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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

GAY : Part 3 (A date in Library and School Bus)

Congratulations !you made it. Here  is part 3 just for you . hehe

AS soon as Chanyeol went away from Kai, Kai felt something inside his chest. It feels like burst.
He'd already got all his books very tight inside his arms.
He was looking at Chanyeol running to the field. Staring at his back .
Kai felt something different when he met that guy.

Chanyeol was actually a  very friendly guy. Sometimes he can be so talkative among his friends but sometimes he was so silent (when he was really in sad, but it was so rare to see him sad in school)

After he met Kai ,he ever asked Kai to be his friend. Just like he became friend with others students in his class and in his football's team.
He ever coincidently met Kai at the school library and asked Kai whether they can be friend.
Kai just hate to friend with anyone especially with girls since he was in Kindergarten.
It just reminded him on his past, he was being bullied by a group of boys in kindergarten.
He was skinny, weak, and vulnerable. He can't fight them back.

He also remembered everything about his mom. He tried to throw all of his memories with his mom, but it always seemed like his mom's memories in the past still haunting him every night . He ever have a really bad nightmares about his mom before. And he just feeling so tired of having that.
He could be looking like in trauma everytime he was thinking or dreaming about his mom. It just reminded him on the past. A really bad past. The danger of being with his mom is now past.

Kai and his mom is over.

Kai was reading a book in the school library. A book by Rainbow Rowell. Suddenly he felt his left shoulder was poked by something. He turned his face on his left and saw that there's someone who poked his shoulder with a pen.
That was Chanyeol.
Chanyeol was standing quietly behind him and smiling at him.

"Hye! do you still remember me?" . Chanyeol whispered.
Kai felt awkward and shocked at the same time.

"Yes.." Kai nodded his head, doubtful.
"Last time we met, I forgot to ask your name.. ". Chanyeol said again.
"...by the way I am Chanyeol!!"

"Ssshhhhhhhhh!!!!". A librarian shh at them.
Chanyeol turned his face to the librarian and bowed his head like he said sorry to the librarian for making noises.

"So do you have name?" .He whispered again.
"my name is Kai"
"I see... nice to meet you Kai." (Chanyeol smile at him)
"can I sit here kai ?" (Chanyeol pointed at the sit in front of Kai.)
"Sure,nobody sitting there."

Kai was sometimes felt awkward with him. After Chanyeol took a sit in front of him ,Chanyeol started to open his comic. Yes, he just read comics in the library, not having his hard time to deal with the academic books. Beside on his elbow there was a stack of books, around three thick books that he just abandoned them until he went out from the library after having  few sheets of his comic.
Kai was looking at his book again. He was reading a book by Rainbow Rowell, his favourite novel's writer, since before Chanyeol had came to the library and sat in front of him.

"Guys in their early twenties are babies, they don't have all their facial hair yet. They're literally not done with puberty."

His eyes changed to a guy in front of him.
He didn't know since when he stopped reading his book. His eyes was staring at him. At Chanyeol.
Chanyeol had nice lips, maybe everybody had nice lips  and you only really noticed it when you stared at their mouths all the time.
He stared at Chanyeol's mouth all the time. It was easy to stare at him because he was always looking down at his comic, there was no danger of getting caught.

Kai liked to look at him. He liked his dark hair and his pale skin. Sometimes, Chanyeol's face was so pale. It made his lips seem really pink, in comparison.
Kai's ayes was still staring at him.
He realised his lips was beautiful- the top lip almost exactly the same thickness as the bottom.
Of course, sometimes he thought about kissing him. Everybody thought about kissing him.
But it will only happen if Chanyeol let him.

"hahahaha!!!". Chanyeol suddenly laughing.
"Kai look at this part, they were totally funny!"Chanyeol said again.(while showing his comic to Kai)

Kai  quickly changed his eyes on his book. He afraid he might be caught by him.
After Chanyeol showed him  the funny part of his comic, he turned his eyes on him, while looking at his comic. Kai was awkward for the first time ,but he started  to join the conversations with Chanyeol.

"haha that's pretty funny hyung..". kai said. (like he doesn't felt awkward anymore)
"right? it's so funny". Chanyeol said to Kai.( just to make Kai didn't feel awkward)

Although they were in library, they still have  little bit conversations that have been always be Chanyeol who start them. Kai just replied whatever Chanyeol had  questioned him.
Start from that moment in the library, they were  officially friend.

They were getting close by each day.
Kai started to go to school by bus since Chanyeol had always been to school by bus.
Since he knows Chanyeol, his life became more happier, he could wake up in the morning without his father's phone call anymore. He made his own breakfast and rushingly go out to wait for the bus.

Chanyeol took a place , the most behind place inside the bus.
He left another place beside him, which was beside the window of the bus. For Kai.
He will always waiting for Kai every morning to let Kai sit near to him.
Finally the bus stopped at one of the bus station, daebak bus station, the station where Kai always waiting for the bus.

There are a lot of students came inside the bus. There are few students asked to sit on the place beside Chanyeol, but Chanyeol put his school bag on that sit. He'd just want to wait for Kai. He always waiting for Kai.
Kai didn't showed up. The bus was about to move.
Chanyeol's eyes was wandering around looking for Kai. He looks worried, while biting his bottom lip that would always look so pink and fresh.

Oh gosh where's Kai.

Finally, Kai appeared. He became the last person entering the bus.
Chanyeol saw him.

"Kai ! Kai-yaaa !!!". (His voice sounds like he just getting up from sleep.)
"Kaiiiiiii !!! Kaiiiiyaaaa!!!.
 He called his name like hundreds of times while waving his huge hand towards Kai like a kid waving his hand to his first love in kindergarten.

"Here !! come here! I have  a sit for you."
Kai saw Chanyeol and smile at him. He started to make his way to Chanyeol.
and he finally sit beside him. Near to the window that widely opened.

Chanyeol put his hand on kai's shoulder.
Like he really want to do it.

"So how is your first day going to school by bus?"
"I feel so good hyung ,haha ".
"this is the first time I go to school by bus."
"Oh yeah? You will like it more soon ."

Both of them were fucking laughing in the bus without caring enough about the people around them.
There was  few girl staring awkwardly at them in the bus. They are talking to each other .
Seemed like they were talking bad behind of these guys.
Their reaction was like "oh my gosh, these two guys are gaysss!!"

" what the hell are these gays doing in this bus?!"
"oh my gad, what on earth they are doing?!"

Chanyeol doesn't even really cares about that.
He turned his face on that girl and said something to her.

"Sometimes man are prettier than women..". Chanyeol said( while winking his left eye.)
The girls more shocked.
They started to think  negative on both guys.

Kai didn't realised that. His eyes were just looking out of the window.
Chanyeol was damn confident on that time, he just said anything he wanted to say.
Although he forgot he was actually make another controversion  of his life as a student.
well ,he still have lots more controversions and fake scandals in school.
Wearing pink shirts ,pink socks in the football match, and now.............being a gay  ?????

Oh gosh ,save them from rumors. 

On that moment when they met , their eyes was staring to each other, they realised they only have a chance to be friend or bestfriend, or bestfriend forever . Not more than that. But after few days they have been friend-ing, they now realised that their feelings was not only as friend. But more than that.
They have already said something out of their limits. He asked for his love, and he should keep his promise on him .
And finally-two hearts, beating as one.

#to be continue.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

GAY : Part 2 (How they actually met and Chanyeol's pasts)

Hi and welcome to part 2 !

CHANYEOL , a guy from the same school.
He was older than Kai, he is seventeen years old. Maybe that year could be his last year at high school. Kai still had another two years there. Well ,maybe he will endure for another two years or maybe not. There is still any possibilities for him to change school again , like most of the past years.
So, for sure that Kai is still new with that school.

Chanyeol was so kind to him. They bumped together when Kai's first day enter the school.
Kai was walking on the school while holding some books on his hand.
Suddenly there are some students running towards him, the students are going to watch the football match on the school field , a football match between their school's football team and a team from  Busan.

The students running like chaotic and they hit Kai. Kai was not ready for that, his body was unstable. That make his book out of his hand.
The books are scattered on the ground.
Kai bends his body to collect the books.
When Kai was going to collect them all, there was a hand trying to hold the books.
A hand that had help him on that day.
It was a male hand, a really large one with the thick fingers.
It was Chanyeol's hand.

Chanyeol was wearing a football school jersey on that time. Yes, he was a school football player.
He was rushing to the field for the match that will start around  ten minutes but he still helping a new student collecting his scattered books on the ground.

"Here it is." Chanyeol said to Kai while giving the the books that he collect.
"Thank you." Kai said, not much expression on his face.

"My pleasure, new student?" Chanyeol asked.
"Yes.." .Kai replied.

"Please be careful next time,there a lots of chaotic when there is football match here".-C
"I will,thank you."-K
"You are not going ?"-C
"I don't like football."-K
"oh I see ,okay, I will go now, bye."-C
Chanyeol smile at him. He left Kai and  running to the field.

That was their first met.
unexpected met. So,do you think they will make  friend after they meet? or more than friend?
If you think that Kai likes Chanyeol, would Chanyeol be the same too?

Kai hates women ,but  what the hell is happening on Chanyeol in this kind of story? Chanyeol hates women too? So that they are both completing each other to be gays ?
Here are Chanyeol's stories.

He is a normal guy.
He really grew up as a normal one.
He enjoyed his life when he had  chance to do so, he had a lovely mom that always care about him so much, he had a very cute and feminine sister that he used to play with since he was a kid, and a father.
A father, yes he had a father. That he never talk with him only if he mad at Chanyeol.
That was his problem. Only with his father. Not his mom or his feminine sister.
His "dad" which he called him didn't like him so much. Not to say he hates his own child, but Chanyeol is more comfortable being with his mom and sister rather than his dad.

Chanyeol looks physically normal. His fashion attracted many girls at school and in the public.
Sometimes he had his own fashion rules that makes him looks different from others students.
He had a very long legs and they were skinny.
Oh- that will be  so much easier to handle when he is playing football.
He looks so gentleman on the field. He is running with his unexplained beautiful legs to catch a ball, his black  hair is moving like a wave ,they are so genuine.
Once he get his ball, he stand for a while, wiping some sweats on his handsome forehead and take a deep breath and then kick the ball.


The football match seems to be more chaotic when there's a goal.
He did it. Our Chanyeol did it again!

There was a time when some girls ever attracted on Chanyeol and one of them asked for couple.
He refused. He didn't want to couple yet. That's the thing he said to that girl.
That was a heartbroken to that girl. She was rejected by him.
That's the past, let's just finish it here.

Many years ago, before Chanyeol was born into this world, there was some arguments happened between his mom and his dad.
His dad wanted a baby boy . His mom wanted a baby girl as their second child.
They have been married for five years old and only at their third year anniversary they got Chanyeol's sister, Yoora.
After two years his mom was pregnant again and his dad really hopes that their second baby would be a boy.
He really wanted a son ,a son that he imagined could  handle his business one day.
His wife thought that will be their second daughter, so she prepared everything without her husband's knowledge. She bought everything for a baby girl.
Everything was pink and white. Only a few of them was orange and red.
Everything was about lace, small ribbons and sort of.

After Chanyeol was born, he wore all girls stuffs.
He didn't asked for it. He didn't ask to wear pink anyway.
His dad thought that could be okay since his wife had bought that , he was mad at the first time, but he can't do anything as everything was already set .
His dad ever bought him a kid jeans and a dark blue collared shirt when he was three years old, he  wore them like twice in a year.
Time flies so fast, Chanyeol was seven .His parents didn't realise something happening on their only son.
Chanyeol grown up like a normal, he become so close to this feminine sister. He only had his sister to friend with since he was born. His sister, Yoora which I've been mentioned her so feminine for many times , because she really is.
Yoora playing with make up since she was a kid, she know how to put her mom's lipstick , the very red one, on her lips prettily since she was a kid too.
After Chanyeol was born, she play together with him and had teach her little brother how to use their mom's make up stuffs when she was not at home.

They are playing dolls together, acting like a hot lady using their mom's handbag and glassess, playing with the fake kitchen stuffs before going to sleep like every night on their bed.
He loves his sister ,so do Yoora.
They are born to be a sister and a younger brother.
They are flesh blood.

Chanyeol's mom ever asked him not to wear anything with pink color when his dad was at home. He might see him and mad at him again.
Chanyeol just likes pink color.Other than that, if he appeared with black blazer to school, he had a pink shirts inside . If he was caught wearing pink shirt inside, he usually will have a pink singlet inside . There's such a pink on him.
Even his socks.
But everyone need to know these, Chanyeol is a normal guy, he is not acting like a girl or anything that makes him looks like  a transgender or whatever, he just wearing pink. It should have anything with pink color on him.
This kind of guy really exist in this world , you know that. Everybody does.

But that story doesn't really influenced him to be a "gay".
there is another one.
His dad.
There was a time when Chanyeol was a kid, he applied lipstick on his lips when he was playing with his mom's make up along with his sister.
He forgot to throw all that shiny looking lipstick on his lips before going out.
As he went out, his dad saw that.
His dad was mad at him. He pulled up Chanyeol's jaw harshly and messed his lips up with his fingers.
He want to throw all that colour fro his lips.

"What is this?! Are  you a girl?!". He groaned at his son.
Chanyeol couldn't do anything on that time, his jaw was being pulled so harsh until he had no voice to speak.

"Such an embarrassing son!". His dad said to him.
That words is still fresh on his mind.
That was such a bad memories to remember until now.

"Such an embarrassing son..!"

The words that always haunted him on every single day in his life.
He could listen to that words everyday if his dad was mad at him.
One thing people doesn't know about Chanyeol ,he never crying. Yes , a man shouldn't crying. But Chanyeol never crying when his dad mad at him and did such a harsh thing to him. He might be sad sometimes when his dad called him " such an embarrassing son.." but he chose not to cry. He rather smile, even it's so hurt inside. He just need to enjoy this short life.
People will return on Him someday.

Moreover, his dad couldn't be too long to treat him like that.
When Chanyeol was fifteen, his dad was admitted to the hospital. He had a sudden stroke. His right body cannot move at all. They are not functional anymore.
He can't eat without his wife, he can't do anything with his body except moving his left hand a little.
He had to sit on a wheelchair.
Is it a karma ?
Depends on your thought .

Nobody wanted something like that  happening.
But thankfully, his dad survived. He still alive .
Sometimes stroke can kill person suddenly, but his dad got a chance to live although he had to use wheelchair. They just felt grateful for him.

This stories ever told you that Chanyeol never cries. Do you know when  his first time cries?
I'm going to  tell you that.
There are two things that ever make him cry.
After his dad have been sick for many month, his dad never talks to him. He never speaks a word to his child and his wife. He seemed not only have paralyzed body, he looked like he had a paralyzed voice although he is not.
He don't want to speak anything when his wife asked "do you need anything,honey..?"

He just sat on a wheelchair. Trapped inside his inability to move body.
Chanyeol want him to talk again. Nobody do something he ever  did to make his father talk again.
Once his mom went out from feeding her husband in their bedroom, she cries behind the door.
Chanyeol saw that moment.
He know his mom was crying because of his dad.
He ever saw his mom asked his dad but there is no reply.

He want him to talk again. like before he sick.
Chanyeol do something. He apply lipstick on his lips, a very red lipstick. In front of his dad.
He want to show off to his paralyzed dad.
He had a really strong heart on that time. He just wanted to do all those things very quick.

"Look dad, I wore lipstick..". He said, with hope that his dad could talk again.

Even if he want to scold him again.

"I'm looking so hot right..?" He said again.
His dad gave no reaction.

"Dad, just look at how much I love this red colour on my lips..! "
"Isn't it looks good on me ,dad..?"
" dad..."

His mom and Yoora saw that in front of the door. They were crying too.
He can't do this anymore. His heart felt weakened.
He get up from his dad  and wanted to go out.
He really can't do it.
As soon as he stepped away from his dad, his dad talks to him.

"Such an embarrassing son..."
That makes Chanyeol stopped.

"You think you are a girl huh ..". His dad make him turn his face on him.

Oh my god, he made it. Chanyeol made it. His mom was smiling with his sister. They were smiling and tearing in front of his dad. Chanyeol cries too. That's the first time he could cries.
He is not crying because his dad scolding him when he was a kid, but he is crying after his dad could talks again.

"Oh god ,this is the real happiness..". 
Chanyeol smile while looking at his mom and sister.

-to be continue-

Friday, July 10, 2015

GAY : Part 1 (Introduction and Kai's life)

Assalamualaikum to all readers.

p/s:and please be peace and loved, you can judge this story but do not judge me only by reading this kind of stories .hee

this story has being casted by exo Kai and exo Chanyeol, why? because I just can imagine them to be my actors in all of my stories.haha

BEING a gay is not something that we ask for in this life.
It is not something that we want to be.
No, not.
But it does happen in our real life, when there is something exist in our body and soul.
a really bad spirit in ourselves.
we have lust, we get influenced by something,we have nightmares, we want to try ,we want to get rid from all problems, and we doesn't realise that we are lost. Lost nowhere.

You are being a gay.
People talk behind you in the public
Students in class ignoring you once you step into class
everybody stay away from you. they only judging you, not trying to help you.
You are losing your peace of life ,you feel alone
People don't want to be friend with you.
There is no use for you to live anymore, you try to kill yourself but you just can't.

Do we still have  a chance? A chance to be normal again.
yes we can. with a really unpredictable things that could happen in our life that can change who we are in the future. Who knows you are  chosen to be  normal again.?

There's a story behind all these 'gays'.
A very different stories from each stories that you can't think it is happening in the real life .
How they are being gay, how they settle everything with their life,how they change.
So maybe this stories has change both men. Let start.

"Kai hates women.."
He met Chanyeol......"
His life change.."
This unexpected relationship turned him to be a real gentleman.."

Kai was a normal kid before. He lives with a young parents which he called mom and dad.
There was  a night when his dad have a night shift at his workplace. He has to leave Kai and his wife at home, alone.
Something happen on that night.
Kai heard something from his parent's bedroom. He heard laughs. He felt curious.
As soon as he opened the door, he saw his mother with another guy laughing in his parent's bed.
It was a king sized bed, too much enough for two .
As the two in the bed saw Kai infront of the door, his mom surprised and asked Kai to leave the room immediately. She was angry, because she now his son might tell  his dad about this.

"Get out, go to sleep Kai.."
His mom yell at him.
She even warned Kai not to open his mouth about that.
Kai was only five years old on that time, He doesn't know so much about life but he know that his mom was cheating on his dad. kai didn't know how to handle that kind of situation.

What do you expecting a kid should be doing after watching their mom was cheating with another men while their dad is not at home? with their both own eyes?
Fuck that kind of mom. but she is still his mom until the end of this world.
Kai went to his room. His body was shaking. Sweating.
He had no idea what he just saw earlier.He scared. His dad might be know about this.
On that night, he couldn't sleep well.

*                       *                            *

SIX month just passed.
The couple living a normal life with their son.
In six month, Kai didn't say anything about his mom . He scared.
There was a time when the man that usually came to their house and ever slept with his mom smile on him like a bastard. Kai felt angry like he ever feel want to stab that man and get out from that house. But he couldn't do that.
He was only a kid.
His mom ever warned him not to told his father about this or he will be  beaten.

Sometimes when Kai was brave enough to tell his dad about his mom ,he failed. He got beaten by his mom. His mom even beat him when he speaks harsh to the man that come to their house ,maybe we can called him "his mom's boyfriend "?

So that's how it started. A normal kid turned abnormal.
Kai started to hate women. He hate all women and think they are just like his mom.
His heart to women was full of hatred.

Is he is the one should be blame? Hating your own mom is always not a good thing, but hating that kind of mom could be a reason isn't it?
He just five by the way.
He had his last try to tell his dad about his mom was cheating with another guy, but he failed. Again.
His mom find out about that and beat him using belt.

A cheater couldn't last longer.
There was one night , his dad went home earlier that they thought. Finally, everything was uncovered only in a night. His dad know his mom cheated on him.
In the same night, they got divorced. Kai stayed with his father until now.
His mom went out from that house and never come back anymore.

He turned fifteen years old.
Kai had growned up physically good but he still hate women.
He never friend with any girls from his class .He didn't pay much attention in class when the female teacher was teaching .
that was suck.

He is not  the ugliest in his class, he just darker than the boys in the school but still hot. His appearance sometimes make some students stared at him.
He was rarely smile at people, he just brought his arrogant style along with his bronze skin ,thin lips and beautiful eyes.

After he know a guy ,Chanyeol, his life got blurred and messed up with something. He is not only hate women but he likes a man.

#to be continue

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