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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Love in Lilliput : Part 4

There was a huge wooden house in Lilliput. That house was a luxury wooden house which is located in the middle of Lilliput town. But nobody live in that house since I was born.

My father ever told me that the house has it's owner about many years ago. Once upon a time, there was a small family stayed in that house. Based on my father's stories ,  they came from city. After a few years living there ,something bad happened to them.

They involved in a car accident. They died due to a very tragedic car accident. That happened only in one unlucky night. But there's a rumor told that the accident happened due to sabotage. Somebody feel envy to that family and planned this accident.well, nobody know what the truth story.But this story might sound sad and tragic , its sound quite spooky when we think about their abandoned house,isn't it?

The house has no owner after that. There is no wills or documents found in their house that can help the land people to do anything or to take over the house. So the house has no heir. There is nothing that they can do anymore, but there is a time when some Lilliputians asked for the house demolished, the land people didn't want to do so because the house was still in a very good condition. Moreover the house is huge, that will take a long time to demolish it, so the land people decided to sell it.

But unfortunately, nobody want to buy that house. It has been many years the house was being abandoned. It has been a long time that the house didn't lighten up. Until in one night, they realised that the situation changed.There are Lilliputian  who ever saw the house was lighten. There are somebody who lived there.Who stayed there?

Alan Crawford, a young  man with his elder sister, Alice Crawford and his younger brother, Adruce Crawford. They were siblings, they are newly moved into that house.
 The three siblings live together in that house, their parent divorced since Alice, the eldest was thirteen years old. After that, Alice had to help her mother to take care of her younger brothers, Alan and Adruce. Mr. Crawford leaves them since Adruce was three. He now lives in Canada and works there. Mr. Crawford married another women from China after he left them.

Mrs. Crawford, their mother hates Mr. Craw so much since he left them and betrayed her. She didn't want to meet her husband anymore, she even had a bad temper after knowing that her children ever had a contact with their father. She didn't want Mr. Craw to have any relationship with their children. So, she send her children in Lilliput, a place where her ex-husband cannot found them.

But she realised that she can't stay there with them for a long time, she have to work. She have to find a job for her children's future. Adruce was still too young on that time.  After that, she went to Korea, her late grandmother's hometown to find a job.She brought along Adruce and started a new life in Korea. Now, she  already become a success women. She struggles for many years to open her own boutique which is located in Seoul. Having a boutique is actually was her ambition since she studied business in university.
She also posted some money to her children every month.

Alan Crawford a Korean-Canadian mix blood guy.
His height and hair resembles his dad.
His cute, flawless face and pink lips resembles his mother.
His hazel eyes that can kill you resembles his Canadian father.
Sometimes, his eyes color change to grey.
He had insomnia when he was a kid.
He looks skinny as his height was 183cm and his weight was 64kg.

He apparently looks arrogant because he didn't talk much like his younger brother, Adruce. He was actually a taciturn man but the braviest person among his siblings.
Alice ever said, "You won't know if you never be with him, Alan is actually the best guy that I ever live with ..he is my bro !"
Alice, Alan and Adruce are good together.

Here are some facts about them :
They  was born in Canada.
When Adruce was three, they ever moved to Seoul, Korea.So, Adruce started his school in Korea.
Their names are originally given from their father, Mr.Crawford Collins, but they did have their own korean names.

Their korean mother, Mr.Crawford real name is Park Ga young.
They were actually came from a "Park" family name.
So, Alice korean name is Park Yu Ra , Alan is Park Chan Yeol ,and Adruce is Park Se Chan .
Adruce ever hates that "Park Se Chan" name before, but he now realised that his name was quite nice.
Adruce didn't like it when his grandma ever called him "Chanssi" while making her cute voice.

["Chanssi, come here!!"]
[" stop it halmeoni , my name is Adruce , Ad-de-ru-se!"] .He pronounce it with his korean slang.

Adruce(Park Se Chan) had to study in Korea since he was in kindergarten. He grown up with his mother and grandparent in Korea until he was thirteen. When he was thirteen, his mother, Mrs. Crawford( Park Ga Young) send him to Lilliput to start a new life with Alice and Alan.
Adruce is a smart guy but he is a naughty guy in his school. He ever teased some students in his class,
tore his classmates magazines, sleeping in  mathematic and biology classes, and ever caught smoking in the school toilet a few times.

Luckily, Adruce was a helpful and lovely grandchild to his grandma. He ever help his mother to take care of his grandma in Korea as his grandma suffered from kidney failure and sometimes forgetful.
Adruce took care of his grandma with love. He ever washed her gray hair and do the nail clipping on his grandma.

In Lilliput, Alice and Alan welcomed their only little brother, Adruce who they never meet  in face-to -face since Adruce was three years old. They only talk on skype and facebook.They were so excited to meet again after being apart for a long time. Now, Adruce is already a mature guy, not a kid anymore. Not a three years old kid that they use to play around with anymore.

Adruce started his high school in Lilliput.
In Lilliput, we speak english as the first language. So,Adruce had to learn english. He was the only korean in his class. At the first, he was awkward to talk in english, but a few years learning english, he became  better in english.
 who said korean can't talk english well? some asian can be really good in english especially if it is their first language, but if it is their second language ,they should be proud of themselves. Maybe they can't be as good as American or Canadian or anything, but as long as they can talk in english and people get what they are trying to say ,they know how to reply back on what people saying and asking them, that's just enough to me.You're not going to be an english debator, you only have to pronounce english as people get what youre pronouncing, not to get their slang if you can't do that. But if you can, or you want to learn it, it's up to you!That would be nice.

So,back to the real story, Adruce or known as Park Se Chan among his korean friends spokes english better than his mother thought he could.But he made it. Sometimes, Alice and Alan help him doing his english essays , english homeworks and so forth. Adruce also good in korean among his siblings because Alice and Alan was born in Canada , both of them never had a chance to study and learn korean(hanguk) in school. But they can talk korean a little bit at home while having a chat with their mother.

I think I am going to add these:
How Mr. Craw and Mrs. Craw(Park Ga young) meet?
Well, Park Ga young was actually a smartiest daughter among her siblings. (among other park?LOL)
She furthered her study in US , entering the same university as a guy named Crawford Collins.
She took business course whereas Crawford Collins took architecture.

She met in him in unversity and fall in love with each other.
After they graduated from university, they managed to marry.

-to be continue-

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Love in Lilliput :Part 3

The time is moving too fast.

"It will happen tonight.." I whispered to myself.

"I will meet that guy tonight!". again,talking to myself. no one can heard that.

I want to meet that guy that I never had a chance to ask  his name. I still have no chance to ask what his name because he went away from me for the first time we met and we are leaving each other yesterday without asking each other's name."So, maybe I will ask him tonight when we meet ".

That night ,I chose to wear a short sleeve chiffon long dress with inner, which is in baby blue color. I matched the dress with a classic chocolate color belt around my waist. I put a moderate amount of makeup on my face- the light pink eyeshadow, black mascara, thin chocolate eyeliner, light applied of compact powder, and peach lipstick.

I went down and saw my mom is watching TV. She asked me where I want to go ,she know that I was barely went out at night since Lilliput was being so cold when the night showed up.

"Where are you going Lilly?" .My mom asked me.

Lilly, a name that was given by my mother to me.

" I want to go out to the Lilliput alley mom,don't worry I am not going to be long". I replied.

" go out? for what?"

" Meeting friend, mom..err it's kind of school reunion.,"

"school reunion..?Oh I see" (I realised that my mom felt weird on me because she know that I'd never  have a contact with my school friends after we were graduated from high school.No, not really)

"ok take care of yourself dear". She was so sporting. A real sporting mom that always trusted on me rather than my father did. If dad was here, there might be many questions that he will ask me before I go out .If there is one of them you couldn't answer, he will have a reason to not let you go out.He is the one who ever punished his children even with a small mistake .But I know, inside on his heart that he loves his children, he loves all of us.

"Here I am ,ready to meet him!".
I brought along an umbrella that I hold it on my right hand. Just to make sure I hold something while walking on my way to the Lilliput bridge. I refused to ride bicycle that night for some reasons. I don't want my dress looks bad because of wrinkles that I used to have it when I ride my bicycle, and my umbrella is a lot more easier and comfortable to carry if I am walking. Of course, I also want to meet him like how he always did when we met, just walking. He just walking, showed off his skinny long legs . (omg I'd always imagine that legs)

After ten to fifteen minutes walking, I arrived at the bridge. I saw many people passing the bridge but I didn't saw him. "Maybe he is not there yet." I will wait, maybe he is going to be a little bit late.
I felt so excited to meet him.

*    *    *

It's almost one hour.I wait there almost one hour but he didn't showed up.
My legs are too tired to stand but my heart and soul was still strong to wait for him.
I know he will come. I just know it. I will wait for another minutes, or maybe another hour..?
I want to look at the time but I forgot to wear my hand watch  on that night. So I asked one of the people around. It's an old man, with his fur coat and hat while holding a wooden stick with his bare hands. He looks cold, maybe he was about to go home quickly.

"Excuse me sir, can I know what's time now?". I asked that old man.
"It's almost twelve young lady, ten minutes more to go."

I started to feel very tired, and of course, frustrated.
Why he didn't even showed up? did he forgot that we have to meet? That guy broke my heart on that night. I hate him and I hate myself too. Why I was too stupid to believe him? who know he already had a girlfriend, maybe he just want to play around with me and I was too hoping, hoping that he will come and ...., I don't want to care about him anymore, "let's just go home,Lilly!".

"Oh thank you sir."
"you're welcome ."
"Are you waiting for someone or something young lady?" He added.
"Ahh.. yes I am waiting for somebody sir."
"I see, I think this night is going to be more cold, please take care of yourself young lady."
" I will sir, thank you.."

He started to leave me. He was a nice old man, he reminded me of my late grandfather. I miss him badly now.

I didn't realised that my eyes tearing.
I cried ,I don't know why.
This Lilliput alley  is going to be silence when the nights is getting older, the crowd started to decrease ,more and more, until there will be no person passing this bridge.
I went home alone, walking in a cold night. I felt tired as I can't walk properly,my legs felt weak after standing almost 3 hours on the bridge,  but I don't care how vulnerable I was on that time, I just want to go home!

On my half way home, I realised that I was too tired to walk. I remembered I didn't eat my dinner before I went out. But I kept walking. Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. I turned back to look up for it, but there's no one there. Maybe it was just my feeling that the guy is coming to me. Let's just forget about it.I kept walking until I can't walk anymore. I can't even stand properly, my eyes suddenly blurred, my head felt dizzy. Then, I fell.

I don't know what happened to me after that.

*   *     *

On the next morning, I woke up from sleep. I realised that I was in my bed. I was already at home in my own bedroom. I went downstairs to look up for my mom. As soon as I get down, I saw my mom was in the kitchen, stirring something on the stove. She is making some breakfast for us.

"you already wake up my dear. come on let's have some breakfast."
"Mom, who send me home last night?"
"Oh, that guy ? I thought he is your friend."
" That guy? a guy send me home last night ?". I am getting more curious.
"Yes, I think "maybe" that was a guy who send you home last night." She is doubting.
"what do you mean "maybe" ? It's a guy or not?"
" Err.. let's just forget it my dear, what's important now is you're home!". She's smiling at me.

My mom is actually very weak on describing someone who she ever meet for the first time. I know that, but now she can't tell me whether it's a male or a female ?Ok I won't force her to tell me who send me home last night.

"It's ok mom, lets just forget it..and let's eat"
"Hmm, I don't know dear, but what can I say about your friend last night...he was blonde."
"Blonde? Oh okay."
"Did he told you anything mom?" I asked.
"Nope, he just went away after sending you."
"I see.."

That guy is not blonde. That's not him who send me home last night. He didn't ever showed up last night, it can't be him who send me home last night! yes, stop hoping Lilly!
Then who send me home last night ??

-to be continue-

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Love in Lilliput :Part 2

Lilliput is a small town but almost all things that we need are here. Here, there are a lot of places that you can visit such as gardens, farms, small river that have its own memorable history and many more. The river here gave them everything-fishes for food, water for drinks including being the place to go for walk and having picnic or releasing tension seing at the most calmness sceneries around.

In Lilliput also have variety of shops that provide you many needed or unneeded things. Be it cosmetics shop, hat shops, attires shop, and many other stores that providing foods and drinks such as market that sold raw seafoods and meats, vegetables and so forth. Do not to worry about anything if you want to live here, there are so much interesting thing that I can't tell you or else you come here and see what I really meant.

Finish by telling how perfect Lilliput to me is. Oh ya, forgot to tell that there is an internet connection here. That is why a lot of people especially from big cities love visiting this place. It would be easier for them to always updating through online stuffs like social networks that they use to do it everyday in their life. Nowadays ,everybody like to update where they are, who they with , on twitter, facebook, instagram and many more. Its just a lot to mention.

I did have my own facebook's account that my little sister made for me years ago. But I didn't opened it for a really long time. I don't really into social networking. I am a little bit "a village girl" althoungh I lives in a town. Yeah, that's the fact. I lives like an ancient girl who just wake up every morning and eating, doing some works to make myself sweating, go for walk ,eating again and staying at home, and sleeping. I have no friends around me since I graduated from high school. Nope, I only have my little sister who I can talk with at home but sometimes she don't really at home .She went to tuition, go out with friends and do many more things that the "sad me" can't do.

I do have some hobbies -maybe reading old books, watching old dramas and I like to drink lemon tea every morning as soon as I woke up from sleep. That's was so refreshing! My sister have a small computer in her room that my dad bought a few years ago, but I barely use it. My sister did. She is the one who introducing me to fb, twitter, bla bla bla and EXO !Yeah the reason why I know that the tall guy that I crashed in Lilliput alley a few days ago was like chanyeol from EXO is because my little sis told me about EXO members. We watched  EXO in youtube ,we love it .Her biases are Suho and Chanyeol ,but sometimes it changes, always changing. HAHA. I don't know how to know my real bias, but I did loves Kai.He was really good at dancing. I like baby Xiumin too ,he was perfect! They are all really talented, they can singing, rapping, dancing and stealing my heart( its starting again now).

Since on that time, I started to love this group.You have no idea how many posters that I have in my room. My lil sis shared them with me. 

That day, I went out for walk. I wore peach blouse with denim long skirt ,walking through the alley. Suddenly I saw a familiar person who stopped at one of the stall along the alley. It's a fruit and vege stall. He was that tall guy , that chanyeol-look-alike guy. He was choosing some fruits while standing handsomely infront of the stall , he looks stunning from far . Tall ,white and handsome , a good combination of words that suit him so well <3

I felt guilt that I want to ask forgiveness again from him. I bet he must be hurt somewhere cuz I crashed him quite bad on that time. But he looks fine today, I don't know how his real condition is.  I have to say sorry this time .So, I went near to him. But I am afraid he will go away from me like what he did before.

"err...hye..." He heard my voices and started to look at me.
" err...do you remember me...err.. I am the one who crashed you ..few days ago..."
err....in this alley?"

He didn't say anything but staring weirdly at me.
 " I want to say sorry to you.. I know that was totally my fault.."
He stares again without saying anything.(ahh that arrogant guy!!!)

" I really sorry , I crashed you .. I know I err ...aaa... " (nervous ,scared)
" It's okay". He suddenly said.

"What do you meant ? its okay? Do you still angry at me?"
"No.I said it's okay..."
"Oh okay...err if you said that..."

His voice is so hard, imagine the voice of a rapper-.It sound harsh but he looks stunning and gentleman with that voice.

"okay if you said like that. Can I do something to redeem my mistake? maybe a lunch..or a dinner?"
He stay silent.
I tried to talk again. "Don't worry I will treat you"

"Sorry but I am not free today". He replied.
"oh okay, maybe tomorrow ... or this week?" (wtf I said all that !!)
"I am sorry I can't"  .He said again.
" hmmm ,okay."

We started to leave the fruit stall. I can't believe we are leaving each other.
That's the heart broken moment for me. I just walked off from him although my heart didn't want to do so. Suddenly...something happen!

"Maybe tomorrow night?" (I heard his voice from back)
I can't believe he said that. But this is my chance. Yess!!

"How about tomorrow night?" He said again.
"errr...sure !very sure!" I replied (this is stupendous!!!)

My heart feels amazing. omg is he really want to go out with me?

"Meet me at Lilliput bridge tomorrow night at 9p.m?" He said.
What? he deciding the place  we want to meet? I thought that should be me !fuhhhh
"okay. sure I will be there soon" I said.

Noted it! "..Lilliput bridge, tomorrow night at 9p.m.."

As soon as I came home, I went into my room and shut the door very quick. I felt so excited to meet him. omg what I am going to wear? Do I need to make up my face? How I must look tomorrow night? !! arghhhh!

I opened my little wooden wardrobe to see what I have inside. There are fews blouses, dresses, pants and scarfs. The right side of my wardrobe still have some hats that I rarely wear in my entire life. I only have the old-fashioned hat, I would love to have beanie as my new fashion that I am starting to love it when I saw many people wore it. Beanie also remind me to Luhan ,Tao and baby Xiumin. They look really cute in beanies. They wore beanie while shooting for exo's showtime!

Back to issue that what am I going to wear tomorrow night? !!!
I am thinking what he is going to wear too. Oh,maybe he is not like me now, being confuse and half crazy to choose my attires .I was only in my room to choose what to wear until I didn't eat my dinner on that night. My mom called me many times but I just refused to eat if I can't choose anything to wear ! That's suffering! and I don't know why I don't care about it. I ends up sleeping in my bed till the morning. 

"gateunnara eteonasseoo.....gateun na..."
"chamhageuniya cham dahaengiyaaa.."

that's how my alarm sounds like.
I make this  song as my alarm. I love this song so much.

"omg..its morning!!! "
this night Iam gonna meet somebody.

-to be continue-

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