol was bored earlier in his class, he went out of his class after know they are rumored as gay. 
As he walk by Kai's class, he saw Kai was bullied by the three boys.

"The boys make me feel annoyed." Chanyeol whispered at himself.

He went inside Kai's class and punch one of the three at his face. All students on that class was shocking while looking at Chanyeol and the boys. 

"Next time if you do this again to Kai, my foot will be on your heads!" Chanyeol said
"Huh.. fuck both of you gayessss!! We don't scare at you!" One of them said.

On the same time, Kai took his bagpack and rushedly went out from his class. Chanyeol lowered his right hand which he sets it to punch the boys earlier.
Chanyeol leave the class and run to get Kai. Kai run to the school field, he realised that Chanyeol was far away behind him. Chanyeol had followed him to the school field.

"Huh.. huh..fuhhh" Chanyeol reached  him. He looked tired because he was running to the field.
"Why did you leave me like that Kai?"
"Don't follow me, just go anywhere."
"Look ,I know they bully you, we should report this to discipline teacher.."
"We don't need to to that. "
"Why?do you wanna let them bullying you forever?"
"Because they were right! They are saying the right thing about me! I can't tell discipline teacher that they are bullying me because I'm.....I'm  a gay!"
"No.. they were saying the right thing about us ...I know this is hard but... let face it together, I won't let them bully you again ... if I know about that earlier, I'll make them suffer for making you like that."

They never said the word "love" to each other before, but after that situation ,they don't need to explain their feelings anymore. The feelings that they love to each other.

On that moment, Chanyeol grabbed Kai's hand and he brought Kai out of the school. he doesn't care about anything else anymore, he didn't care about his images as a team leader of school football, or his record as one of the excellent students in his form, or anything else. He just wanted to get out of that school and run away with Kai.

He brought Kai to a cafe, "Make a Good World Cafe", or MAGWC.

MAGWC was a really nice cafe. The decoration inside the cafe was absolutely stunning, it based on nature, there are some chairs and desks are made up from recycled woods, and lots of coloured drawing on the cafe walls. They were handmade.
The cafe always became a nice place for everybody who want to release their stress and to get peace.
Chanyeol has been there for many times, so he found that he could bring Kai there after they run away from school. 

Chanyeol still holding Kai's hand. As soon as they stepped inside the cafe, the situation was a bit tense. There are only both of them inside the cafe, they wasn't sure whether that's still early for any customers to come. The cafe seemed like inviting only both of them.
He brought Kai to a round shape desk located at the middle place of cafe, they sat face-to-face.
Kai still didn't say any words.

"Kai... Kai-ya...Kai-ya" Chanyeol called his name.
Kai didn't answer him.

"Kai....what's wrong? let's just forget everything and talk to me right now."
"Kai... Kai-ssi! Kai-yaaaaaaaaa...." Chanyeol kept calling his name like an idiot. He did a lot of aegyos though.

"Let's just stop it here." Kai finally said.
"What? What are you saying?" Chanyeol said.
"I said we should stop all this now ."
"Why? I don't see anything wrong at all" Chanyeol said
"Of course this is wrong, everybody know we shouldn't be like this." Kai said
"Let's order something, I'm hungry." Chanyeol said.(He pretended not  listening on Kai)
 "Let's stop this hyung.." Kai said.
"Please I want to order something , I'm hungry ,I want to order some macaroons and breads. What would you like to order?"
"I'm not hungry."
"I'll order anything for you ,wait here." Chanyeol went away from him.

 Soon, he came to Kai and brought along a plate of macaroons and breads and went back to the order table and took two cups of coffee- Americano ice with whipped cream and cappuccino.
He put all orders on the table and sat in front of Kai. He sipped his  cappuccino.

"Wow.. macaroon look delicious!" Chanyeol said.
"Kai you want macaroon? Here ,take a bite." Chanyeol said while taking one pink macaroon and wanted to feed Kai.
"Stop it." Kai said. Arrogantly.
"Hey come on you have to taste it ,let me feed you"
"I said stop !!!!" Kai said.Louder.

It made the workers inside the cafe shocked and stared at them. Chanyeol silent.
Kai then walked away from the cafe, he left Chanyeol. Suddenly it was rainy outside. The rains was like welcoming them like in  most of love stories. Chanyeol stopped eating his macaroons and followed Kai to the outside. It was just in front of the door's cafe.

He grabbed Kai's hand.

"Hey what's wrong again? Look why you're acting like this?" Chanyeol said.
"I'm not acting ,I just want to stop all these."
"Stop all these? You meant this friendship?"
"You know this is not only a friendship right?"
 Chanyeol silent for a second.

"Are you really want to stop this?" Chanyeol said.
"We must stop being more than a friend, you know people are always talk bad behind us."
"Nah, I don't even cares about them." Chanyeol said.

"Do you hate me that much, am I not too good for you?" 
"I don't hate you hyung..."
"Fine, I know you want to end this relationship because you hate me, not just because people talk bad behind us.  If you want so, let's just...."
"No, I don't hate you , if anything you're my personal addiction. I'd wake up every morning wanting you so bad my balls ached."
"If you said so, then why should we stop this, huh?"

Chanyeol grabbed Kai and hugged him so tight.

"So let's get back inside there and eat macaroons."
"I hate macaroons."
"Okay next time let's just eat chicken, you loves chicken don't you?"

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gay :Part6 ( I'm sketching you )

THAT was the first time and the last time Kai had been to Chanyeol's house.
It wasn't about Chanyeol didn't invited him any more to his house, but Kai had always refused him.

Kai sometimes realised that Chanyeol had always been nice to him. Chanyeol had invited him to his house like hundreds times but he never did that to Chanyeol.He wasn't so bad to Chanyeol for not inviting him to his house too. It just something that make him didn't felt want to do it.

Kai was alone at home. Even if his father was at home, he still felt alone. He couldn't feel his father's existence in that house.  Sometimes he felt that he had no life being in that house. He just hope that he could do anything out of that house, or he might just sleeping on his bed until he wake up again and go to school.
There wasn't anything good to talk about his house to Chanyeol, not to mention about inviting Chanyeol to his house . That was impossible for Kai.

Kai likes hiding his feeling to anyone. Even his feeling on Chanyeol. He just brave enough to reply his jokes while they were having conversations, like last night's conversations.
Anyway, there was one sunny evening at school, Kai happened to meet Chanyeol at school's field.
Kai was eating his snacks while sitting on a wooden bench near the field. He was so rare to be at canteen or cafe.
He was eating an apple while holding a pencil on his left hand and sketching something on a drawing book on his lap. His body was like an art sitting on that way, he really had a beautiful body- he had  skinny legs, unexplained size of skinny waist up to his chest, and his face was like a model under  shooting and photography.

Chanyeol suddenly came from his back.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Chanyeol said.
Kai stopped eating his apple and turned his face on him.
"Nothing, I'm just eating here."
"What are you eating?"
"I'm eating lemon."
"What? I don't see lemon here." While looking straight into Kai's eyes.

"So what. You know this is an apple don't you?"
"Chill man I'm just trying to talk something with you."
"You wanna talk ,just at least talk something clever than that, hyung ."
"I don't know ,I just didn't get something like that to talk with you."

Chanyeol sat beside Kai on the wooden bench. He sat while his head was up to the sky.
Kai felt weird on Chanyeol, that was the unusual behavior of Chanyeol.
He seemed sad and always looked at the sky, he stopped talking to Kai for a moment until Kai realised that.

Kai wanted to ask him but he was quite silly on that time. Suddenly Chanyeol's head turned to Kai.
Kai knows that he was looking at him but pretended not to turn his face to Chanyeol.

"So you're left handed?"

"What are you sketching Kai?" Chanyeol ask. His body is leaning on the bench.
"Something.." Kai said
"Are you sketching me?"
"Fuck no."
"Then what are you sketching now?"
"None of your business."
"Why you always do this to me? Look, are you the type of person that don't know how to talk to people?"
"I talk to you right?"
"Yeah you did, but just ...." Chanyeol couldn't finish his words.

"Forget it.." Chanyeol said.
They were silence for a moment.

Kai was about to move his pencil from his hand and didn't realise that his sketch book fall from his lap. There was something appear inside his sketchbook. It was a portrait of someone.
Kai was about to pick up his sketchbook from the ground, but Chanyeol had seen it before he did that.

 "So, is it me ?" Chanyeol said while picking up the sketchbook.

Kai didn't said anything. His face was blushing. He took away his sketchbook from Chanyeol.

"It just a school project, I have to draw a portrait as a school project." Kai said
"Oh okay, why you chose me ?"
"Cuz I don't have anyone in my head except you."
 Kai stopped for a second.

"I meant, you know I don't have friends here. I just randomly take your face in this project."
"Okay...I got it, you're so talented by the way. I like that sketch so much"
"Thank you. "

"You're welcome."

"Ahhh, I think I don't have anything to do after school."
"So.. I just thought maybe we can do something together? Maybe I can go to your house?"
"What?my house? I don't think that's a good idea."
"Why not, I've never been to your house."
"You have, when you send me home after I had dinner with your family."
"Yeah but I didn't come in ."
"There's nothing fun to do in my house, we can't do anything there."
"Why not?"
"I don't have mom like yours to cook for us when we go to my house."
"Do you have video games at home Kai?"
"My dad bought me the latest edition last month."
"omg that is so cool, we can just play  video games at your home "

It took a minute for Kai to said yes to Chanyeol. Kai didn't know to say any excuses to Chanyeol since he looked so happy and excited to go to his house.

"Okay...  " kai said
"Yes!!! It will be fun right!". Chanyeol said excitedly.

*                          *                           *

So after they finished their school on the late evening, Kai was there, at bus station in front of their school gate waiting for Chanyeol to come.
They went to Kai's house by bus.

As soon as they reached  Kai's house, Kai went to the door and and opened it. Chanyeol was at his back, waiting patiently from his back. Chanyeol was quite impatient for few things except about his father. He had always wanted to do something so bad until he really sacrifice himself for that, he ever tried to warn some bad boys in Yoora's school after he knew that Yoora had been bullied by them .Unfortunately that bad boys hit him when he warned them. They also punched him on his face. Yoora won't never forget that times when Chanyeol tried to help her.

"Chanyeol you don't have to do this, look at you .You're injured. You must be hurt ?"
"What are you talking about, I'm  fine. I don't hurt at all, that bad boys should get my revenge."

"Are you staying here alone with your dad?" Chanyeol said as soon as they stepped into Kai's house.
"Yeah, but he is not a person who actually at home."
"Are you bored staying here alone when your dad wasn't here?"
"I didn't talk to him when he was at home though."
"I see....so I think you should thank me cuz you're not going to be alone at home today! I'll be accompany you, we can play video games until tonight, hahaha."

"Yeah right, you'll be leaving me soon after you're tired of playing video games."
"Hey, what's wrong? You sounds like..."
"I sounds like I'm forever alone? "
"Kind of ."
"Never mind, just sit here for a while I want to look up for foods and drinks in the fridge."
 Kai have been to kitchen to look up for something that they can eat in the kitchen, Chanyeol was still leaned at couch in front of television on the living room.
While Chanyeol was busy watching television, his eyes was attracted at a frame beside the telivision table. It was a photo frame. Kai's father was holding him when he was a kid.
Chanyeol realised that Kai was bronze since he small. He laugh a little after watching that picture.

Suddenly Kai called him from kitchen. He put the frame back to its place and rushed to Kai.
Kai put two cans of soda inside of two glasses that he took from the kitchen cabinet.
They were using the large glasses like the one that Harry Potter use to drink butterbeer.
They were having great chats on the bar chairs in the kitchen until their chats went awkward.

"So, you still never mention about your mom. Where is she?"
"She left us after my parents divorce."
"Why they divorce? I meant .. wasn't they happy together with you?" Chanyeol ask again.
"My mom cheated on my dad."
Chanyeol felt guilty for asking Kai such that questions. He realise he shouldn't get start with that kind of questions. So he didn't asked Kai any more about his parents.
 It might hurt Kai's feeling.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gay :Part5 (Lovely Dinner and Rains)

"Dear readers, I think I'm just gonna start part 5. hehe
Where we are on the last part ? Oh ya, Kai had dinner with Chanyeol's family."

WELL, they enjoyed that dinner so much. Kai felt really happy that he had a chance to had dinner with them. They were so good to him ,only  Chanyeol's dad that always seemed forced to be there.
That's not a big deal thought. Kai know his dad's condition. He was not going to ask more about that.

Kai was about to leave . He had finished his plate, everybody was finished eating except Chanyeol.

"Are you leaving now." Chanyeol's mom said.
"Yes aunty, I think I have to go now. Thank you for this lovely dinner." Kai said
"You're most welcome dear, Chanyeol should send you home."
"No. it's okay I will be going home by myself ."
"No, someone should accompany you, it's late now. I'll ask Chanyeol, wait for a moment."

Chanyeol was still on the dining table, still eating his dessert. There was some whipped cream on his upper lip. He didn't realise that.

"Chanyeol, I think you should send Kai home." his mom said.
"Don't worry ,I will." He said (while finishing his dessert on his plate)

Soon, they walked together to Kai's house. It was just half kilometers from Chanyeol's house. And they usually walking that far, or maybe farther than that almost everyday. Walking is just a usual thing in their cultures.
Before they left Chanyeol's house, Kai thanked Chanyeol's mom once again and they were saying goodbye.

While they were walking, they have some conversations, and it always be Chanyeol who started everything. Once Chanyeol opened his mouth, Kai could smile or laugh. Chanyeol had always make his day, he kept telling him some jokes that will make Kai laughing at him.
 Chanyeol was a really "happy virus" .
He spreads jokes to the people around him, especially  Kai,although sometimes he looked like an idiot.

(that's the type of friend we want to have don't we?)

The conversations on that night really filled with their laughs:

"You are leaving too early. I can't finish the whole pudding." -C
"It's late now, I had to go home." -K
"It just 9 o'clock then."-C
"I am not asking you to send me home." -K
"I have to."-C
"You ate almost half of the pudding earlier."-K
"That wasn't an improvement, I have to eat the whole pudding to make a record ".-C
"You're such an annoying."
"Haha really? I likes pudding with whipping cream, they were insanely delicious."
"Oh ya? I don't like pudding with whipping cream."
"I don't know, I just don't like it. Whipping cream and pudding is not a good combination. At all. I'll prefer whipping cream with brownies rather that pudding."
"Brownies? You meant dark brownies cuz you had dark skin. It suits you."
"Shut up! I'm not dark, I'm just bronze."
"Well, aren't we like whipping cream and brownies? We are a good combination too doesn't it?"
"You think so,haha ?"( He thought he was just kidding)
"Yes, we are match together. Whipping Cream with brownies, that sounds fuckin' delicious. I will ship them together after this.And bronze sounds sexy too."

The conversations turned awkward for a while.

They have been walking half of their way to Kai's house. Until they realised it started to rain.
Thank god Kai had an umbrella inside his school bag.
He grabbed his purple umbrella and set it for two people, Chanyeol and him.

"Oh gosh ,why suddenly rainy?"Chanyeol said.
"You should thank me for this umbrella, hyung." Kaid said.
" Okay thank you for your umbrella, but I think I can survive in rains."
"Haha sure you are free to move  from this umbrella."
"Will you do that to me?"
"You can , if you you want."
"So you're letting me in this heavy rain ?I might get fever or headache."
"Well I can't force you to be here if you don't want it."
"So, are you seriously sure you won't do anything if I let myself in the rains?"
"What do you expecting me to do?"
"Just anything, anything you could ever think to do, ."Chanyeol sounds like he frustrated.

"Maybe  I will throw away my umbrella and letting myself in the rain with you." Kai said.
"We don't need umbrella since you can survive in the rains didn't you."

Chanyeol immediately hugged him. 

Kai wasn't too awkward on that situation, he had also raised his both arms on Chanyeol's waist. They realise that they were cuddling .
Chanyeol smiled at him. He looked at him with his shining eyes. They were wet  that night.
The heavy rains poured on their faces like diamond droplets ,that make their faces looked shining and refreshing. 
 They looked so nice in the rains :Chanyeol's fringe hair slipped from his white forehead, he looks stunning standing in the rains with his long legs, the rains hit  Kai's face until his eyes sometimes closing in shock.

#to be continue.

Friday, August 7, 2015

GAY : Part 4 (Talking about Kai's life)

Assalamualaikum guys ! do you really made it until here?!

"Last night I found an old sweater, it still looks good. The zips was fine with the hood. I thought about cleaning and washing that sweater and dry it. It  might be useful  when I am in cold or whatever it need me to use it."

"When I was writing these stories, I always put myself on Kai's place because if I put myself on Chanyeol's place , I know I can't fall in love with my own self . Kai was a character that can help me showed  how much I've been thinking about Chanyeol and how I  could fall in love with him. Well, not really fall in love with him, but how I felt if I was given a chance to be his love. Wow that's sound pretty annoying-haha.
Other than that ,I just want to write something to let everybody know that gays can change. They really can be normal again for some reasons. There are some stories that could change their next life. What stories it could be? I just write some of them, which I think they was logically can be happen, and some of them was really happen in the real life. So please don't judging me cuz I am not making this for attention ,just making this for myself and for the people who want to read! Thanks.

Let's just move on to the part 4 ! 

KAI felt his hyung's life was luckier than him. He never asked for that kind of life, but sometimes  he just quite jealous with Chanyeol for some reasons. Chanyeol had a perfect family -his lovely mom who always taking care of him, cooks for him, and his sister, Yoora who had always became his closest friend since he was a kid, and his father-which had start to talk with him although he was on a wheelchair.

That's pretty enough for him. At least he got a family.
Not like Kai, he lost his mom, and lived with his almost-not-at-home dad. His dad was so busy at his workplace, still busy with his huge projects, important meetings and so forth. He was still busy since he still had a wife.

They have been friend-ing for a few weeks. That was the first time Chanyeol brought his school's friend to his house, to meet his family. He only did that to Kai.
Chanyeol asked Kai to go to his house. He asked Kai to join dinner with his family too, and he told Kai about his mom was really good in cooking.

Kai told him he wasn't sure about that, but after Chanyeol kept asking him about that, he thought about going to Chanyeol's house.
Kai realised he didn't have  rational reason to tell to Chanyeol if he can't go to his house.
Well, he was not going to tell Chanyeol he couldn't go to his house because he will have a dinner with his dad  or he will had anything to do with him-like father and son's activities. He was not going to tell Chanyeol all that impossibilities.
 His dad was not at home when he got back from school.
His dad  will only text him a message :

"Hey son, I have an important job to settle, I might  come home late."

"If you hungry just call the pizza or anything, I left some money on the coffee table!"

Kai scrolled his dad's message on the phone.
He exhaled. It was a really deep and short exhaled.
His dad texted him the same message almost everyday in a week  , his life just getting bored with all that messages.
His dad doesn't even had time to be with him at home.

"So, what would you say about that Kai?"
"About what?"
" About going to my house..and meet my family"

"Come on, I've already told my mom about this, my sister really wanna meet you."
Chanyeol smile at him.
"Okay hyung,I will be on the school's gate after finish my last class."
"Yes!! Okay I will be there soon, just wait for me."

After they  finished their classes, both of them are ready to move to Chanyeol's house.
They met at the school's gate in front of their school and took a bus from there.
Finally, they arrived at a bus station , near from Chanyeol's house.
They just need some walks to reach his house.

As soon as they arrived at Chanyeol's house, Kai started to feel nervous inside of his heart.
He didn't know why he felt that, it  felt like a girl feeling so nervous when a guy is bringing  her to meet his parents.
Kai actually not that nervous, he just nervous that he afraid Chanyeol's mom don't like him.

"Hello I am home..". Chanyeol said as soon as he stepped into the house.
"Mom, I brought a friend home ..Kai, this is my mom, mom, this is Kai"

Chanyeol's mom appeared in front of their eyes. She was from kitchen, preparing everything for dinner. She greets Kai with her lovely smile. A really heartwarming smile from a mother.
Three of them went to the kitchen, Chanyeol and Kai have some awkward conversations on the Kitchen but as soon as Chanyeol's mom joined their conversations , it turned normal.
They didn't felt awkward anymore.
There was certain part of the conversations that makes Kai felt awkward, when Chanyeol's mom asked him about his family, about his mom.
Kai was not going to answer anything when people asking about his mom. But he did when Chanyeol's mom asking him.
Kai just replied he lost his mom since he was a kid .

Chanyeol's mom felt sorry on him. She realised that kai didn't want to talk much about his mom. She quickly changed their topic conversations into another topic. She knows when Kai seemed to be uncomfortable when she asked him about his mom. She just thought that Kai might have problem with his mom although she still didn't know about Kai' past stories.

"Oh ya ,Kai what was your favourite food? I'm sure you have one."
"ah...I just eat any foods."
"Come on just tell me what you wanna eat, I will consider to cook it for you." She said.
Kai was quite shy on that time.

"my mom was really good at cooking, that is why I love her." Chanyeol said while hugging her mom from her back.
His mom was stirring something on the kitchen.
Kai was looking at them while sitting on the dining chair , they are like a lovely couple.

"Maybe you want to try my mom's buldalk cheese?" Chanyeol said.
"You like chicken didn't you?"

Buldalk is a korean dish made from heavily spiced chicken and covered with cheese. You have no idea how spicy it taste like before you try it, but if you don't like to eat spicy stuff, please remind yourself to put less amount of gochujang (korean sauce) and red pepper powder as the ingredients.
"Bul" means fire while "dalk" means chicken. So "buldalk" means fire chicken.

"Yes I like chicken." Kai said .(He can't hide his feeling of wanting chicken  any more)
"See I know you have your favourite food! " Chanyeol said.
"I will cook buldak cheese for you, don't worry ." Chanyeol's mom said while smiling at both of them.

It's almost eight o'clock  . The foods was set on the table.
His mom called Chanyeol ,Kai and Yoora for dinner. She asked Chanyeol to bring his dad for dinner too. Chanyeol never forget about his dad, same goes to his mom. Chanyeol rushedly went to his parents bedroom to look up for his dad.
Kai had met Yoora for the first time on the dining table. Kai greets her and she smiled at him.
Kai ,Yoora , and her mom was already on the dining table. They are waiting for Chanyeol and his dad to come up.

Chanyeol knocked the bedroom door.
He saw his dad was reading something, while sitting on a wheelchair. He realised that Chanyeol was there, but he pretended not to notice him. Chanyeol showed up in front of him.

"dad, let's go for dinner. Mom have cook for us." Chanyeol said.
"I'm not hungry."
"But mom have already cook for us. I brought my friend to our home too."
"I said I'm not hungry !".His dad shocked him.

Chanyeol knows his dad didn't like him. He went to his dad's wheelchair and hold it tight.
He was about to push the wheelchair. He was going to bring his dad to the dining table although his dad didn't want to.

"What are you doing? Stop pushing  this wheelchair!".His dad said.
"I'm going to bring you for dinner, you should be thankful ". Chanyeol said again.
"I want you to stop now! I said I don't want to eat dinner."

"Of course you want.. mom told me you didn't eat since this morning, you should be hungry."
"I'll bring you for dinner now." Chanyeol said while pushing his wheelchair.
His dad couldn't do anything as he was paralyzed. That's why Chanyeol always thought that he can take more opportunities to do anything that he can't do when his dad was not paralyzed.
He just wanted his dad's love. He didn't get much when he was a kid.

Finally, they were on the dining table. Like a family, eating dinner together.
Chanyeol felt so grateful until his mouth didn't stop smiling while eating his dinner. There was a time he looked at Kai , he saw something inside Kai's eyes. Kai felt happy too, maybe he enjoyed that dinner that he never get since his mom left him.
Kai turned his eyes on Chanyeol while smiling at him. He also noticed that Yoora had Chanyeol's face. They were like a twins.
Kai looked at everything on that night. He saw that family eating their dinner. It's such  a blessing.
He saw Chanyeol's mom teary eyes while looking at Chanyeol and his dad .

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

GAY : Part 3 (A date in Library and School Bus)

Congratulations !you made it. Here  is part 3 just for you . hehe

AS soon as Chanyeol went away from Kai, Kai felt something inside his chest. It feels like burst.
He'd already got all his books very tight inside his arms.
He was looking at Chanyeol running to the field. Staring at his back .
Kai felt something different when he met that guy.

Chanyeol was actually a  very friendly guy. Sometimes he can be so talkative among his friends but sometimes he was so silent (when he was really in sad, but it was so rare to see him sad in school)

After he met Kai ,he ever asked Kai to be his friend. Just like he became friend with others students in his class and in his football's team.
He ever coincidently met Kai at the school library and asked Kai whether they can be friend.
Kai just hate to friend with anyone especially with girls since he was in Kindergarten.
It just reminded him on his past, he was being bullied by a group of boys in kindergarten.
He was skinny, weak, and vulnerable. He can't fight them back.

He also remembered everything about his mom. He tried to throw all of his memories with his mom, but it always seemed like his mom's memories in the past still haunting him every night . He ever have a really bad nightmares about his mom before. And he just feeling so tired of having that.
He could be looking like in trauma everytime he was thinking or dreaming about his mom. It just reminded him on the past. A really bad past. The danger of being with his mom is now past.

Kai and his mom is over.

Kai was reading a book in the school library. A book by Rainbow Rowell. Suddenly he felt his left shoulder was poked by something. He turned his face on his left and saw that there's someone who poked his shoulder with a pen.
That was Chanyeol.
Chanyeol was standing quietly behind him and smiling at him.

"Hye! do you still remember me?" . Chanyeol whispered.
Kai felt awkward and shocked at the same time.

"Yes.." Kai nodded his head, doubtful.
"Last time we met, I forgot to ask your name.. ". Chanyeol said again.
"...by the way I am Chanyeol!!"

"Ssshhhhhhhhh!!!!". A librarian shh at them.
Chanyeol turned his face to the librarian and bowed his head like he said sorry to the librarian for making noises.

"So do you have name?" .He whispered again.
"my name is Kai"
"I see... nice to meet you Kai." (Chanyeol smile at him)
"can I sit here kai ?" (Chanyeol pointed at the sit in front of Kai.)
"Sure,nobody sitting there."

Kai was sometimes felt awkward with him. After Chanyeol took a sit in front of him ,Chanyeol started to open his comic. Yes, he just read comics in the library, not having his hard time to deal with the academic books. Beside on his elbow there was a stack of books, around three thick books that he just abandoned them until he went out from the library after having  few sheets of his comic.
Kai was looking at his book again. He was reading a book by Rainbow Rowell, his favourite novel's writer, since before Chanyeol had came to the library and sat in front of him.

"Guys in their early twenties are babies, they don't have all their facial hair yet. They're literally not done with puberty."

His eyes changed to a guy in front of him.
He didn't know since when he stopped reading his book. His eyes was staring at him. At Chanyeol.
Chanyeol had nice lips, maybe everybody had nice lips  and you only really noticed it when you stared at their mouths all the time.
He stared at Chanyeol's mouth all the time. It was easy to stare at him because he was always looking down at his comic, there was no danger of getting caught.

Kai liked to look at him. He liked his dark hair and his pale skin. Sometimes, Chanyeol's face was so pale. It made his lips seem really pink, in comparison.
Kai's ayes was still staring at him.
He realised his lips was beautiful- the top lip almost exactly the same thickness as the bottom.
Of course, sometimes he thought about kissing him. Everybody thought about kissing him.
But it will only happen if Chanyeol let him.

"hahahaha!!!". Chanyeol suddenly laughing.
"Kai look at this part, they were totally funny!"Chanyeol said again.(while showing his comic to Kai)

Kai  quickly changed his eyes on his book. He afraid he might be caught by him.
After Chanyeol showed him  the funny part of his comic, he turned his eyes on him, while looking at his comic. Kai was awkward for the first time ,but he started  to join the conversations with Chanyeol.

"haha that's pretty funny hyung..". kai said. (like he doesn't felt awkward anymore)
"right? it's so funny". Chanyeol said to Kai.( just to make Kai didn't feel awkward)

Although they were in library, they still have  little bit conversations that have been always be Chanyeol who start them. Kai just replied whatever Chanyeol had  questioned him.
Start from that moment in the library, they were  officially friend.

They were getting close by each day.
Kai started to go to school by bus since Chanyeol had always been to school by bus.
Since he knows Chanyeol, his life became more happier, he could wake up in the morning without his father's phone call anymore. He made his own breakfast and rushingly go out to wait for the bus.

Chanyeol took a place , the most behind place inside the bus.
He left another place beside him, which was beside the window of the bus. For Kai.
He will always waiting for Kai every morning to let Kai sit near to him.
Finally the bus stopped at one of the bus station, daebak bus station, the station where Kai always waiting for the bus.

There are a lot of students came inside the bus. There are few students asked to sit on the place beside Chanyeol, but Chanyeol put his school bag on that sit. He'd just want to wait for Kai. He always waiting for Kai.
Kai didn't showed up. The bus was about to move.
Chanyeol's eyes was wandering around looking for Kai. He looks worried, while biting his bottom lip that would always look so pink and fresh.

Oh gosh where's Kai.

Finally, Kai appeared. He became the last person entering the bus.
Chanyeol saw him.

"Kai ! Kai-yaaa !!!". (His voice sounds like he just getting up from sleep.)
"Kaiiiiiii !!! Kaiiiiyaaaa!!!.
 He called his name like hundreds of times while waving his huge hand towards Kai like a kid waving his hand to his first love in kindergarten.

"Here !! come here! I have  a sit for you."
Kai saw Chanyeol and smile at him. He started to make his way to Chanyeol.
and he finally sit beside him. Near to the window that widely opened.

Chanyeol put his hand on kai's shoulder.
Like he really want to do it.

"So how is your first day going to school by bus?"
"I feel so good hyung ,haha ".
"this is the first time I go to school by bus."
"Oh yeah? You will like it more soon ."

Both of them were fucking laughing in the bus without caring enough about the people around them.
There was  few girl staring awkwardly at them in the bus. They are talking to each other .
Seemed like they were talking bad behind of these guys.
Their reaction was like "oh my gosh, these two guys are gaysss!!"

" what the hell are these gays doing in this bus?!"
"oh my gad, what on earth they are doing?!"

Chanyeol doesn't even really cares about that.
He turned his face on that girl and said something to her.

"Sometimes man are prettier than women..". Chanyeol said( while winking his left eye.)
The girls more shocked.
They started to think  negative on both guys.

Kai didn't realised that. His eyes were just looking out of the window.
Chanyeol was damn confident on that time, he just said anything he wanted to say.
Although he forgot he was actually make another controversion  of his life as a student.
well ,he still have lots more controversions and fake scandals in school.
Wearing pink shirts ,pink socks in the football match, and now.............being a gay  ?????

Oh gosh ,save them from rumors. 

On that moment when they met , their eyes was staring to each other, they realised they only have a chance to be friend or bestfriend, or bestfriend forever . Not more than that. But after few days they have been friend-ing, they now realised that their feelings was not only as friend. But more than that.
They have already said something out of their limits. He asked for his love, and he should keep his promise on him .
And finally-two hearts, beating as one.

#to be continue.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

GAY : Part 2 (How they actually met and Chanyeol's pasts)

Hi and welcome to part 2 !

CHANYEOL , a guy from the same school.
He was older than Kai, he is seventeen years old. Maybe that year could be his last year at high school. Kai still had another two years there. Well ,maybe he will endure for another two years or maybe not. There is still any possibilities for him to change school again , like most of the past years.
So, for sure that Kai is still new with that school.

Chanyeol was so kind to him. They bumped together when Kai's first day enter the school.
Kai was walking on the school while holding some books on his hand.
Suddenly there are some students running towards him, the students are going to watch the football match on the school field , a football match between their school's football team and a team from  Busan.

The students running like chaotic and they hit Kai. Kai was not ready for that, his body was unstable. That make his book out of his hand.
The books are scattered on the ground.
Kai bends his body to collect the books.
When Kai was going to collect them all, there was a hand trying to hold the books.
A hand that had help him on that day.
It was a male hand, a really large one with the thick fingers.
It was Chanyeol's hand.

Chanyeol was wearing a football school jersey on that time. Yes, he was a school football player.
He was rushing to the field for the match that will start around  ten minutes but he still helping a new student collecting his scattered books on the ground.

"Here it is." Chanyeol said to Kai while giving the the books that he collect.
"Thank you." Kai said, not much expression on his face.

"My pleasure, new student?" Chanyeol asked.
"Yes.." .Kai replied.

"Please be careful next time,there a lots of chaotic when there is football match here".-C
"I will,thank you."-K
"You are not going ?"-C
"I don't like football."-K
"oh I see ,okay, I will go now, bye."-C
Chanyeol smile at him. He left Kai and  running to the field.

That was their first met.
unexpected met. So,do you think they will make  friend after they meet? or more than friend?
If you think that Kai likes Chanyeol, would Chanyeol be the same too?

Kai hates women ,but  what the hell is happening on Chanyeol in this kind of story? Chanyeol hates women too? So that they are both completing each other to be gays ?
Here are Chanyeol's stories.

He is a normal guy.
He really grew up as a normal one.
He enjoyed his life when he had  chance to do so, he had a lovely mom that always care about him so much, he had a very cute and feminine sister that he used to play with since he was a kid, and a father.
A father, yes he had a father. That he never talk with him only if he mad at Chanyeol.
That was his problem. Only with his father. Not his mom or his feminine sister.
His "dad" which he called him didn't like him so much. Not to say he hates his own child, but Chanyeol is more comfortable being with his mom and sister rather than his dad.

Chanyeol looks physically normal. His fashion attracted many girls at school and in the public.
Sometimes he had his own fashion rules that makes him looks different from others students.
He had a very long legs and they were skinny.
Oh- that will be  so much easier to handle when he is playing football.
He looks so gentleman on the field. He is running with his unexplained beautiful legs to catch a ball, his black  hair is moving like a wave ,they are so genuine.
Once he get his ball, he stand for a while, wiping some sweats on his handsome forehead and take a deep breath and then kick the ball.


The football match seems to be more chaotic when there's a goal.
He did it. Our Chanyeol did it again!

There was a time when some girls ever attracted on Chanyeol and one of them asked for couple.
He refused. He didn't want to couple yet. That's the thing he said to that girl.
That was a heartbroken to that girl. She was rejected by him.
That's the past, let's just finish it here.

Many years ago, before Chanyeol was born into this world, there was some arguments happened between his mom and his dad.
His dad wanted a baby boy . His mom wanted a baby girl as their second child.
They have been married for five years old and only at their third year anniversary they got Chanyeol's sister, Yoora.
After two years his mom was pregnant again and his dad really hopes that their second baby would be a boy.
He really wanted a son ,a son that he imagined could  handle his business one day.
His wife thought that will be their second daughter, so she prepared everything without her husband's knowledge. She bought everything for a baby girl.
Everything was pink and white. Only a few of them was orange and red.
Everything was about lace, small ribbons and sort of.

After Chanyeol was born, he wore all girls stuffs.
He didn't asked for it. He didn't ask to wear pink anyway.
His dad thought that could be okay since his wife had bought that , he was mad at the first time, but he can't do anything as everything was already set .
His dad ever bought him a kid jeans and a dark blue collared shirt when he was three years old, he  wore them like twice in a year.
Time flies so fast, Chanyeol was seven .His parents didn't realise something happening on their only son.
Chanyeol grown up like a normal, he become so close to this feminine sister. He only had his sister to friend with since he was born. His sister, Yoora which I've been mentioned her so feminine for many times , because she really is.
Yoora playing with make up since she was a kid, she know how to put her mom's lipstick , the very red one, on her lips prettily since she was a kid too.
After Chanyeol was born, she play together with him and had teach her little brother how to use their mom's make up stuffs when she was not at home.

They are playing dolls together, acting like a hot lady using their mom's handbag and glassess, playing with the fake kitchen stuffs before going to sleep like every night on their bed.
He loves his sister ,so do Yoora.
They are born to be a sister and a younger brother.
They are flesh blood.

Chanyeol's mom ever asked him not to wear anything with pink color when his dad was at home. He might see him and mad at him again.
Chanyeol just likes pink color.Other than that, if he appeared with black blazer to school, he had a pink shirts inside . If he was caught wearing pink shirt inside, he usually will have a pink singlet inside . There's such a pink on him.
Even his socks.
But everyone need to know these, Chanyeol is a normal guy, he is not acting like a girl or anything that makes him looks like  a transgender or whatever, he just wearing pink. It should have anything with pink color on him.
This kind of guy really exist in this world , you know that. Everybody does.

But that story doesn't really influenced him to be a "gay".
there is another one.
His dad.
There was a time when Chanyeol was a kid, he applied lipstick on his lips when he was playing with his mom's make up along with his sister.
He forgot to throw all that shiny looking lipstick on his lips before going out.
As he went out, his dad saw that.
His dad was mad at him. He pulled up Chanyeol's jaw harshly and messed his lips up with his fingers.
He want to throw all that colour fro his lips.

"What is this?! Are  you a girl?!". He groaned at his son.
Chanyeol couldn't do anything on that time, his jaw was being pulled so harsh until he had no voice to speak.

"Such an embarrassing son!". His dad said to him.
That words is still fresh on his mind.
That was such a bad memories to remember until now.

"Such an embarrassing son..!"

The words that always haunted him on every single day in his life.
He could listen to that words everyday if his dad was mad at him.
One thing people doesn't know about Chanyeol ,he never crying. Yes , a man shouldn't crying. But Chanyeol never crying when his dad mad at him and did such a harsh thing to him. He might be sad sometimes when his dad called him " such an embarrassing son.." but he chose not to cry. He rather smile, even it's so hurt inside. He just need to enjoy this short life.
People will return on Him someday.

Moreover, his dad couldn't be too long to treat him like that.
When Chanyeol was fifteen, his dad was admitted to the hospital. He had a sudden stroke. His right body cannot move at all. They are not functional anymore.
He can't eat without his wife, he can't do anything with his body except moving his left hand a little.
He had to sit on a wheelchair.
Is it a karma ?
Depends on your thought .

Nobody wanted something like that  happening.
But thankfully, his dad survived. He still alive .
Sometimes stroke can kill person suddenly, but his dad got a chance to live although he had to use wheelchair. They just felt grateful for him.

This stories ever told you that Chanyeol never cries. Do you know when  his first time cries?
I'm going to  tell you that.
There are two things that ever make him cry.
After his dad have been sick for many month, his dad never talks to him. He never speaks a word to his child and his wife. He seemed not only have paralyzed body, he looked like he had a paralyzed voice although he is not.
He don't want to speak anything when his wife asked "do you need anything,honey..?"

He just sat on a wheelchair. Trapped inside his inability to move body.
Chanyeol want him to talk again. Nobody do something he ever  did to make his father talk again.
Once his mom went out from feeding her husband in their bedroom, she cries behind the door.
Chanyeol saw that moment.
He know his mom was crying because of his dad.
He ever saw his mom asked his dad but there is no reply.

He want him to talk again. like before he sick.
Chanyeol do something. He apply lipstick on his lips, a very red lipstick. In front of his dad.
He want to show off to his paralyzed dad.
He had a really strong heart on that time. He just wanted to do all those things very quick.

"Look dad, I wore lipstick..". He said, with hope that his dad could talk again.

Even if he want to scold him again.

"I'm looking so hot right..?" He said again.
His dad gave no reaction.

"Dad, just look at how much I love this red colour on my lips..! "
"Isn't it looks good on me ,dad..?"
" dad..."

His mom and Yoora saw that in front of the door. They were crying too.
He can't do this anymore. His heart felt weakened.
He get up from his dad  and wanted to go out.
He really can't do it.
As soon as he stepped away from his dad, his dad talks to him.

"Such an embarrassing son..."
That makes Chanyeol stopped.

"You think you are a girl huh ..". His dad make him turn his face on him.

Oh my god, he made it. Chanyeol made it. His mom was smiling with his sister. They were smiling and tearing in front of his dad. Chanyeol cries too. That's the first time he could cries.
He is not crying because his dad scolding him when he was a kid, but he is crying after his dad could talks again.

"Oh god ,this is the real happiness..". 
Chanyeol smile while looking at his mom and sister.

-to be continue-

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GAY : Part 1 (Introduction and Kai's life)

Assalamualaikum to all readers.

p/s:and please be peace and loved, you can judge this story but do not judge me only by reading this kind of stories .hee

this story has being casted by exo Kai and exo Chanyeol, why? because I just can imagine them to be my actors in all of my stories.haha

BEING a gay is not something that we ask for in this life.
It is not something that we want to be.
No, not.
But it does happen in our real life, when there is something exist in our body and soul.
a really bad spirit in ourselves.
we have lust, we get influenced by something,we have nightmares, we want to try ,we want to get rid from all problems, and we doesn't realise that we are lost. Lost nowhere.

You are being a gay.
People talk behind you in the public
Students in class ignoring you once you step into class
everybody stay away from you. they only judging you, not trying to help you.
You are losing your peace of life ,you feel alone
People don't want to be friend with you.
There is no use for you to live anymore, you try to kill yourself but you just can't.

Do we still have  a chance? A chance to be normal again.
yes we can. with a really unpredictable things that could happen in our life that can change who we are in the future. Who knows you are  chosen to be  normal again.?

There's a story behind all these 'gays'.
A very different stories from each stories that you can't think it is happening in the real life .
How they are being gay, how they settle everything with their life,how they change.
So maybe this stories has change both men. Let start.

"Kai hates women.."
He met Chanyeol......"
His life change.."
This unexpected relationship turned him to be a real gentleman.."

Kai was a normal kid before. He lives with a young parents which he called mom and dad.
There was  a night when his dad have a night shift at his workplace. He has to leave Kai and his wife at home, alone.
Something happen on that night.
Kai heard something from his parent's bedroom. He heard laughs. He felt curious.
As soon as he opened the door, he saw his mother with another guy laughing in his parent's bed.
It was a king sized bed, too much enough for two .
As the two in the bed saw Kai infront of the door, his mom surprised and asked Kai to leave the room immediately. She was angry, because she now his son might tell  his dad about this.

"Get out, go to sleep Kai.."
His mom yell at him.
She even warned Kai not to open his mouth about that.
Kai was only five years old on that time, He doesn't know so much about life but he know that his mom was cheating on his dad. kai didn't know how to handle that kind of situation.

What do you expecting a kid should be doing after watching their mom was cheating with another men while their dad is not at home? with their both own eyes?
Fuck that kind of mom. but she is still his mom until the end of this world.
Kai went to his room. His body was shaking. Sweating.
He had no idea what he just saw earlier.He scared. His dad might be know about this.
On that night, he couldn't sleep well.

*                       *                            *

SIX month just passed.
The couple living a normal life with their son.
In six month, Kai didn't say anything about his mom . He scared.
There was a time when the man that usually came to their house and ever slept with his mom smile on him like a bastard. Kai felt angry like he ever feel want to stab that man and get out from that house. But he couldn't do that.
He was only a kid.
His mom ever warned him not to told his father about this or he will be  beaten.

Sometimes when Kai was brave enough to tell his dad about his mom ,he failed. He got beaten by his mom. His mom even beat him when he speaks harsh to the man that come to their house ,maybe we can called him "his mom's boyfriend "?

So that's how it started. A normal kid turned abnormal.
Kai started to hate women. He hate all women and think they are just like his mom.
His heart to women was full of hatred.

Is he is the one should be blame? Hating your own mom is always not a good thing, but hating that kind of mom could be a reason isn't it?
He just five by the way.
He had his last try to tell his dad about his mom was cheating with another guy, but he failed. Again.
His mom find out about that and beat him using belt.

A cheater couldn't last longer.
There was one night , his dad went home earlier that they thought. Finally, everything was uncovered only in a night. His dad know his mom cheated on him.
In the same night, they got divorced. Kai stayed with his father until now.
His mom went out from that house and never come back anymore.

He turned fifteen years old.
Kai had growned up physically good but he still hate women.
He never friend with any girls from his class .He didn't pay much attention in class when the female teacher was teaching .
that was suck.

He is not  the ugliest in his class, he just darker than the boys in the school but still hot. His appearance sometimes make some students stared at him.
He was rarely smile at people, he just brought his arrogant style along with his bronze skin ,thin lips and beautiful eyes.

After he know a guy ,Chanyeol, his life got blurred and messed up with something. He is not only hate women but he likes a man.

#to be continue

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Love in Lilliput : Part 4

There was a huge wooden house in Lilliput. That house was a luxury wooden house which is located in the middle of Lilliput town. But nobody live in that house since I was born.

My father ever told me that the house has it's owner about many years ago. Once upon a time, there was a small family stayed in that house. Based on my father's stories ,  they came from city. After a few years living there ,something bad happened to them.

They involved in a car accident. They died due to a very tragedic car accident. That happened only in one unlucky night. But there's a rumor told that the accident happened due to sabotage. Somebody feel envy to that family and planned this accident.well, nobody know what the truth story.But this story might sound sad and tragic , its sound quite spooky when we think about their abandoned house,isn't it?

The house has no owner after that. There is no wills or documents found in their house that can help the land people to do anything or to take over the house. So the house has no heir. There is nothing that they can do anymore, but there is a time when some Lilliputians asked for the house demolished, the land people didn't want to do so because the house was still in a very good condition. Moreover the house is huge, that will take a long time to demolish it, so the land people decided to sell it.

But unfortunately, nobody want to buy that house. It has been many years the house was being abandoned. It has been a long time that the house didn't lighten up. Until in one night, they realised that the situation changed.There are Lilliputian  who ever saw the house was lighten. There are somebody who lived there.Who stayed there?

Alan Crawford, a young  man with his elder sister, Alice Crawford and his younger brother, Adruce Crawford. They were siblings, they are newly moved into that house.
 The three siblings live together in that house, their parent divorced since Alice, the eldest was thirteen years old. After that, Alice had to help her mother to take care of her younger brothers, Alan and Adruce. Mr. Crawford leaves them since Adruce was three. He now lives in Canada and works there. Mr. Crawford married another women from China after he left them.

Mrs. Crawford, their mother hates Mr. Craw so much since he left them and betrayed her. She didn't want to meet her husband anymore, she even had a bad temper after knowing that her children ever had a contact with their father. She didn't want Mr. Craw to have any relationship with their children. So, she send her children in Lilliput, a place where her ex-husband cannot found them.

But she realised that she can't stay there with them for a long time, she have to work. She have to find a job for her children's future. Adruce was still too young on that time.  After that, she went to Korea, her late grandmother's hometown to find a job.She brought along Adruce and started a new life in Korea. Now, she  already become a success women. She struggles for many years to open her own boutique which is located in Seoul. Having a boutique is actually was her ambition since she studied business in university.
She also posted some money to her children every month.

Alan Crawford a Korean-Canadian mix blood guy.
His height and hair resembles his dad.
His cute, flawless face and pink lips resembles his mother.
His hazel eyes that can kill you resembles his Canadian father.
Sometimes, his eyes color change to grey.
He had insomnia when he was a kid.
He looks skinny as his height was 183cm and his weight was 64kg.

He apparently looks arrogant because he didn't talk much like his younger brother, Adruce. He was actually a taciturn man but the braviest person among his siblings.
Alice ever said, "You won't know if you never be with him, Alan is actually the best guy that I ever live with ..he is my bro !"
Alice, Alan and Adruce are good together.

Here are some facts about them :
They  was born in Canada.
When Adruce was three, they ever moved to Seoul, Korea.So, Adruce started his school in Korea.
Their names are originally given from their father, Mr.Crawford Collins, but they did have their own korean names.

Their korean mother, Mr.Crawford real name is Park Ga young.
They were actually came from a "Park" family name.
So, Alice korean name is Park Yu Ra , Alan is Park Chan Yeol ,and Adruce is Park Se Chan .
Adruce ever hates that "Park Se Chan" name before, but he now realised that his name was quite nice.
Adruce didn't like it when his grandma ever called him "Chanssi" while making her cute voice.

["Chanssi, come here!!"]
[" stop it halmeoni , my name is Adruce , Ad-de-ru-se!"] .He pronounce it with his korean slang.

Adruce(Park Se Chan) had to study in Korea since he was in kindergarten. He grown up with his mother and grandparent in Korea until he was thirteen. When he was thirteen, his mother, Mrs. Crawford( Park Ga Young) send him to Lilliput to start a new life with Alice and Alan.
Adruce is a smart guy but he is a naughty guy in his school. He ever teased some students in his class,
tore his classmates magazines, sleeping in  mathematic and biology classes, and ever caught smoking in the school toilet a few times.

Luckily, Adruce was a helpful and lovely grandchild to his grandma. He ever help his mother to take care of his grandma in Korea as his grandma suffered from kidney failure and sometimes forgetful.
Adruce took care of his grandma with love. He ever washed her gray hair and do the nail clipping on his grandma.

In Lilliput, Alice and Alan welcomed their only little brother, Adruce who they never meet  in face-to -face since Adruce was three years old. They only talk on skype and facebook.They were so excited to meet again after being apart for a long time. Now, Adruce is already a mature guy, not a kid anymore. Not a three years old kid that they use to play around with anymore.

Adruce started his high school in Lilliput.
In Lilliput, we speak english as the first language. So,Adruce had to learn english. He was the only korean in his class. At the first, he was awkward to talk in english, but a few years learning english, he became  better in english.
 who said korean can't talk english well? some asian can be really good in english especially if it is their first language, but if it is their second language ,they should be proud of themselves. Maybe they can't be as good as American or Canadian or anything, but as long as they can talk in english and people get what they are trying to say ,they know how to reply back on what people saying and asking them, that's just enough to me.You're not going to be an english debator, you only have to pronounce english as people get what youre pronouncing, not to get their slang if you can't do that. But if you can, or you want to learn it, it's up to you!That would be nice.

So,back to the real story, Adruce or known as Park Se Chan among his korean friends spokes english better than his mother thought he could.But he made it. Sometimes, Alice and Alan help him doing his english essays , english homeworks and so forth. Adruce also good in korean among his siblings because Alice and Alan was born in Canada , both of them never had a chance to study and learn korean(hanguk) in school. But they can talk korean a little bit at home while having a chat with their mother.

I think I am going to add these:
How Mr. Craw and Mrs. Craw(Park Ga young) meet?
Well, Park Ga young was actually a smartiest daughter among her siblings. (among other park?LOL)
She furthered her study in US , entering the same university as a guy named Crawford Collins.
She took business course whereas Crawford Collins took architecture.

She met in him in unversity and fall in love with each other.
After they graduated from university, they managed to marry.

-to be continue-

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